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15 Funny Animal Memes You Can’t Help But Laugh At

These funny animal memes will have you laughing till you cry.

Funny animal memesGetty Images,

Funny animal memes

We’ve probably all been in these awkward situations before. The best way to move on from it is to laugh about it. How many of these funny animal memes can you relate to? Don’t be embarrassed! For more animal-related laughs, check out these hilarious dog memes.

Steer clearGetty Images,

Steer clear

Stay as far away from others as you can—especially if you know them and they might want to start a conversation.

Makeup guruGetty Images,

Makeup guru

Maybe I didn’t blend the highlighter in enough. If these funny animal memes are making you crack up, just wait until you see these working-from-home memes that everyone can relate to right now.

Still hungryGetty Images,

Still hungry

More for me!

OversleptGetty Images,


Whoops, did I miss dinner? If these funny animal memes don’t have enough cats for you, take a look at these cat memes that cat lovers will get a kick out of.

Love is nearGetty Images,

Love is near

Do you like what you see?

Under the waterGetty Images,

Under the water

Oh my god! Get me out of here! These funny mom quotes will have you cry-laughing.

Can't be trappedGetty Images,

Can’t be trapped

Must. Get. Cheese.

Drama alertGetty Images,

Drama alert

Turn off notifications and put your phone away. These funny animal memes are just getting better and better. You’ll also want to scroll through these funny photos that will crack you up.

Traffic jamGetty Images,

Traffic jam

Hey! This traffic sucks, huh?

Meal timeGetty Images,

Meal time

It’s OK, everyone makes this mistake. Check out these jokes the Internet made about murder hornets.

Posture!Getty Images,


What? This is more comfortable.

Alpaca caterpillarGetty Images,

Alpaca caterpillar

A fluffy one, too! Here are some bird puns that will quack you up.

A+ studentGetty Images,

A+ student

You can call me a teacher’s pet, I don’t mind.

Pizza's hereGetty Images,

Pizza’s here

Give me that cheesy goodness!

What did you say?Getty Images,

What did you say?

Just smile and nod. Now that you’ve gotten your fix of funny animal memes, check out these Pokémon puns that will a-mew-s any trainer.

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