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20 Funny Father’s Day Memes That Dads Will Find Hysterical

Turn the tables and give your dad a good laugh this holiday

Girl and father with snack sticks in their mouths, smiling. Meme text: Now it's my turn to make you laugh!
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Funny Father’s Day memes that will crack dad up

It’s time to celebrate the man who makes you laugh the most—even when you pretend he’s not very funny. He’s been getting you with the cheesiest dad jokes and funny dad quotes over the years, but now it’s time to make him laugh first.

Get ready for the most hilarious celebration in the history of Father’s Day and add some humor to your Father’s Day ideas with these funny Father’s Day memes. Keep the laughs going by getting him a funny Father’s Day gift, or choose something a bit more sentimental from our Father’s Day gift guide. Regardless, these funny Father’s Day memes will illustrate how much you love your dad—and if you’re lucky, he may even get a little misty-eyed.

Man looking disappointed in himself. Meme text: Dad, don’t forget to wish your own dad a Happy Father’s Day today
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The only person more forgetful than me

What day is it? If you’re looking for something a little more heartwarming to counter this joke, these father-son quotes are perfect for Father’s Day!

Son talking to father. Meme text: Dad, you’re like a father to me…
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Give him a chuckle

Get him with a good dad joke before he gets you. Add this joke as a little note in your printable Father’s Day card for bonus laughs.

Man painted like a mime, looking guilty. Meme text: When your toddler tells you their toy is broken and stopped singing…
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A shame…

I have no idea how that could’ve happened! In addition to the gift of silence, pick up one of these last-minute Father’s Day gifts he’ll never know you ordered late.

Child with popsicle. Meme text: You’re the best pop
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Or try this dad joke

This is one of those funny Father’s Day memes that will definitely make him smile. Something else that will make him smile? One of these personalized Father’s Day gifts.

Child holding hands with mother and laughing. Meme text: Happy Father’s Day from your favorite child!
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It’s so funny how we all just know, and you don’t even have to say anything. You also may want to share these father-daughter quotes that will touch his heart.

Old man smiling at phone. Meme text: Thanks for responding to my Father’s Day text after I texted Mom to tell you to check your phone
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Look at your texts, Dad

He always needs a reminder. Get one of these gifts for your stepdad to show him how much you appreciate him.

Child holding a gift. Meme text: Dad, you are going to love what this retailer told my mom she should get you on behalf of me
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It’s so you

We promise it’s not another tie…but it could be one of these first Father’s Day gifts.

Man laughing at phone. Meme text: Happy Father’s Day to my least embarrassing parent on Facebook!
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Sorry, Mom

The lesser of two evils. Hey, sometimes parenting isn’t easy—but these relatable and funny parenting tweets make you realize you’re not alone on the parenting journey.

Child and father making the same hand signs. Meme text: Thanks for being a cool dad by not trying to be one of those cool dads
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Saved us both some embarrassment

But this doesn’t mean you should start trying now. Make Mom laugh too with these hilarious mom memes.

Scruffy dog. Meme text: Happy Father’s Day! You have my favorite butt to sniff.
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The dog is grateful for you too. If dad’s favorite family member is Fido, consider getting him one of these great gifts for dog lovers.

Dad and daughter dressed up as ballerinas dancing. Meme text: My favorite man to play dress up with
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Best friends

You made the best ballerina. If you’re looking for something to do this Father’s Day, try checking out one of these Father’s Day movies that will tug at your dad’s heartstrings.

Father sniffing dirty diaper. Meme text: Thanks for holding me up all those years
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Even when I smelled

I appreciate you more than you know. Keep the appreciation going by picking up a gift for grandpa!

Baby punching father. Meme text: Thank you for loving me even when I annoyed you most
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Your #1 fan

Also, I apologize for always being so annoying.

Man pointing at camera. Meme text: Hey bro, Happy Father’s Day
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You’re the man

Keep up the great work.

Girl trying to open her father's eye as he sleeps. Meme text: Wake up so I can wish you a Happy Father’s Day!
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Are you awake?

I’m sure you got plenty of sleep.

Polar bear father and child. Meme text: Thanks for always bearing with me
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Everyone loves a good pun

Especially dads—they’re suckers for good puns.

Daughter laughing at father. Meme text: Don’t worry, I’ve been storing all you dad jokes in my dad-a-base
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Some of them are actually pretty funny

But I will still continue to roll my eyes at you.

Man lying in hammock, relaxing. Meme text: “Ask Mom”
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A classic

No matter how old I get, this is still your favorite line.

Little girl with hand on head looking up MEME TEXT: When your dad asks which kid is going to bring him breakfast in bed
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That would mean waking up before him.

Man squinting while driving car MEME TEXT: Happy father's day to the man who still refuses to ask Google Maps for directions even when he doesn't know where he's going
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Come on, Dad

Getting lost, but pretending he’s not, is part of his routine. Now that you know which funny Father’s Day memes you want to share with your dad, choose one of the best dad quotes to add to your card.

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