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Finger Knitting Projects: The Trend Anyone Can Try

What is cheap, easy, and doesn’t require any tools? These simple and fun finger knitting projects! Try your hand at these trendy crafts today.

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Courtesy Lisa DeNardi via Recaptured Charm

Holiday Wreath

You’ll never vacuum another pine needle with this tree-free DIY from Recaptured Charm. Take a foam wreath and some green yarn to create your own version of the classic Christmas decoration. Add painted pinecones and a few glittery branches if you like to complete the look.

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Courtesy Alison Faulkner

Winter Garland

Do like craft mastermind Alison from The Alison Show and quickly do a no-sticks knit to make holiday decorations. Follow her simple video to catch up on the basics of finger knitting, and you’ll be ready to create this cool garland.

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Courtesy Erin of Thanks, I Made It

Chunky Knit Necklace

Erin from Thanks, I Made It creates trendy jewelry with Jersey fabric yarn, scissors, and brass plumbing couplings from the hardware store. Beginners, take note: Her step-by-step photos make it easy to follow along.

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Courtesy Anne B. Weil of Flax & Twine

Chunky Throw Pillow

Finger knitting may be easy, but the finished product doesn’t need to look like the work of child’s play. Flax & Twine uses Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick to create a textured accent pillow cover that adds polish to a neutral chair or couch. Do you remember some of the craziest toy fads in history? You might want to try them out again.

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Courtesy Anne B. Weil of Flax & Twine

Seasonal Ornament

We can’t get enough of Flax & Twine crafts—especially these sweet mini wreaths. The perfect project for a child or a finger knitting beginner, the simple technique creates an adorable decoration that’s perfect for fall. These new trends are more insidious–we hope they stay in 2019.

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Courtesy Gina via Willowday

Handmade Headbands

Make the perfect cool-weather hair accessory with this project from Willow Day. Thread, a felt flower, and elastic are all you need for this simple child’s headband; attach multiple flowers around the length of the band for a comfy flower crown.

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Courtesy Anne B. Weil of Flax & Twine

Pretty Placemat

Though this craft from Flax & Twine might be something to work up to (it’s more time-consuming than the others you’ve seen), it’s definitely a project to set your sights on. Use yarn and a hula hoop to create a bright rug, wall hanging, placemat, or table covering.

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Courtesy Vanessa Christenson

Jersey Knit Bracelet

Who said precious jewelry has to sparkle? The creator of V & Co. upcycles an old T-shirt to great use with a quick finger knitting technique. Make just one for a bold bracelet, or kick out a few for statement bangles. Perfect for those who are allergic or sensitive to metals, too.

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Courtesy Se Jane Blog for Design Mom

Pom Pom Bookmarks

Make the perfect accessory for your beloved bookworm with this easy craft from Design Mom. With large images and clear descriptions, Design Mom shows you how to make this project in a matter of minutes.

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