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How to Throw a Last-Minute Emmy Party

This year's Emmy Awards are fast approaching. Here are shortcuts to hosting the most fabulous party of the year—and tune into CBS on September 17th to see what everyone is wearing and root for your favorite actors and actresses.

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Consider your space

Think about how many people you can fit in your home, encourages event planner, Ashly Priest from Columbus, Ohio. “The two main things to always remember are: your audience, and your space. Once you have those two figured out pretty much anything else goes,” she says. “If you live in a small apartment, don’t invite 25 people over. Invite six. You will have a much better time!” Want fun facts to share with your guests? Learn about the origins of awards shows like the Emmys!

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Create a red carpet for your guests to walk on

Make a red carpet for your guests to sashay down and strike a pose on—tonight, you’re the celebrities! Get your phones out, or if you have a photographer friend, invite them over as well, and take cute photos. Create your own hashtag for your party and share on social media. Get red carpet ready with these simple ponytail hairstyles!

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Make TV-themed snacks

Create a menu based on your favorite nominated shows. So, for example, if you love House of Cards and/or Veep, serve up White House cookies. (Check out these cookie cutters). Make sure to set out some frozen waffles and see if anyone gets the Stranger Things reference. Honor This is Us with the characters’ love of the Pittsburgh Steelers with some football favorites (think wings, a cheese plate, etc.) And invite your friends to bring a plate that reminds them of their favorite show—nominated or not!

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Hit up your local dollar store

Priest notes that most dollar stores (Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc.) have the same supplies you might be considering buying at a bigger name store. “You want the gold confetti glitter and laminated plates? They have those at the dollar store for a $1 each. Buy your basic party supplies there, and save your big purchases to splurge on specific items like pinatas, balloons, or backdrops at specialty stores,” she says! While you’re there, stock up on these other items you should have been scoring at the dollar store all along.

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Serve a signature cocktail

Create your own Emmy worthy signature cocktail to share with guests. Either choose a go to favorite that your friends all like or invent your own. Not that brave? Create specialty labels for been and wine bottles that you can print at home and attach! Get inspired by these TV-themed cocktails.

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Choose the winners

While you’re hanging out with your friends, choose who you think (or hope) will be the winner in each category. See who gets the most correct and maybe honor them with a special prize. Print the ballots for this year’s awards here.

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Hand out gift bags

Celebrities get amazing swag at these events, so why shouldn’t all of you? Keep it cost effective by asking everyone to bring an item to contribute. Things like Chapstick, hand sanitizer, candles, and even coupons to local stores are fun!

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