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12 Free Printable Christmas Cards Everyone Will Love

Never pay for Christmas cards again, thanks to this assortment of cute and pretty designs that you can download and print in no time—and for no cost.

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christmas cards wrapped in ribbonhedwiga/Shutterstock

Printable Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards is a fun way to celebrate the holidays and show people you care—but buying Christmas cards can add up. That is, unless you opt for free, printable cards. And we know what you’re thinking—free Christmas cards don’t have to be tacky and cheap-looking. In fact, these downloadable Christmas card templates are so beautiful and cute that you may wonder why you ever paid for Christmas cards in the past! Using free Christmas cards like these is one of many little ways to cut back on spending during the holidays.

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Tidings of comfort and joyCourtesy Colleen Michele

Tidings of comfort & joy

These printable Christmas cards are not only a great bargain, but they’re beautiful works of art, like this impressive, elegant design. Stationery designer Colleen Michele created this image, featuring a round array of holly leaves that surrounds a prancing reindeer and the “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” lyric. Find out our all-time favorite Christmas carols, ranked, that you should listen to while prepping your cards.

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Watercolor wreathCourtesy Greetings Island

Watercolor wreath

This gorgeous watercolor design comes courtesy of Greetings Island, which has a whole collection of free Christmas cards—customizable ones, no less. Know what to write in your cards this Christmas, and make it heartfelt. You can change the text inside the card or even add a photo, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Find out the story behind how red and green became traditional Christmas colors.

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Whimsical treeCourtesy Stephanie Locsei

Whimsical tree

This abstract, multi-colored tree pops right off the page. Stephanie Locsei, the designer behind Homemade Gifts Made Easy, has two full pages of free Christmas cards just like these, for whichever holiday design strikes your fancy. No matter how minimal or extravagant your decorations, make sure you’re not making these common holiday decorating mistakes.

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Merry Christmas snowmen

This wintry scene makes a fun, quirky addition to any Christmas card template collection.

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Reindeer and snowman christmas cardCourtesy Greetings Island

Best buddies

Even in the coldest weather, you’ll melt for this adorable card featuring a happy reindeer and snowman sharing a cozy holiday hug. The text inside says, “Wishing you all the joy a holiday can hold!” (though you can change it or remove it if you prefer). Here are our all-time favorite Christmas movies for kids.

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Neon ChristmasCourtesy Jonty Pearce

Neon Christmas

If the “neon” text style on Instagram stories was a Christmas card, this would be it! The templates on Printable Magazine download as PowerPoint files, making them super easy to use. We picked our favorite, but the site has lots of other cards to choose from. While free Christmas cards can save you some money, see if you can make money with any of these vintage Christmas decorations that are worth a fortune today. Americans, did you know these cool facts about the White House Christmas tree?

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Holly berry wreathCourtesy Greetings Island

Holly berry wreath

Instead of the traditional red-and-green cards that you know your recipients are going to get scores of, choose this free Christmas card with its snazzy but still festive pink-and-white design! For some more inexpensive Christmas cheer, check out these DIY Christmas decorations anybody can handle.

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Silly reindeerCourtsey Stephanie Locsei

Silly reindeer

Kids and kids-at-heart alike are sure to smile when they open this cute card and see a friendly cartoon reindeer adorned with Christmas ornaments and treats. Speaking of cartoons, get a laugh from these Christmas cartoons to make the holiday hilarious.

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Happy Holidays treeCourtesy Greetings Island

Happy holidays tree

The vibrant, colorful tree pops on the black background on this artsy card. This one comes blank inside, but you can add your choice of text if you’d like. You can also get this, and all of the other printable Christmas cards on Greetings Island, as an e-card. Learn the history behind some of your favorite Christmas traditions.

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Tree with candy stripes cardCourtesy Stephanie Locsei

Trees with candy stripes

This lovely card presents a bold twist on the traditional red-and-green Christmas color scheme, with everyone’s favorite arborescent symbol of the holiday front and center.

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Oh what fun cardCourtesy Greetings Island

Oh what fun

A quintet of simply drawn, unique Christmas trees, plus a joyful lyric from “Jingle Bells,” make this card a perfect choice for your season’s greetings. Check out the full history of “Jingle Bells” and some of your other favorite Christmas tunes.

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Snowflake ornamentsCourtesy Stephanie Locsei

Snowflake ornaments

It might take a second glimpse to realize that the ornaments on this beautiful card design are made up of miniature snowflake shapes, so this design from Stephanie Locsei lets you deliver double the holiday cheer! No matter what types of Christmas cards you’re using, make sure you’re following these tips for good holiday card etiquette.

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