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Crazy Expensive Dog Houses That Will Make Any Human Jealous

How much would you spend on a dog house?


If you have a dog, you know all too well that they’re as much a part of the family as your own blood. There are even major health benefits of having one, like being less stressed. So it makes sense why some people spend hundreds, even thousands, to make sure their dog is living life to its fullest. But what about tens of thousands? Here are some of the most expensive dog houses in the world.


Victorian Dog House—$25,000

Replicating the homes built during the reign of Queen Victoria, this Victorian dog house has vaulted ceilings, handmade curtains, hardwood floors, heating, and air conditioning. Your dogs deserve the best, after all. But before you start building your dog’s new luxury home, make sure your backyard is free of these ten health hazards.


Georgetown Dog House—$22,000

With beautiful colonial windows, a lovely balcony, and a lunette window to allow even more sunlight in their home, your dogs are sure to love this house. If you really want to add an even more luxurious touch, play this type of music that studies show is incredibly soothing for dogs.


Brick Mansion Dog House—$17,500

Similar to the Georgetown dog house, this charming brick house has large windows, two columns, tiled floors, and a lunette window. From these gorgeous luxury homes to the superpowers all canines have, it just goes to show that dogs are definitely cooler than humans. Let’s be real: your dog may deserve these luxuries, but you shouldn’t waste your money on these unreasonably expensive products.

Brittany Gibson
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