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40 Free Printable Father’s Day Cards Your Dad Will Love

From hilarious jokes to silly dad puns to heartfelt messages, we found a Father's Day card for every kind of dad in your life

printable fathers day cards
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Printable Father’s Day cards that dad will treasure

Fathers are known for going above and beyond for their children. And when we say father, we mean all the important men in your life. There’s the dad who raised you with love and care. But you may have many other father figures, like your father-in-law, grandfather, brother, stepdad or a family friend who was like a dad to you. Of course, you want to honor them on Father’s Day, the holiday dedicated to dads and all the awesome things they do, but that can feel like a lot of pressure, between finding the perfect Father’s Day gift and planning fun activities for the day. Fortunately, these printable Father’s Day cards make it easy to look like a superstar kid. Just follow our easy steps:

Step 1: Find the perfect printable Father’s Day card.

Step 2: Write a heartfelt, funny, silly or sweet message. Get some inspiration from these Father’s Day quotes or dad jokes.

To help you find the best card for the dad (or dads) in your life, we rounded up the best free printable Father’s Day cards. Select your favorite and get to printing!

Cash origami for fathers day
via agirlandagluegun.com

Cash origami

These clever cards from A Girl and a Glue Gun share a tender message made even more fun with money folded into an origami shirt and tie, or a heart, for Father’s Day. The printable comes with full instructions for folding the dollar bills. He’ll love the card and the cash. Send him a Father’s Day meme to make him laugh on his special day.

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Yoda best dad fathers day card
via redtedart.com

Yoda best dad

Yo da’ best dad! What’s cuter than baby Yoda saying Happy Father’s Day? Pop-culture-loving dads will enjoy this printable 3-D Star Wars–themed card from Red Ted Art. Bonus: It also comes with instructions for making a Darth Vader bookmark to include in the envelope. Write one of these Yoda quotes in it for bonus fun.

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I Promise Someday I'll Move Out
via heyletsmakestuff.com

I promise someday I’ll move out

Give your dad a good belly laugh with this honest and printable Father’s Day card from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. After all, all your father wants for you is to grow up, get a good job and be successful—so he can have his garage and office space back! Write one of these funny Father’s Day quotes inside to make it perfect.

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Daddy Ties
via kikicomin.com

Daddy ties

It’s a free, printable Father’s Day card and … it’s a wearable tie! Kids will get a kick out of decorating this “tie” from Kiki & Company and filling in the sweet prompts celebrating their dad. Then he can wear it to church or brunch or whatever festivities you have planned. P.S. There’s even a version for grandpas!

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Fathers day photo card
via greetingsisland.com

Personalize it with a pic

Add a cute pic of you and pops together for a personalized Father’s Day card that’s both free and printable, from Greetings Island. Dad will pretend he’s not crying, and you can pretend it’s raining indoors. Don’t forget to make a date for watching one of these Father’s Day movies together.

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Father's day game card
via koriclark.com

Make it a game

At first glance, this cute card from Kori Clark looks like just a fun word-search game, but once Dad finds all the hidden words, it spells out a heartfelt message: “Dad, we celebrate you. Thank you for being the most amazing hero, support, teacher, guy, boo-boo kisser, friend, believer, listener, DAD.” Pair it with a Father’s Day gift basket and you’re in the clear.

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Daddy And Me
via themombot.com

Daddy and me

Kids can color in the stick figures on the front of this card from The MomBot to look like them and their dad. Then on the inside, there’s a prompt to list three of their favorite things about Daddy. It pairs well with a personalized Father’s Day gift.

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The Dad Coupon Book
via tinyme.com

The dad coupon book

This Father’s Day coupon book from A Whole Lot of Tiny is a card and a gift all in one. Use the free printables to make a list he’ll love, or use the blank templates to personalize it. One week of free foot rubs coming right up! It also makes a great Father’s Day gift from your spouse.

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Dad you are "dolphinately" the best fathers day card
via greetingsisland.com

Dad, you’re “dolphinitely” the best

Dad puns are the best puns, and there’s no better day to deploy a good one than Father’s Day. This cute animal card from Greetings Island pairs a loving sentiment with a pun that’s guaranteed to make him snort. Add one of these father-son quotes to take it to the next level.

