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Food on a Stick! 9 Tasty Party Appetizers You Didn’t Know You Could Skewer

Hello, hostess with the mostess: These classic party appetizers get a cool upgrade when you simply serve them on a stick.

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Courtesy The Pinning Mama

Cheeseburger on a Stick

Don’t want to slave over the grill all party long? The solution: Stack mini burgers on a stick. All you need is a few patties, bits of lettuce, bacon strips, cheese squares, and cherry tomatoes with this über creative recipe from The Pinning Mama. Arrange the skewers in hamburger buns for a creative display.

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Curly Fries on a Stick

They’re fun to look at, and they’re more fun to eat. The best part: They’re ridiculously easy to make. This savory treat may seem complicated, but SeaSaltWithFood shows how to slice mini potatoes into spirals in less than a minute before popping in the oven. Another advantage of having curly fries on a stick: It makes ‘em prime for easy dipping in ketchup.

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Courtesy Big Red Kitchen

Buffalo Wings on a Stick

Farewell, sticky hands! Make this game-day classic mess-free by sliding buffalo wings (shaped like meatballs) onto skewers. You can even cater to your guests’ sauce preferences–mild, spicy, flamin’ hot–by offering them individual dipping cups. The food blog Big Red Kitchen explains how to make this delicious appetizer.

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Courtesy Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Italian Salad on a Stick

Forget a boring salad bowl. Instead, slide romaine lettuce, black olives, salami, and other fresh ingredients on skewers (have Caesar dressing nearby for drizzle!) with this clever medley from Skinny Kitchen.

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Courtesy Alison Lewis

Turkey Sandwich on a Stick

When there’s a full (and delicious!) spread, who wants to commit to a whole sandwich? Here’s a way to sample your favorite sub ingredients without being stuffed to the brim (and it’s carb free, we might add). Ingredients, Inc. mixes Colby-Jack cheese, grape tomatoes, deli sliced lemon chicken, and arugula for a classic stick snack. Top with ranch dressing or mustard.  

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Courtesy Liv Life

Veggie Platter on a Stick

Eating your veggies is far more fun when you can do it in one bite. Though the combinations for veggies on a stick are endless, Liv Life concocts a pleasant mix of feta, cucumber, and tomatoes served in a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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Courtesy Gourmantine Blog

Fruity Ham on a Stick

Slide vinaigrette-dipped melon balls and Parma Ham onto a skewer with this juicy appetizer from Gourmantine. Place a bundle in a small shot glass, and you have a treat that’s delicious and decorative.

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Courtesy The Skinny Fork

Meatballs on a Stick

Or, well, on a pretzel.  TheSkinnyFork mixes molasses, brown sugar, chile powder, and more seasonings for a fun take on this party classic. Even better—there’s no need to find a waste basket when the toothpick is edible!

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Courtesy Showfood Chef

Chocolate Kiwis on a Stick

End your feast on a sweet note with these chocolate kiwi popsicles. ShowFood Chef has the step-by-step directions for the tasty dessert. Healthy bonus: Kiwis are loaded with vitamin C (good news if you host any germ-spreading double dippers).

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