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13 Funniest Things Caught on Pet Cams

Our furry friends do the darndest things—particularly when they think we're not watching.

cats on a windowsill. one cat reaching his paw towards the camera lens.Getty Images,

Pet pandemonium

Author George Eliot once said, “Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” Depending on the personality of your pet, you may argue the second part of that statement, but surely you can agree that your favorite animals bring a richness to life in a way that no one else can. Still, pets can be pretty darn mischievous and silly when they want to be, and with the advent of pet cams, we’re able to catch them in the act of goofiness now more than ever. These pets caught on camera might be in need of their own reality shows. Think your dog is smart? Here’s how to tell.

pile of dog bones.Getty Images

A bone to pick

Dogs really are man’s best friend, even when you’re too sick to play with them. When Jill P. of New Jersey found herself feeling quite ill, her dog was caught in the act on her pet cam doing something very sweet…and labor-intensive. “When I was sick in bed sleeping, she brought me 36 bones,” Jill explains. “She dropped them, one by one, on the ‘passenger’s side’ of my bed.” Now if only that sweet pup had the ability to whip up some soothing soup and gracefully bring that by, too. Ever wonder what it’s like to show a dog at Westminster? Now you can find out.

close up on refrigerator with bottom drawer freezer in a kitchen.Getty Images,

Fridge frenzy

When a radio host in San Luis Obispo, California repeatedly came home to find his refrigerator and freezer open, there could only be one culprit—his dog Allie. To find out just how the sweet yellow Lab was doing this, Adam Montiel set up a camera, then posted the video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Allie can be seen using her mouth to open the drawer to the freezer, pulling a few items out. Eventually, she uses the same technique to open each refrigerator door. Pretty impressive and comical! Find out 30 things your dog wishes you knew.

spilled box of cereal on a kitchen counter. shallow depth of field.Getty Images,

Snack attack

The most well-fed and loved pups might still enjoy a snack on their own time, when their parents are away. A dog named Max was caught on camera doing just that as soon as his owners left their home. He is seen perusing the kitchen sink for anything that may have been left on a plate. Then—and this is where his gymnastics skills really become impressive—he scales the countertops and jumps at some food that is placed high up on a shelf close to the ceiling, knocking the boxes down so that he can enjoy their contents. He didn’t stop until he got to every last one. This is why your dog stares at you.

close up on toilet in a bathroom.Getty Images,

Toilet humor

Your pets are an important part of the family—they know it and you know it. And sometimes they really want to do all of the mundane things humans do, like going to the bathroom…on a toilet. The Daily Star reported that cat owner Kirstie Fraser was in for the surprise of her life when she caught Butch, her 2-year-old kitty, on the potty. Butch then proceeded to pee right into the porcelain vessel, just as he’s likely seen the family do before. Here’s how to train your cat to use the potty—and four other life-changing skills.

close up on a pool ladder.Getty Images,

Water play

When a family with a particularly sweet inground pool setup in their backyard consistently found their deck and furniture soaked after being away for a few hours, they were concerned about trespassers. Could their neighbors really be partying in their pool while they were away from the house? Determined to find out, they set up cameras, only to spy the family dog having a grand old time repeatedly sliding down the waterslide and splashing into the pool. A smaller dog appears on the deck but doesn’t get in on the action. These 30 adorable pug pictures will make you want to go right out and adopt one.

made bed with lots of pillows. night table with lamp.Getty Images,

Bed time

We might think of our dogs as more sophisticated creatures than, say, a small child, but that doesn’t mean they don’t yearn to rebel against the rules every once in a while. A pet cam video posted to YouTube shows one squirrely little devil prowling the area just after his owner leaves. Once he senses the coast is clear, he slyly jumps onto the forbidden bed and surveys the scene. He then proceeds to roll around and dance Snoopy-style all over the bed with the pure joy one experiences when they are breaking a rule. These 30 funny dog photos are sure to brighten your day.

