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15 Fourth of July Images That Will Get You Ready for the Long Weekend

Get ready for the holiday!

01-Fourth-of-July-Photos-That-Will-Get-You-Ready-for-the-Long-Weekend-644026327-Yuganov-KonstantinYuganov Konstantin/shutterstock

The Fourth of July is around the corner, which means the long weekend is almost here. With that extra time off work comes as a well-deserved mid-summer break, complete with family, friends, treats, and, of course, fireworks! In celebration of the fun, we put together some of the best Fourth of July images to get you excited for the upcoming holiday.

02-Fourth-of-July-Photos-That-Will-Get-You-Ready-for-the-Long-Weekend-121900897-Dmytro-BalkhovitinDmytro Balkhovitin/shutterstock


The long weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with family. Can’t make it out for a getaway? Try these festive ways to celebrate the Fourth without ever leaving your home.

03-Fourth-of-July-Photos-That-Will-Get-You-Ready-for-the-Long-Weekend-143996092-Natalia-KirichenkoNatalia Kirichenko/shutterstock


It’s a perfect time to create lasting memories for your kids.

july fourth paradeRoberto Galan/Shutterstock


No collection of Fourth of July images would be complete without a good ‘ol parade to honor our country’s independence—brush up on these things you didn’t know about Independence Day before you go.

Group Of Mature Friends Playing Croquet In Backyard TogetherMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock


With everyone off from work, it’s a time to reconnect with friends new and old.

05-Fourth-of-July-Photos-That-Will-Get-You-Ready-for-the-Long-Weekend-562172314-Africa-StudioAfrica Studio/shutterstock


It’s important to celebrate our freedom while remembering those who fight for it every day. Need some ideas? Check out these small (but meaningful) ways to support the military.

06-Fourth-of-July-Photos-That-Will-Get-You-Ready-for-the-Long-Weekend-78006169-StacieStauffSmith-PhotosStacieStauffSmith Photos/shutterstock


The long weekend is also a great time for a little summer vacation! See where the best place to celebrate the Fourth of July is in your state.



We love the delicious summer food that comes with the Fourth of July. Make sure to fire up the grill, but make sure to avoid these grilling mistakes.

Woman resting in hammock outdoors. Sleeping outdoors.LMproduction/Shutterstock


In between holiday BBQ’s, parades, and fireworks, make sure to take a little time to chill out and relax this Fourth of July!



Don’t forget dessert. Show off your patriotism with these festive Fourth of July treats.



Make some fun, fresh drinks for your BBQ crowd too! Try a red, white, and blue sangria.



Aww! We love Fourth of July images that include our favorite four-legged pets. Your furry friends can enjoy the holiday just as much as you do!

11-Fourth-of-July-Photos-That-Will-Get-You-Ready-for-the-Long-Weekend-74394589-Gunnar-PippelGunnar Pippel/shutterstock


These fun mini fireworks make a great party activity for all ages.

Border collie dog running outside carrying the American FlagLeigh Prather/Shutterstock

More pets

Alright, we just can’t resist more Fourth of July images that involve adorable pups.



And of course, the main event to close out the weekend! Can’t get enough of these Fourth of July images? Take a look at some of America’s most spectacular fireworks displays and see where your city ranks.