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13 New Ways to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

Gone are the days when you needed to leave your Thanksgiving table to score big on Black Friday. Here's how to find the best deals this year.

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Black Friday 2019: Bigger, better, and very different

Black Friday 2019 has ushered in a new shopping era. You can now find deals on social media platforms and brick-and-mortar stores alike. Tech companies are offering up to 40 percent cash back on your purchases. And retailers are using various communication channels like email, text, and apps to get you to spend your hard-earned cash with them. It can be dizzying trying to sort it all out. So you don’t get lost in the noise, we’ve compiled this handy cheat sheet of all the new ways you can save big bucks on the biggest shopping day of the year. And to save even more, avoid making these common Black Friday mistakes.

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Start early

That’s right—you no longer have to wait until the shopping frenzy of Black Friday to save a bundle. Major retailers are starting their Black Friday 2019 online sales earlier, and you can shop an assortment of products on pre-sale. For example, Target is currently hosting a Black Friday preview sale, where you can get $200 off the newest iPhone or find heavily discounted electronics—including the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, which will be on sale for just $129.99 (regularly $299.99). Here are some more Target Black Friday deals that are too good to miss.

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Get exclusive discounts on Instagram

Instead of perusing social media networks like Instagram to check out cute cat pics, get in the savings game. DM News reports that 37 percent of Gen Z shoppers expect to do their holiday shopping via Instagram—and your favorite companies are taking note. Many will be offering deals for Black Friday 2019 that you might not see elsewhere, so make sure to follow their pages and turn on your notifications. You can now shop directly from the platform, so you don’t even need to visit new pages to check out. This new feature makes it a seamless and peaceful experience. If you feel iffy about a particular retailer, these are the surefire signs a site is fake.

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Use a tech-savvy shopping companion

Companies like Rakuten are changing the shopping game by leaps and bounds. Rakuten gives users up to 40 percent cash back at more than 2,500 online retailers. The way it works on the back end is that stores pay the platform a commission to send customers their way. Rakuten then turns around and shares that commission with you as cash back. Just install Rakuten’s browser extension to instantly rake in savings on items you’ve been coveting from every shopping category. For example, if you visit during its Black Friday 2019 sale, your Rakuten Chrome extension will give you a whopping 30 percent off the brand’s Fizzi MOB Bundle. You can take it home for only $79.99 and save on fizzy drinks all year long. Of course, shopping on Black Friday shouldn’t be your only savings strategy. Check out these 20 ways to save money you probably haven’t tried yet.

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Compare online while you shop in-store

“These days, Black Friday shoppers use a hybrid of in-store, online, and mobile avenues to get the best deals,” says consumer analyst Michael Bonebright with But the big trend, he explains, is that they’re using these methods simultaneously. For example, consumers will go to stores on Black Friday 2019 to shop—but they will compare prices online with their mobile devices as they consider their purchases. A store may match the lower online price if you bring it to a manager’s attention, or you can simply choose to buy your item elsewhere. By the way, this is how to coupon, according to people who save thousands every year.

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Use your smartphone for more than texts

Adobe reported that 33.5 percent of e-commerce transactions on Black Friday came from smartphones last year,” says Bonebright. Now, retailers are using that medium to contact you with their best offerings and are even preparing specific deals for the mobile versions of their website. They will also send you text alerts (if you sign up and agree to text-message fees) and notifications. Plus, you can use your phone to store digital coupons that you can cash in person. Make sure your phone is fully charged and loaded with all of your favorite shopping apps for Black Friday 2019 to ensure you snag the best deals—right from the palm of your hand! Here are some more things that highly organized people do with their smartphone. Are you one of them?

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Outfox the doorbusters

Bonebright also asserts that consumers are approaching doorbusters in a different way. You don’t need to get trampled by a crowd at dawn to get the best deals. “[Consumers] buy a doorbuster online to pick up in-store,” he explains. “This leads to a much more organized shopping experience. Most of the time, you go to the store or website, fill your cart, and check out without much trouble.” The purpose of doorbusters is for retailers is to get you in their store early, and this is why some doorbuster deals will require you to pick up your purchases at the store, even if you’ve purchased them online.

