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21 Awesome School Supplies You’ll Want to Steal from Your Kid

Your kiddos don't need to have all the fun with back-to-school shopping.

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Polka dot stapler

This stapler proves polka dots have officially graduated. The transparent acrylic shows off the chicness of its gold polka dots and inner metal accents.

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Doggone it! Dachshund tape dispenser

As if the puppy shape of this tape dispenser weren’t cute enough, it also has a magnetic nose that holds bone-shaped paper clips. Save the rest for later in its doggy dish.

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Macaron erasers: Sweet!

There’s a way to enjoy Parisian pastries calorie-free. These brightly colored cookie-shaped erasers are almost good enough to eat—especially because they smell like vanilla.

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Dude! Thumbs-up sticky notes

Few things are more affirming than a “like,” and these sticky notes let you show your approval in the real world. Write your memos on these for a daily reminder that you’re awesome and deserve two thumbs up. Check out these almost effortless tips to be more productive at work.

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C’mon get happy with these pencil cases

These adorable pencil cases have cute animals and uplifting messages we all need to hear. In fact, you might appreciate reminders like “Be happy always. No matter what the others think, just remember you are pretty” more than your kids do. They can use them for colored pencils, but you can carry use it as a clutch for your phone and wallet.

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Pill pens: Just what the doctor ordered

These vitamin-shaped pens are about five inches at full length, but can collapse down to less than half that size when you put the cap on. Each color has a face with its own personality, so pick one that matches your feelings and get writing.

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Superhero pen holders to the rescue

Your kid might like to use these boxes to carry pencils to school, but the case transforms into an upright pen organizer for your desk. The superhero images are sophisticated enough for you to use at the office and get looks of envy, not judgment. Just be sure to keep these items off your desk.

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Eco-chic: Bamboo calculator

Your phone’s calculator is a sorry sight compared to this bamboo number cruncher. It uses sustainable materials for an eco-friendly way to balance your checkbook.

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Oink over these pig pencil sharpeners

You’ll want to swap your pen for an old-school pencil just so you have the excuse to use these adorable piggy pencil sharpeners. Four are in lovely pastels, but the pack includes black and white ones that are about as sophisticated as an animal-shaped product can get. Here are key times when paper is better than digital anyway.

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Get organized in style: Fashionable file folders

Filing will become so much more pleasant with these classy folders. They have a Kate Spade feel with a Kmart price point. Here’s how to organize your cubicle for a productive day.

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Cut to the chase: Patterned scissors

You might be past your days of arts and crafts, but you’ll find yourself looking for excuses to use these student scissors around the house.

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Too cute: Sink paper clip dispenser

If your desk is turning into a catchall for everything but the kitchen sink, you might as well give in. This faucet-shaped holder looks like it belongs in a dollhouse, but the magnets keep your paperclips right where you need them. Here are 22 tricks for keeping a neater desk.

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Calling all animal lovers! Elephant paper clips

Add some personality to your paper stacks with these elephant-shaped paper clips, which come in a brightly colored plastic box for handy storage. If elephants aren’t your favorite, the company has other options such as whales, penguins, airplanes, and horses.

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Roarrrrr! T-rex memo holder

You could clutter up your computer screen with sticky notes, or you could get this awesome dinosaur to guard your reminders for you. The desk organizer also works double duty with its space for pencils.

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Chill out with this potato stress toy

Squeeze out the stress of a rough day by gripping this quirky stress toy. We dare you not to smile when you pull out an anxiety-busting potato.

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Van Gogh magnets appeal to your artsy side

Your kids want to decorate their lockers, but you need a way to hang up their artwork and good grades. These magnets have images of Vincent Van Gogh’s work—even though his paintings can’t hold a candle to what your children made in art class.

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Forgive and forget with these pretty erasers

We all make mistakes, but it’s a lot easier to forgive yourself for them when you’ve got pretty pastel erasers to get rid of the memory. And at a lengthy four inches long, these erasers give you room to wipe away as many mismarks as you need.

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What a hoot! Owl pencil sharpener

Your hands already get tired enough while you’re writing—give them a break with this electric pencil sharpener. How can you resist the cute owl? Here’s what your handwriting says about you.

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Animal print folders bring out your wild side

These animal-themed folders are a major step up from your Lisa Frank puppy products of days past. The exotic prints keep things classy, and the plastic material is durable enough to tears (as in both rips and the drops from your eyes when Monday comes along).

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For the uber-organized: Patterned binder clips

These sweet binder clips will make huge stacks of paper seem much more friendly. Their pretty pattern goes beyond basic black, and they use a fresh gold instead of the usual silver.

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Get personal: Monogram notebook

Your kid is the one learning to read, but you’ll still L-O-V-E a notebook with the first letter of your name. The earthy tones and quaint birds make it a quaint place to write notes in meetings (or doodle like usual).

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