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6 Easy Tricks to Cut Your Energy Bill

Conserving energy goes way farther than shutting off your devices when you're done with them and using things on the lowest setting possible.

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cut energy bills toaster oven

Use the toaster oven

Heat food in your toaster oven — it uses up to 50 percent less energy than a full-size oven. Here are 11 genius ways to save on every household bill.

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Use lighter colors

Opt for white window shades during warmer weather and keep them closed during the day to reflect the sun’s heat away from your house.

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Put a lid on it

Store refrigerated food and beverages in closed containers; if left uncovered, they release moisture and overburden the appliance’s compressor.

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Conserve your computer’s energy

Choose an Energy Star–compliant computer, which uses 70 percent less electricity than a nondesignated model. Try these 13 clever ways to slash your home energy bills.

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sleep without drugs thermostatiStock/Maxiphoto

Place hot objects strategically

Place lamps and TVs far away from thermostats so the heat given off doesn’t cause air-conditioning systems to run longer than they need to.

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Turn off that screensaver

Don’t believe the screen-saver myth. Computer screen savers don’t cut energy use! Enable the auto sleep mode or turn off the monitor for eco-friendly operation.

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