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Use Google’s revamped shopping tool

“Shopping with Instagram and Pinterest is certainly easy, but it can be hard to find a store you’ve actually heard of,” says Bonebright. If you love discovering new things from familiar retailers, he recommends checking out the newly revamped Google Shopping tool. It lets you discover, compare, and purchase products from a seemingly endless array of stores so you can find the best deal either online or at a store nearby. “On Black Friday 2019, that kind of meta shopping will be a huge time-saver,” he adds. If you’re shopping on Amazon, make sure you know the signs that an Amazon seller can’t be trusted.

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Download your favorite store’s app

Several stores have embraced a hybrid shopping experience through their native apps. “They tend to focus on bringing customers into stores,” Bonebright says. For example, Target’s app (formerly known as Cartwheel) lets you pre-load exclusive coupons so you can save more at checkout in-store. Walmart’s app lets you filter down to deals that are cheaper if you order in-store pickup. Just choose “Free pickup + discount” to enjoy the savings. In addition to downloading apps, these 13 savvy shopping tricks will get you discounts all year long.

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Keep your eye on the ball

Another smart savings technique? Earmark the products that you want to purchase, even if the discounts haven’t been announced. That way, you can check on them when Black Friday 2019 commences to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Amazon also has Lightning Deals that you can keep your eyes on easily with its “Watch This Deal” button. “Amazon’s app is essential for Black Friday shoppers hoping to snag its short-lived deals,” says Bonebright. “To snag a particular Lightning Deal, open Amazon’s app, click ‘Watch This Deal,’ and you’ll be notified when the offer’s about to go live.” See if you can get extra deals on these great Amazon Prime gifts you won’t want to miss.

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Clog your inbox

One way to guarantee you don’t miss your favorite brands’ Black Friday 2019 deals is to sign up for their newsletters. Companies know they are vying for your attention during the busiest shopping day of the year, so they try to contact you personally with their offerings via your inbox. Although you may want to unsubscribe later, clogging your inbox in anticipation of Black Friday 2019 will prove lucrative. If an overflowing inbox stresses you out, these tips will bring zen to your shopping experience.

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Load your cart ahead of time

Black Friday 2019 will be the most time-consuming yet. It’s not enough that you have to bounce from web page to web page—you now also have to be alert on Instagram, Pinterest, and a company’s native app. To save time on that hectic day, pre-load your cart a few days before. Once the shopping extravaganza begins, revisit your cart to see if any prices reflect new discounts. Purchase the products that do, and dump the ones that don’t. Get your holiday shopping done early with this ultimate gift guide for everyone on your list.

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Call ahead

Although there are plenty of high-tech ways to save money, some of the best strategies are old school. If you find an ad for an amazing deal, call ahead and ask for details. If you know only one item will be offered at the amazing price, it’s probably not worth it for you to leave your family celebrations. On the other hand, if employees assure you that there is enough inventory to go around, you can plan your day around that trip to the store. Also make sure you know these 50 insider secrets to help you save at all your favorite stores.

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Compare brand and retailer pages

If you’ve been gunning for a specific item and want to make sure you are receiving the absolute lowest price, don’t just compare apples to apples. Instead of just checking the price at your favorite big-box retailers and on Amazon, do your due diligence and also check out the brand’s individual website and social media pages. Sometimes they can offer sweeter deals, as buying direct means they are cutting out the middleman. For example, luxury makeup brand Kevyn Aucoin will give you 25 percent off on Black Friday when you visit their website. If you spend $75 or more, they’ll also throw in a free Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss, valued at $38. Leave no stone unturned and see how you can turn a profit in no time! And don’t miss these other smart ways to save money on your holiday shopping—on Black Friday and beyond.

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