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Flavored Vodka: How to Infuse with Cake, Bacon, Fruit, and More

Buying flavored vodka is fine, but making your own vodka infusions is fun. Here's a shot of inspiration that goes beyond basic fruit flavors.

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Nouhailler via Flickr

Cake Flavored Vodka

Oh, yes: Cake is a completely valid infusion choice for your vodka cocktail. Mix the concoction with some whipping cream when you’re done, and you’ve got a solid drink on your hands. The video below, from TipsyBartender, goes through the process in detail:

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jamonitmack via Flickr

Coffee and Bacon Flavored Vodka

Bacon infusions are popular—but often get disappointing reviews. Wired‘s GeekDad suggests a tasty alternative: infuse vodka with bacon and coffee. The process essentially involves letting coffee beans sit in a bottle of vodka overnight, then adding cooked bacon (and scrumptious fat) later. Get full instructions on how to flavor this “strong and complex” spirit.

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oFace Killah via Flickr

Candy Infused Vodka

Try Food52’s Peeps infusion, Betty Crocker’s candy canes infusion, or’s jelly bean infusion to make pretty martinis. But for glorious color, it’s hard to beat’s Skittles recipe.

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WxMom via Flickr

Pumpkin Infused Vodka

Pumpkin needs to be cooked first, and tastes better when you include additional flavor ingredients in the infusion process—cinnamon, vanilla beans, and ginger do the trick according to this detailed recipe from the Food Network.

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twitchdotnet via Flickr

Raspberry Infused Vodka

Infusing vodkas with fruit flavors is pretty simple; you basically need to tightly seal the sweet stuff in with the liquor and let it sit for an extended period of time. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests giving a raspberry infusion one to three months, and adding sugar before straining it all into a separate container.

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voteprime via Flickr

Jalapeño Infused Vodka

Those looking for a spicy kick in their booze will enjoy throwing back this roasted jalapeño infusion from O. Also works with tequila.

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Kitchen Wench via Flickr

Lemon and Orange Infused Vodka

These citrus vodkas take about a week in total to make: Try Sunset‘s ideas for something fresh.

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pinkishkaty via Flickr

Kaffir Lime Infused Vodka

Kaffir limes, often used in Thai cuisine, are considerably more sour than your average lime, making them a more ideal fit for a vodka infusion. The Venture Mixologist offers a recipe that also includes lemongrass.

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John and Gill via Flickr

Coriander Infused Vodka

A real springtime spirit: This recipe from Foodista takes a maximum of 24 hours to make.

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Another Pint Please... via Flickr


It exists, but maybe not in your kitchen. Noted New York restaurant Veselka is known to serve up kielbasa infused vodka cocktails, so the adventurous can try it at home—the exact recipe is secret, of course.

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