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Daddy shark Fathers day card
via greetingsisland.com

Daddy shark

Doo doo doo doo doo doo … You can’t read this card from Greetings Island without singing it! And if he’s a father of young children with access to YouTube, chances are he’s already been singing it all day, every day. Add it to a funny Father’s Day gift to get some bonus laughs.

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Super Dad Fathers Day Card
via homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

Superdad! Like a true superhero, dads rescue, comfort, care for, protect and love their kids. And let’s not forget literally flying them around the room on his shoulders while making the best sound effects! This card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy is a fun way to remind him that he’s your hero. Check out these dad quotes to share for Father’s Day.

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Fathers Day coloring card for kids
via sixcleversisters.com

Coloring for kids

Kids will love coloring in the cute daddy-themed illustrations on these printable cards from Six Clever Sisters. It allows kids to make their own cards with a little bit of guidance from you. All you have to provide are the (washable!) markers. Bookmark these heartwarming stories of dads going the extra mile for their kids.

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Pop-up toolbox Father's day card
via mrprintables.com

Pop-up toolbox

Crafty kids of all ages will get a kick out of cutting out this printable pop-up card from Mr. Printables. Cut out the pieces from the template and then assemble them into a 3-D toolbox that shares a fun Father’s Day message. In a gift pinch? These last-minute Father’s Day gifts are lifesavers.

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You don't have to say out loud I'm your favorite fathers day card
via karacreates.com

You don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favorite…

…because I already know. You’re his favorite child, obviously. Share that funny sentiment and your undying love and devotion to your dad with this free printable card from Kara Creates. He’ll love opening it along with a Father’s Day gift from his daughter or son.

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Typography Glasses
via mrprintables.com

Typography glasses

If your dad is more erudite than Mr. Handyman, he’ll love this card that includes cut-out 3D typography glasses. The printable frames from Mr. Printables include the template and instructions for assembling.

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"I love you like whiskey loves rocks"
via thepapercurator.com

I love you like…

“I love you like whiskey loves rocks.” Vintage-loving dads will get a kick out of these swell ’50s-themed cards with funny, punny messages from The Paper Curator. Retro moms will enjoy printing them out and personalizing them for the father of her kids.

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World's Okayest Dad fathers day card
via papertraildesign.com

World’s okayest dad

Dads with a sense of humor will get a laugh out of this funny card from Paper Trail Design. Add in a short joke and sign it from “your most average kid” for extra laughs.

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Fun facts about dad for fathers day
via thegirlcreative.com

Fun facts about dad

Nothing is as sweet and entertaining as getting to see yourself as your kids see you. Help young children fill out this survey about their dad from The Girl Creative, then be prepared for some happy tears and belly laughs. You’ll love these heartwarming father-daughter quotes too.

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I got all my awesome from you
via ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

I got all of my awesome from you

Tell your awesome dad thanks for making you an awesome kid with this, well, awesome card from I Should Be Mopping the Floor. The chalkboard design can be printed in color or black-and-white.

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world's best dad printable father's day card
via craftsbyamanda.com

Simple yet powerful

Some dads aren’t flashy, and they don’t need fancy cards with glitter or pop-up designs. If that sounds like your dad, you can’t go wrong with these simple cards by Crafts by Amanda with classic, heartfelt messages.

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You Rock, Dad Printable card
via damasklove.com

You rock, Dad

Got a dad who loves to rock out? These punk-themed cards from Damask Love will let him know that not only do you love him but he’s one of the coolest people you know. Remember going to your first concert with your dad?

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Nacho average dad
via allmygoodthings.com

Nacho average dad

What dad doesn’t love hot, cheesy, crunchy nachos? With this card from All My Good Things, you can celebrate him with his favorite snack (and a funny cheese pun). Bonus best-kid points if you attach it to a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of queso.

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Father's Day joke teller
via brendid.com

Father’s Day joke teller

Remember those cootie-catcher “fortune tellers” you used to make in elementary school? Bren Did created a version that tells classic “dad jokes” for Father’s Day. It’s a free printable card, a craft, a funny game and a trip down memory lane, all in one!

