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39 Random Acts of Kindness That Don’t Cost a Cent

You don't have to have a lot—or anything at all—to give a lot. These expert-recommended random acts cost you nothing but will reap rewards of joy.

An American "I voted" sticker placed on a navy shirt.Jason Kolenda/Shutterstock

Register to vote

A great way to make positive change both in your community and on a national level is to vote, but you can’t cast a vote if you’re not registered. Not sure? Take 30 seconds now to visit and check your status. If you’re not registered, sign up today. And while you’re in the mood for something nice, check out our Nicest Place in America competition.

Voter Holds Envelope In Hand Above Vote Ballot On Blue Background. Freedom Democracy ConceptSergey Tinyakov/Shutterstock

Get active in the community

Don’t waste your patriotic rights by sitting on the sidelines. Now that you’re registered to vote, get involved in local elections. You can help support candidates you like, volunteer at a voting center, or even run for office yourself! Just make sure you turn in your ballot on time.

Car interior with turn signal switch Vladimir Mucibabic/Shutterstock

Use your turn signal

The world would be a much less stressful place if everyone remembered to use their blinker when turning or merging into traffic. It takes just a moment to let the driver behind you know what you’re doing, and then we can all just relax and enjoy the ride.

Bottled water on the wooden table, top viewAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Ditch single-use plastic water bottles

Chances are you’ve got a water bottle (or ten) rolling around your house. Do the planet a favor and use it instead of disposable plastic bottles of water. Sure, the disposables are convenient, but using reusable bottles is a kindness to the planet—and your wallet will thank you too.

Jirapong Manustrong/Shutterstock

Be honest…even if it makes you look bad

We live in a society that prioritizes appearance over reality, but while photoshopping your Facebook pictures or fudging your productivity numbers at work may make you feel better in the moment, ultimately it brings everyone down. The next time you’re tempted to tell even a small lie, do the kind thing and tell the truth. Start with these 3 steps to real honesty.

Conceptual image representing alcoholism on a funny way using a six-pack of beer cans for dinner.Frenzel/Shutterstock

Save a seal and snip the plastic rings on packs of cans

Who hasn’t seen a heartbreaking picture of a bird or other animal caught in a snare of plastic discarded from soda or beer cans? Fortunately, this is easy to avoid—simply take a few extra seconds to snip all the links before you toss them in the trash.

Positive human facial expressions and emotions. Cheerful attractive teenage girl with bob hairstyle grinning broadly, showing her perfect white teeth at camera while spending nice time indoorsWAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

Share a toothy grin with a stranger

Grins are gifts, especially when given freely with no ulterior motives. Giving a pleasant smile and a nod to a passerby is one of the quickest, easiest ways to brighten someone’s day. Plus, just the act of smiling will give you a little boost of happiness too. Get more good feelings—check out these random acts of kindness that actually changed someone’s life.

A caucasian man holding a small, red heartVilliers Steyn/Shutterstock

Register to be an organ donor

Organ donation is the gift that keeps on giving. Check to see if you’re registered or sign up to be an organ donor on the National Organ Donor Registry. Make sure to discuss your wishes with your family members—it can be a tough conversation but it will save a lot of pain and confusion later.

Woman Hand Filling Medical History Patient. Close Upvetkit/Shutterstock

Sign up for the bone marrow registry

The one big downside to organ donation is you won’t be alive to see your donation change a life. But you can always donate your your bone marrow! Signing up is as easy as going to Be The Match and requesting a kit.

Close up portrait of a young woman laughing and talking on mobile phonemimagephotography/Shutterstock

Call your mom

Just because you don’t live with her anymore doesn’t mean she stopped caring about you! You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day or her birthday; give her an unexpected call to check in and say hi. Don’t have a mom available? Call your dad or call a person who was just like a parent to you.

hand working keyboard computerNATTHAPONG SUNTORNDECH/Shutterstock

Leave a ~nice~ comment on the internet

The internet is rife with people arguing about every topic under the sun, and it’s all too easy to forget that the person on the other side of the screen is a real human being. Use your keyboard to uplift, sympathize with, comfort, or compliment an internet stranger. A little kindness can change a whole online conversation!

shower headharmpeti/Shutterstock

Shorten your shower

Reducing the time you spend standing under the hot water not only shows kindness to the earth and to other people in your house who may also want to shower but it can also save you money on your water bill. It’s a small sacrifice for some big wins. Need more ideas? Try these acts of kindness that can change the world.

Top view of three young people playing cards at sidewalk cafe. Young people sitting around a coffee table and playing card game.Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Break out the Monopoly board

Kids are astonishingly easy to please and one of the things they like best is the gift of your time. Offer to play a few rounds of tag, a board game, cards, or Pretty Pretty Princess and watch their eyes light up with delight. Here are 12 classic board games everyone should own.

