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9 Silly (Yet Surprisingly Handy) Food-Shaped Containers You Didn’t Know You Needed

Another squished banana in the lunchbox? Another dried-out lime wedge in the fridge? These containers that will help freshen your meals—and mood.


Pass the peppers

When you create a color wheel of bell peppers and your kid tells you they won’t eat yellow, green, or orange because only red is their favorite color, this pepper doppelgänger will be your best pal. Save the leftovers for your not so fussy houseguests or your own delicious salad. (These salad recipes will make lunch exciting again.)


Hold your bananas

Finally, you don’t have to go ape crazy if you can’t finish your banana before an important meeting. Once you lose the peel, stick the other wholesome half in this safe, banana-shaped container to prevent it from being bruised or wasted.


Slice to go

Planning on going on a long road trip? Have a food allergy in the family? Need a late-night snack? Personalize your own slice of pie and store it in this brick oven pizza-saver, which looks as good as the real thing. Just remember to open it before you take a big bite. Check out the healthier pizza crust recipes that won’t blow your diet.


How you like them apples?

Apples may be one of the healthiest foods out there, but it tends to turn brown and soften if you don’t eat it fast enough. Whether you are in the mood for a yummy Gala, Honey Crisp, or Golden Delicious, this faux fruit keeper with a snap-on lid will keep your savory snack crisp and prevent it from browning or spoiling. Got too many apples to eat at once? Check out these inventive ways to use them around the house.


It’s a funion

Done with chopping and…crying? This handy case will help you keep your onions fresh and firm, and your eyes dry. Stash the potent vegetable in this super creative storage solution and you’ll know exactly where to find it in the fridge. Don’t miss these little known uses for onions.


Egg stabilizer

No more broken shells or leaky yolks through a styrofoam container. Protect your eggs with this portable egg-tainer. It’s perfect for on-the-go or for safe home storage. You’ll need them to make these amazing recipes with eggs that aren’t for breakfast!


Tomato tote

Make a food fashion statement with this ultra-red tomato carrier. Make sure you know the name of the designer when the paparazzi asks, “Who are you wearing?”


Sandwich shield

Is everyone talking about your kid’s tuna sandwich container? They’re just jealous! Lay your perfectly made lunch in this sandwich protector to shield it from any unnecessary crumbling, smushing, or lingering odors. Check out these other helpful food container hacks.


Lemon aid

Isn’t it annoying when you go to a restaurant and you order a drink with a lemon and the kitchen only has limes? No longer a problem. These look-alikes can travel with you anytime you need to add a spritz of citrus to a cocktail. Here’s what your adult beverage of choice says about your personality.

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