outdoor couch with cushions and pillows.Getty Images,

Pillow fight

Three dogs and a few outdoor pillows—what could possibly go wrong? Caught on camera, the three furry cuties are seen ripping apart patio pillows, with the entire yard already covered in the fluff. When they are spotted red-handed by their owner, all three immediately stop what they’re doing and look straight at the human with the most innocent looks on their faces. What happened next is the truly giggle-inducing part. Two of the dogs, as if they had this planned, walk away together in one direction. As if to say, “Hey, mom, it wasn’t us. It was that guy. We tried to stop him! Honest!” These dog breeds win the most often at the Westminster Dog Show.

melting ice cubes on the floor.Getty Images,

So cold

What happens when house cats discover an ice machine for the first time? Pet papa Bruce Spence found out after returning from a week-long business trip and fortunately it was caught on camera. One kitty can be seen climbing on top of the machine, pushing the button to produce loads of ice while his feline friend watches on in amazement. When Spence posted the video to social media he captioned it with, “Finally found out why my floor was all wet when I came home from work.” Don’t miss these 21 hilarious cat memes you’ll laugh at every time.

open kitchen drawerGetty Images,

Counter space

Where there’s a will, there’s a way—just look to one dog who was bound and determined to make it up to the kitchen counter. Caught on a security camera and posted on YouTube, the pup is seen pulling out the bottom kitchen drawer and ducking in to see if that would give him enough of a boost to reach the counter. When that doesn’t work out he shimmies his way to the back of the drawer and pushes the drawer above it open, hopping into that one. This gives him the height he needs to finally make it up to the counter, where he begins searching the cabinets for a snack! Try not to cry over these 12 amazing rescue dog makeovers.

door knob. door ajar.Getty Images,

The great escape

The saying, “Fight like cats and dogs,” has been around forever, leading people to believe that the two species aren’t really supposed to get along. On the contrary, in pet cam footage posted on YouTube, a cat is seen helping his dog friend escape from the kitchen in a very clever and funny way. The feline starts by climbing to the top of her cat tree and can be seen messing with the doorknob, with the pup waiting patiently below. At first it seems like all hope is lost, with each attempt ending in failure until finally, the cat manages to turn the knob enough to open the door, allowing the dog to run out. Success! Cats and dogs are just one pair of unlikely animal friendships.

couch with blanket and pillows near a window.Getty Images,

Awwws for these paws

In an instance of pets caught on camera that is more sweet than silly, these pet owners followed the lives of their cat and dog while they were away. According to The DoDo, the pup gets extremely anxious whenever her parents leave for work each day. She climbs on the couch and looks all-around upon their daily departure. Each day their cat comes to the doggie’s aid, giving her cuddles and nuzzles to calm her down. Cue “That’s What Friends Are For.” These are the 12 things your cat actually wants from you.

cars. highway traffic.Getty Images,

News brief

This wasn’t caught on a pet cam, per se, but it’s too funny not to share. When a seagull discovered Transport for London’s traffic camera, he had a whole lot of fun with his newfound celebrity. The seagull perched himself in front of the traffic cam and truly looked like he was giving his own update on the roads in Ontario, Canada. If any local news stations are in need of a new traffic reporter, we fully believe they should give that seagull a call. Don’t miss these 22 hilarious bird photos.

spilt black calligraphy ink on paper and desk.Getty Images,

Signed, sealed, and delivered

It seems one pup just really wanted to leave his mark on his owner’s home—and apparently he wanted to leave it everywhere. According to Inside Edition, the huskie stumbled upon a jar of black ink used for calligraphy while his pet parents were out of the house. It didn’t take long for the dog to leave ink tracks absolutely everywhere. Fortunately, the news show reported that the pet owners were able to clean up the mess and the ink isn’t toxic to dogs, so the story has a happy ending. Whew! Next, read on to see these 49 adorable puppy pictures that will make your heart melt.

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