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Best Dad Father's day card
via happinessishomemade.net

Classic geometry

This classy geometric heart and simple message from Happiness Is Homemade offers beautiful modern style while still leaving plenty of room to share your thoughts and memories of your father.

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Happy 'you Knocked Up Mom' Day
via heyletsmakestuff.com

Happy “you knocked up Mom” day!

Well, it’s certainly true! Father’s Day is all about celebrating dads and, we suppose, the occasion that made them a father to begin with. This hilarious card from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff will crack up your dad (and hopefully your mom too).

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Father's Day Beer tags
via skiptomylou.org

This one’s on me

Does your dad really just want a card for Father’s Day? Attach this printable bottle tag/happy Father’s Day card from Skip to My Lou to his favorite beer or soda and watch his face light up. Sign it from “your favorite child”!

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Magic eye card for Fathers day
via madewithhappy.com

Magic eye card

An agamograph makes a 3-D picture by folding paper in a specific way. These printable agamographs from Made With Happy will leave your dad both touched and impressed with your creativity (you don’t have to tell him where you got it!).

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worlds best farter
via allmygoodthings.com

World’s best farter, er, father

Dads can get really comfortable around their kids—sometimes a little too comfortable! Give him a chuckle with this funny free Father’s Day card from All My Good Things. If you’re really lucky he’ll celebrate with a little butt bubble.

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To the world you are a dad, to us you are a Dadicorn
via karacreates.com

To us, you are a Dadicorn

What’s cooler than a dabbing unicorn? A dabbing Dadicorn! Kids will love giving this hilarious and cute card from Kara Creates as much as dads will love getting it.

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It's ofFISHcial, you're the greatest dad!
via creativelybeth.com

It’s oFISHcial—you are the greatest dad!

This cute card from Creatively Beth combines a classic dad pun with a fun design for kids to color and personalize. Add a handprint from your kiddo to make it extra special!

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You’re Turtley Awesome Ecomm Via Printable Cards
via printable-cards.gotfreecards.com

You’re turtley awesome

Dad will crack a smile at this cute animal-pun-themed card from Got Free Cards. He is turtley awesome, after all!

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Dad True Classic Card Fathers Day
via greetingsisland.com

Dad, you’re a classic

If your dad’s a car guy, give him this card from Greetings Island to let him know you think he’s a true classic. He’ll appreciate the ride—and the sweet sentiment.

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Love You Dad
via greetingsisland.com

Love you, Dad!

This card from Greetings Island provides a dad-centric spin on the classic “I love New York” design. It’s simple but effective at showing your dad you love him (even more than the Big Apple!).

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Buddies Forever Printable Card
via greetingsisland.com

Buddies forever

If you and Dad are two peas in a pod, snag him this card from Greetings Island. It’s an adorable and creative tribute to that special father-child relationship you two share.

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Happy Fathers Day Dog Card
via greetingsisland.com

The best dog dad ever!

Celebrating a dog dad on Father’s Day? He’ll pawsitively love this adorable card from Greetings Island. Bonus points if you put the pup’s paw print inside the card.

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You’re The Best Pops
via homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

You’re the best, Pops!

Sweet, sentimental and punny—what’s not to love about this card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy? Print it out and give it to your pops on Father’s Day. Then, pop some actual popcorn and enjoy a buttery Father’s Day snack together.

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The Grandest Grandpa
via homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

The grandest grandpa

Grandpa deserves some love on Father’s Day too! Give him this sweet card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy, complete with an adorable mustache that could give your grandpa’s a run for its money.

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Take A Load Off Dad
via greetingsisland.com

Take a load off, Dad

Give your father this card from Greetings Island while he’s relaxing in his favorite chair. It’s the perfect card for the perfect moment!

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Happy Fathers Day Card
via homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

Comic card for dad

Add some pop to the Father’s Day celebration with this cool card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Write a sweet message inside and you’re good to go.

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You’re The Coolest Pop
via homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

You’re the coolest pop

Homemade Gifts Made Easy has a card for all the cool pops out there. Give it to the dad who is so cool, he could melt on a summer’s day—and, hey, maybe give him some ice cream too.

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