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8 Inexpensive Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Fall

A warm color palette and seasonal touches are just the beginning.


Update the focal point of your room

In most bedrooms, the bed is the centerpiece and focal point. That means when it comes to updating the look of your room, the bed is where you should turn your attention to first. Start with the sheets: linen and flannel options will keep you cozy through fall and winter. If you plan to use an all-white comforter, fold a textured or brightly colored blanket at the foot of the bed. If you’re using a duvet, opt for a warm color or pattern. Go for contrast: pair a dark-colored bottom sheet and duvet with a medium-colored top sheet and pillows. The various shades will add visual interest and attract the eye. Here’s what bedrooms of good sleepers have in common.


Add throw pillows and blankets

If you can’t update your bedding, swapping out your throw pillows and blankets is the next best place to start. Look for ones in heavy fabrics like velvet, wool, and flannel, and in warm colors like red, orange, yellow, and cream.


Lay out an area rug

Give your feet a plush place to land. “A small sheepskin fur rug can change the whole vibe of the room, giving you that fall feel without spending a lot,” Patty Frischman, co-owner of interior design company SimplyHome2, told Trulia. For an even bolder look, try layering the rugs; simply lay a faux animal hide or fuzzy sheepskin over a square or rectangular rug in a neutral shade. (Need to remove a stain from your rug? Try one of these homemade carpet stain removers.)


Bring in a seasonal scent

No room is ready for fall without a soothing scent to match. What’s more, fall is the perfect time to start using seasonal candles and diffusers. Traditional scents for relaxation include lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. These are the perfect fragrances for every room in your home.


Weatherproof your window treatments

Breezy curtains and bamboo shades are perfect for summer, but fall calls for something a bit more dramatic. You’ll also want a set that adds a practical dose of insulation. Tightly woven curtains (read: higher thread counts and heavy materials) made of wool, silk, and mohair work well to keep heat in and cold air out. Choose a set in a warm fall color or pattern that ties into your bedroom’s existing color palette. If your windows are already outfitted with shades or blinds, simply hang curtains over themcome spring, all you’ll need to do is remove the rod and stow them away until next season.


Swap your accessories

Tchotchkes: those little knick-knacks you keep on your bookshelves, end tables, and vanity, are easy to swap out with the seasons. Update yours with fall-inspired finds like a bowl or tray of pine cones, leaves, or stones (this is how to make your own scented pine cones), or a bouquet of lively autumn flowers like mums or sunflowers (these are the longest-lasting cut flowers you can buy).


Try mood lighting

Shorter days mean more opportunities for creative lighting options. Consider wiring yours to a dimmer switch. That way, you can more easily accommodate any weather-inspired moodiness or spontaneous need for a few extra watts. Candles can also add drama and coziness. (Here’s how fewer daylight hours can affect your health.)

Highlight this modern fall color

Expect cool and calming shades of blue to trend this fall, after the Pantone Color Institute chose to lead their fall 2016 color palette with colors “Riverside” and “Airy Blue.” Although they’re unusual, the colors pair perfectly with deep red, taupe, yellow, and grey. What’s more, the optimistic hue will carry you from winter to spring just as easily as summer to fall.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest