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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

21 Funniest Yearbook Quotes That Will Make You Crack Up

"Brandon is the best kid in school, everyone loves Brandon." How do we know? Brandon said so. Read on for more hilarious yearbook sayings.

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biologyNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Biology + Statistics = Chemistry

People make relationships too complicated. Really, we all have much more in common than we think, as shown by this adorably geeky pick-up line/yearbook quote. Need more giggles? Here are some more cheesy pick-up lines that guarantee a laugh.

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he's not wrongNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Well, he’s not wrong

It’s hard to draw on tough experiences that made you stronger for inspirational yearbook quotes when you haven’t lived much life yet. So instead this student decided to try to empathize with a very different person. It worked, we guess?

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don't we allNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Don’t we all, son, don’t we all

For anyone who’s ever taken an awful school picture and then died a little when they realized it would be memorialized forever in their yearbook—he feels your pain. Take your laughter on the road with these 18 funny road signs worth stopping for.

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meganNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Megan has come to protect, even if she does have to shut her ears in the oven door

Channeling her inner Dobby, Megan’s quote shares how she got her gift of a sock, er, diploma, and is now free from the servitude of school. Run free, Megan!

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call me bobNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Just call me Jenn

All kids who’ve been saddled with an overly “unique” name will immediately understand these kinds of yearbook quotes—ones they probably have to say over and over again every school year.

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life is toughNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Life is tough. But you’re toughter. Thougher. Tuffer?

One boy attributed his misspelled yearbook quote to John Wayne but we’re guessing this ironic statement was all his. It seems someone slept through English class!

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we aren't relatedNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Wait, does Mother Hubbard know about this?

Three classmates, all with the last name of Hubbard, used their yearbook quotes to put the question about their name to rest once and for all. Clearly, they were tired of being asked if they were siblings or cousins! For more family humor check out these 18 stories that show just how funny parenting really is.

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chewbaccaNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Han Solo would like a word

Diane C. loves Chewbacca so much that she learned Shyriiwook, his simple yet beautiful language, and used it to say… well, we don’t know what… in her yearbook.

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fartNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Nothing like a juicy fart to bring people together

Tyler B. shared her love of both humor and toxic gas in a yearbook quote that will have her friends rethinking all their interactions, especially that New Year’s Eve party last year.

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brandonNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

But does Brandon like everyone else?

Everyone says this about Brandon, at least according to Brandon. Brandon has very good self-esteem. Like this? You’ll also want to check out the 75 funniest quotes of all time.

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best friendsNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Best friends or best enemies?

Thanks to their last names, friends Steven E. and Kristian F. knew their pictures would appear side by side and decided to take advantage of it in their yearbook quotes!

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everyone has a talentNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Everyone has a talent

The whole cake? The whole pan of lasagna? We’ll never know exactly what Charlie M. ate, but clearly, it was epic enough that he wanted to memorialize it in his yearbook. Check out these 10 product reviews that will have you cry-laughing.

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appreciate that smooth skinNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Appreciate that smooth skin and full hair while you have it

More than one person chose to use this quote to prove to their future kids that they were smokin’ hot when they were younger. Flaunt it while ya got it? For more teenage giggles, check out these funny-awkward first kiss stories.

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dream bigNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Dream big, kids

There’s nothing worse than letting perfectly good pizza go to waste, as shown in Madi G.’s favorite quote. Unlike Charlie M., she can believe she ate the whole thing!

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one way to do itNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

That’s one way to do it

Nobody wants to see their classmate and friend end up on the mean streets so thank heavens Justin D. saw the genius of sidewalks and wasn’t afraid to use them.

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I'm just meanNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Well, if you insist

It must be hard being mistaken for the funniest kid in school when you’re really just trying to insult people—at least it was for Alixandra G. Does this mean we can’t laugh at this? Check out our favorite funny political quotes (and insults).

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grammar and spellingNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Minus 10 points for grammar and spelling

But plus ten points for creativity! One boy decided to make his classmates laugh and his teachers cry with one of the more un-academic yearbook quotes.

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strengths and weaknessesNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is half the battle

Michael W. really just wanted to remind people to be their very best, or someone else’s very best. May we suggest Batman? Hey, it’s good to have goals! Check out these 41 ridiculous things people actually believed as kids.

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why are you in the yearbookNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Then why are you in the yearbook?

Ever wonder what would happen if you just showed up at another school on their picture day? Apparently, you get in the yearbook too! At least it worked out that way for Danny B. Or maybe he’s a spy in training.

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every man diesNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

Don’t you technically have to live before you can die?

We think what Wendy G. meant in her quote was that not every person truly lives their life to the fullest…but it kinda sounds like she just doesn’t understand how the circle of life works.

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how did this one make itNicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock

How did this one make it past the editors?

And Sebastian M. shows why he was nominated as “Least Likely To Get A Date.” Cleanse your mental palate with these 40 photos you won’t be able to stop laughing at.

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