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These 7 Genius Flavored Ice Cubes Will Change Your Drinks Forever

Want to refresh your cold drinks? Serve creative iced teas, seltzers, and cocktails with these brilliant ice cubes. (And don’t worry! We won’t tell anyone else how incredibly easy they are.)

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Courtesy Call Me Cupcake

Blooming Ice Cubes

Put a little spring in your sip: These edible flower ice cubes are a pretty way to make drinks blossom. You can freeze anything from violets to lavender; find edible flowers at your local farmers market, certain grocery stores, or order online. Blogger Call Me Cupcake has easy-to-follow instructions.

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Courtesy Laylita's Recipes

Melon Ball Ice Cubes

For a “one-in-a-melon” twist to cocktails or sparkling water, freeze scoops of cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. These unconventional ice cubes splash otherwise plain drinks with chirpy color and a subtly fruity taste. See how blogger Laylita’s Recipes creates this particular mix.

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Courtesy My Fussy Eater

Juicy Ice Cubes

You and your guests will be happy to hydrate with this trick: Freeze various juices—such as apple, cranberry, and orange juice—in layers. As they melt in your cup, the sunny cubes will add color and flavor to that otherwise unexciting H20. My Fussy Eater shares her technique.

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Courtesy Industrious Justice

Lemon Lime Slice Ice Cubes

Hosting a party? Break the ice with this hack: Fill a muffin pan with water and add lemon and lime slices. Freeze overnight and drop the cubes into pitchers of iced tea or water. See how Industrious Justice gets it right.

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Courtesy Will Cook for Friends

Chai Tea Ice Cubes

Chai fans, rejoice! For a special warm-weather drink, add chai tea ice cubes to a glass of milk and garnish with cinnamon. As the ice cubes melt, your latte will become increasingly saturated with that spicy taste you love. Blogger Will Cook For Friends explains exactly how to do it.

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Courtesy Domestic Fits

Mimosa Ice Cubes

Make your Sunday brunch a standount: Pour blood orange juice into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. In the morning, add the cubes to a champagne flute and pour in your favorite bubbly. As the cubes melt into the champagne, you’ll have a juicy twist on the classic mimosa. Check out how the blogger Domestic Fits makes ’em.

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Courtesy 17 Apart

Mint Ice Cubes

Incredibly versatile, mint ice cubes are ideal for everything from seltzer to mojitos. Fill an ice cube tray with a generous number of mint leaves, add water, and freeze. No need for a post-drink breath mint. See step-by-step photos from the blogger 17 Apart.

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