Woman holding folded clothes in hands, closeupAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Clean out your closet and donate to a charity

Keeping clothing and home goods that you no longer need clutters your home—and your emotions. Clean up your space and do a kindness by donating your gently used items to a local charity. Think beyond for-profit thrift stores and donation centers and consider giving to homeless shelters or organizations that help battered women or children in foster care. Discover why such a tiny change can recharge your life.

Senior mother sitting in cafe bar or restaurant with her middle age daughter and enjoying in conversation.hedgehog94/Shutterstock

Ask someone how they are doing and then really listen

How often do you say, “How are you?” only to hear “Fine, and you?” All the time, probably. But people aren’t always “fine” and many could really use a kind, listening ear. If you’re talking to someone you know, ask them about something specific in their lives. If it’s a stranger, allow them to elaborate more, if they like. The real kindness is to listen with compassion and without judgments or interruptions. This is what you’re missing when you’re not listening.

Selective focus on handwriting in spiral notebook creating to do list with targets on white page, cropped image of afro american female designer drawing sketches for project in diary with penGaudiLab/Shutterstock

Make a list of things you love about your partner

Living with someone can drain the romance out of even the best relationships. (Especially once you’ve seen the barbaric way they squeeze the toothpaste from the middle!) As a counterpoint to life’s daily annoyances, make a list of things you love about your partner and share it with them. Here are 12 more tiny ways to make your partner feel loved.

Portrait of young woman serving vegetable soup in the kitchen.Josep Suria/Shutterstock

Volunteer at the local food pantry in the summer

Food pantries are packed with people wanting to help… at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But people get hungry year round! Make a difference by signing up to volunteer now. As an extra (but not free) kindness, bring a bag of food with you to donate. This 26-year-old woman launched a soup kitchen app that’s helping feed thousands daily.

Smiling brunette woman looking camera while sitting in cafeDean Drobot/Shutterstock

Give someone the benefit of the doubt

How often has someone bumped you, given you a dirty look, or even snapped at you and your first reaction is to be offended? It’s an understandable impulse, but it is so much kinder to not assume the worst about the other person and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they lost their job, stubbed their toe, or are just having a really horrible day. Spread a little kindness by not returning anger with anger.

Different food in paper bag on wooden background, close up. Grocery shopping concept, top viewKucherAV/Shutterstock

Call the grocery store manager to compliment your checker

When you receive bad service at a business, you may be quick to call and complain. But how quick are you to recognize and compliment stellar service? When someone goes out of their way to help you or goes the extra mile in their job, take a few minutes to let their boss know. Don’t miss these 10 little compliments you should be giving every day.

Hand holds book.Billion Photos/Shutterstock

Ask a nearby person to get the cereal off the top shelf at the store for you

Or ask them to hand you a magazine in a waiting room or for a hand up when you fall. It seems counterintuitive but asking a small favor is an act of kindness: People love being able to help others out. It’s a win-win, where everyone feels a little happier afterward. (Plus, you don’t have to climb on the shelves to get your cereal.)

Espresso in a plain white porcelain cup on a desk next to notebook with shallow depth of field.Torsten Frank/Shutterstock

Leave a positive online review for the coffeehouse down the street

Reviews can make or break a business, especially a smaller local one. So when you find the perfect little Mexican restaurant or a stylish boutique, make sure you review them on Google or Yelp and let the world know how great they are. You’re helping the business owner and helping your neighbors find a local gem. It’s one of the random acts of kindness you can do today.

Arm with adhesive plaster that covering a slight injury, close-upGeorge Rudy/Shutterstock

Give a little blood

Blood banks are almost always in need of a fresh supply and for the price of 15 minutes and a needle stick, you could help save a life. If you have a needle phobia or can’t donate blood, you can always volunteer your time at the blood bank, sweeping floors or handing out cookies and juice. Here are 8 reasons everyone should know their own blood type.

Open dishwasher with clean utensils in itCicero Castro/Shutterstock

Put the dishes in the dishwasher

Dishes are such a small thing but since we use them every day the dirty cups, plates, bowls, and silverware accumulate quickly. Do the others in your house a kindness but putting dishes in the dishwasher whenever you see them in the sink—even if the aren’t yours!

colorful sticky notes on cork bulletin boardopicobello/Shutterstock

Carry a pack of sticky notes and a marker

Want to leave a quick compliment for a coworker, a lunch note for a child, a love letter for a spouse, or even a “You’re doing better than you think you are” boost for a stranger? Carry a pack of sticky notes and a colored marker, so whenever the kind impulse strikes you are ready!

Father And Son Discussing Basketball On Porch Of HomeMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Tell your kid one thing they do really well

As parents, your job is to correct and teach your child—but don’t let those comments outnumber your kind and loving observations. Pointing out a talent your child has, recognizing a chore they completed, or acknowledging a recent success will make them feel awesome in the moment—and that moment may stay with them forever. Don’t miss the 15 life lessons you don’t want to live without.

market cart and supermarket view and parkingSkylines/Shutterstock

Take your shopping cart all the way back to the store

Nothing is more annoying for shoppers or store employees than finding random shopping carts shoved up on curbs, wedged between parked cars, or (worst of all) roaming freely through the parking lot where they might roll into a car door. At the very least put yours securely in a cart corral. But for a real kindness, take the extra 50 steps and walk it back to the store.

