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7 Easy Chicken Wing Recipes

Football fans consume more than a billion chicken wings during Super Bowl weekend, according to the National Chicken Council. For your Super Bowl party or whenever you've got a crowd, try these easy, tasty chicken wings from chef Debbie Moose, author of the cookbook "Wings."

Debbie Moose

Super Simple Fan Feeders

I tossed these wings together for the Super Bowl, and their teriyaki-like flavor scored a touchdown! Keep frozen pure lemon juice on hand for quick marinades like this one. Grilling really brings out the flavor, but these wings would do fine in the oven, too. 

Debbie Moose

Spicy Ranch Chicken Wings

Round up those hungry fans and feed them fast with this recipe. “My kids would love these!” one of my tasters said. If you switch to the grill, watch these wings carefully to avoid burning the rub.

Debbie Moose

Crunchy Lemon-Pepper Wings

These wings have a ton of zingy flavor without the bite of hot wings. The pepper also makes a crunchy coating.

Debbie Moose

Curry in a Hurry Wings

Flavorful but not hot, these wings use ingredients easily found in the supermarket.

Debbie Moose

Taco Time Grillers

Using prepared taco-seasoning mix makes these wings a breeze to throw together. If available, try reduced-salt seasoning. This snack is plenty spicy, but add the cayenne if you want to light more fire.

Debbie Moose

Classic Buffalo Wings

The wings that started it all were born at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. There are many similar versions of the sauce. To make the recipe even simpler, you can purchase frozen fried wings, but the ones you make yourself taste much better! And you can wrap and freeze the cooked wings so they’ll be ready for any occasion.

Debbie Moose

Crispy Italian Fliers

Give your snack time an Italian accent with these herb-flavored treats. To make finely ground cornmeal, simply grind regular cornmeal in a food processor for a few seconds. Use your favorite marinara sauce for dipping.

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