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17 Fashion Words You’re Actually Pronouncing Completely Wrong

Don't be caught making these fashion term faux pas, a la Anne Hathaway's character in 'The Devil Wears Prada.' Mon dieu!

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Atelier: The workshop or studio of an artist or designer

Don’t say: aw-tel-ee-air. Instead say: ah-tul-YAY. As in, “Thanks to my diet, I’ll need to visit the atelier to take in my dress.” Here are the 35 city names from around the world that you’re mispronouncing.

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Beau monde: The fashionable world; high society

Don’t say: boo-moaned. Instead say: boh-MONDH. As in, “I’ve always idolized Lee Radziwill, a lifelong figure of the beau monde.” These are the words even smart people say wrong.

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Bouclé: Curled yarn woven into loops

Don’t say: boo-sil. Instead say: boo-KLAY. As in, “After seeing a chic woman in her black turtleneck and bouclé coat, I decided I needed one for myself.”

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Bustier: a tight-fitting, often strapless top worn as a brassiere or blouse

Don’t say: boo-stee-air. Instead say: boo-stee-YAY. As in, “I wore a black bustier and cat ears to the Halloween party. Meoww.” Is your bra size wrong? Don’t make these common bra mistakes.

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Chantilly: A delicate silk, linen or synthetic bobbin lace with scalloped edges; often used in bridal and evening gowns

Don’t say: chan-till-ee. Instead say: shan-TILL-ee. As in, “Kate Middleton’s chantilly lace sleeves and rounded train made her wedding dress one of the most iconic gowns of all time.”

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Chemise: A woman’s loose-fitting undergarment

Don’t say: cheh-mees. Instead say: sheh-MEEZ. As in, “I always have much steamier dreams when I sleep in a slinky, silk chemise.” Aside from fashion words, make sure you know how to pronounce 35 these medical terms correctly.

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Couturier: A fashion designer or proprietor of a couture house

Don’t say: coo-tor-ee-air. Instead say: coo-turr-ee-YAY. As in, “Alexander McQueen was one of the most talented couturiers of the 21st century, and his early death was a shocking tragedy.”

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Décolletage: The low-cut neckline of a dress or a woman’s cleavage

Don’t say: dee-coll-et-AGE. Instead say: dek-oh-lay-TAJ. As in, “Kim Kardashian has been known to gravitate towards outfits that show off her décolletage.” Brush up on your word nerd skills with these 33 middle school vocabulary words that most adults still get wrong.

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Epaulet: An ornament on the shoulder of a coat or jacket

Don’t say: ee-paw-let. Instead say: EP-uh-let. As in, “Judging by his golden epaulet, it’s clear that the soldier is a high-ranking officer.” Did you know that the word “cardigan” was named after a British general? Check out these other 14 common words that were inspired by real-life people.

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Faux: Fake or artificial

Don’t say: fox or foax. Instead say: foh. As in, “As an animal lover, I’ll always opt for faux fur over real mink.”

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Gilet: A sleeveless padded jacket, often knee-length and used as a lightweight coat

Don’t say: jill-ett. Instead say: zhihl-AY. As in, “I was quite offended when he asked about my vest. It’s a gilet.” These are the surprising origins behind the most popular slang words.

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Givenchy: A French luxury fashion and perfume house

Don’t say: jiv-awn-chee. Instead say: zhee-von-SHEE. As in, “If there’s one bag I’d give my right arm for, it’s the Givenchy Antigona tote. To be honest, I’d give my right leg too.”

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Haute couture: Limited, custom pieces made in the atelier of a designer for private customers

Don’t say: hot kuh-churr. Instead say: oat koo-TOOR. As in, “One of my ultimate goals is to own a piece of Chanel haute couture—then I’ll really know I’ve made it.” Here are the 17 company names that have secret meanings.

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Macramé: A textile made from knotted cords

Don’t say: mac-raym. Instead say: MAC-ruh-may. As in, “Only in Miami can you get away with wearing a macramé dress in public.”

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Minaudière: A small decorative handbag without handles or straps; otherwise known as a clutch

Don’t say: min-aw-deer. Instead say: me-no-dee-AIR. As in, “Nothing pairs better with a floor-length evening gown than a metallic minaudière.” Make sure you stop using these 50 words as synonyms when they’re actually not.

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Trompe-l’oeil: A design or embroidery that creates an optical illusion

Don’t say: trump-low-eel. Instead say: TRAWMP-loy. As in, “I love that I don’t need to wear a pearl necklace, because my trompe-l’oeil blouse has one built in!”

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Yves Saint Laurent: French fashion designer regarded as one of the greatest names in fashion history, whose brand is known for luxury couture and ready-to-wear

Don’t say: yev saint low-rent. Instead say: eve SANH la-RAHN. As in, “Call me materialistic, but I demand to be buried in Yves Saint Laurent.” Next, don’t miss the 70 words and phrases you’ve probably been using wrong.