Family with three kids in a car, kids sitting on the backseatsKzenon/Shutterstock

Set up a neighborhood carpool

Watch out for the environment and the neighborhood kids by setting up carpools for local trips, school runs, soccer teams, and other activities. Need some more inspiration? Check out these 19 compassionate quotes that will inspire kindness.

CPR First Aid Training

Brush up your CPR skills

CPR can be a powerful tool for saving the life of a loved one or stranger—but only if you remember how to do it. Brush up your skills with a refresher course from the Red Cross. While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got a stocked first aid kit in your car and know how to use it. You never know when you’ll need it! Check out this CPR guide for a reminder.

Women's hands with a letter in his hand with the words thank youStudio KIWI/Shutterstock

Handwrite and deliver a thank-you note

In this day of email and texting, a hand-written note is a rarity and shows the person took extra thought and care into choosing their words and making sure you got the message. Send a thank you note to an old teacher, reach out to a college friend, or send a romantic letter to your partner.

Young woman with a baby boy standing against the wall.Halfpoint/Shutterstock

Offer to babysit for a friend

Being a new mom or dad is tough and parenting doesn’t get any easier over the next 18 years. Taking your friend’s kids for an hour or two is a wonderful act of kindness and can make the difference between a terrible, horrible, no-good very bad day and peace. This single mother feeds thousands every month—and it costs her next to nothing.

WWII veteran with children. Grandchildren looking at grandfather's military awards.Evgeniy Kalinovskiy/Shutterstock

Thank a veteran for their service

The next time you see a veteran or an active member of the military, take a few minutes to thank them for their service to our country and for their personal sacrifice. Want to do more? Try one of these 10 ways to help veterans through acts of kindness.


Donate your extra candy

If it’s around Halloween or another candy-filled holiday, donate your extra treats to others in need of a sweet smile. You can give it to Operation Gratitude which sends care packages to our troops or try one of these 13 creative ways to use up extra candy.

Savings coupons and scissors shot on shopping bags with soft drop shadowJim Barber/Shutterstock

Leave extra coupons on the item at the store

Got a few extra minutes and the weekly ad? Tear out the coupons and leave any you don’t use on the product at the store. It will save someone else a few bucks and bring a smile to their face. It’s like a surprise scavenger hunt where everyone wins.

Cars on highway in traffic jamddisq/Shutterstock

Let someone merge in front of you on the highway

Road rage can easily overcome your better emotions, especially when you’re in high-pressure driving situations, like jammed freeways. Help keep everyone calm and happy on their commute by letting someone merge in front of you—even if they don’t “deserve” it. It’s quick, easy to do, and it may even help lower your blood pressure too.

Two smiling young female friends in sportswear high fiving each other while sitting on the floor of a gymFlamingo Images/Shutterstock

Give someone a high five at the gym

It’s pretty much a fact of life: Everyone feels at least a little self-conscious and awkward at the gym. After all, you’re doing really weird movements while wearing relatively little clothing! Give someone else encouragement and kudos for their hard work by offering a friendly smile, a thumbs up, a helping hand, or a high five.

Cheers. Close-up of two men in shirts toasting with beer at the bar counterF8 studio/Shutterstock

Volunteer to be the designated driver

Keep your friends and family safe and happy by making sure they make it home after a night out. By volunteering to be the designated driver once in a while, you offer a valuable service to your pals—and to the public.

Mowing a lawn with a lawn

Mow your neighbor’s lawn

You’ve already got the mower out, powered up, and ready to go so why not take a few minutes to mow your neighbor’s stretch that borders yours, too? Or go the extra mile and mow their whole lawn—this is an especially kind service for the elderly, disabled, or single parents. These 24 stories about the kindness of strangers will make you tear up.


Discarded aluminum can in the sandolmarmar/Shutterstock

Pick up trash at the beach

Bring an extra garbage bag on your next outdoor adventure to pick up extra trash, along with your own, as you go. Sure, you didn’t make that mess, but it will just take you a few minutes to clean it up—and make the outdoors a little bit more beautiful for everyone. Get inspired by these farmers who are saving the environment one oyster at a time.

Two student female standing on the streets during break gossiping about boys. Women holding backpacks going to university having good mood. Real female friendship and support concept. Selective focusshurkin_son/Shutterstock

Give a stranger a compliment

Giving someone a (non-creepy) compliment—think: “You have a lovely smile,” “You’re really great at your job,” or “I love your shoes”—can make their day. Just make sure you avoid these 16 “compliments” that are actually kind of insulting.

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