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40 Funny Animal Memes You Can’t Help But Laugh At

These funny animal memes will have you laughing till you cry.

Funny animal memesGetty Images,

Funny animal memes

We’ve probably all been in these awkward situations before. The best way to move on from it is to laugh about it. How many of these funny animal memes can you relate to? Don’t be embarrassed! For more animal-related laughs, check out these hilarious animal jokes.

Steer clearGetty Images,

Steer clear

Stay as far away from others as you can—especially if you know them and they might want to start a conversation. Don’t miss all our best cat memes that will make you laugh every time.

Makeup guruGetty Images,

Makeup guru

Maybe I didn’t blend the highlighter in enough. If these funny animal memes are making you crack up, just wait until you hear these animal puns.

Still hungryGetty Images,

Still hungry

More for me! Laugh some more with these food jokes that everyone who eats will find funny.

OversleptGetty Images,


Whoops, did I miss dinner? If you want to chuckle at some more memes, check out our roundup of the best memes of the year (so far).

Love is nearGetty Images,

Love is near

Do you like what you see? Make your significant other laugh with these love jokes.

Under the waterGetty Images,

Under the water

Oh my god! Get me out of here! These funny mom quotes will have you cry-laughing.

Can't be trappedGetty Images,

Can’t be trapped

Must. Get. Cheese. Start sculpting those abs with these hilarious weight loss jokes.

Drama alertGetty Images,

Drama alert

Turn off notifications and put your phone away. These funny animal memes are just getting better and better. You’ll also want to scroll through these funny photos that will crack you up.

Traffic jamGetty Images,

Traffic jam

Hey! This traffic sucks, huh? Don’t miss the 20 funniest animal stories of 2020.

Meal timeGetty Images,

Meal time

It’s OK, everyone makes this mistake. Check out these pictures of the cutest animals in the world.
Posture!Getty Images,


What? This is more comfortable. Don’t forget to bookmark these adorable baby animal pictures!

Alpaca caterpillarGetty Images,

Alpaca caterpillar

A fluffy one, too! Here are some bird puns that will quack you up.

A+ studentGetty Images,

A+ student

You can call me a teacher’s pet, I don’t mind. By the way—these funny goat pictures are perfect for kidding around!

Pizza's hereGetty Images,

Pizza’s here

Give me that cheesy goodness! Check out the funniest pizza puns you knead-to-know.

Image of Koala. Meme text: When someone explained something to you seven times but you still don't understand so you pretend to know what's going, Getty Images

What did you say?

Just smile and nod. Don’t forget to browse these hilarious relatable tweets.

Dog tearing up pillows. Meme text: There was a spider…, Getty Images

An appropriate reaction

Don’t worry. It’s gone now! Check out more funny dog memes that will make you crack up.

Sad dog. Meme text: I’m sorry for anything I said when I was, Getty Images

Feeling hangry

I just wasn’t feeling like myself. Please don’t hold me responsible.

Cats in a suitcase. Meme text: Only pack the essentials when going on, Getty Images

May be able to squeeze in a toothbrush.

TSA is really cracking down on those weight limits. Make traveling more fun with these hilarious travel jokes.

Polar bear in snow. Meme text: I’m just so tired. I can’t bear, Getty Images

Please bear with me

Mondays, am I right?

Hippo rising out of water. Meme text: When you’re home alone in the shower and you hear a, Getty Images

Don’t make any sudden movements

Can I use my half-empty shampoo bottle as a weapon? After you giggle at these animal memes,  check out these bad jokes that you can’t help but laugh at.

Dog with fluffy hair in stroller. Meme text: Me after a, Getty Images

New do!

Fresh out of the salon. For even more laughs, don’t miss these funny friend memes you’ll want to send to your BFF ASAP.

Goats gathering close. Meme text: When the girls pose for a group, Getty Images

Girl’s night out!

Is this good enough for Instagram? Browse these goat puns for more laughs!

Mouse lifting weight. Meme text: What I look like at the, Getty Images

Do you even lift?

Thinking about cheese…and these cute farm animals.

Horse with flowing hair. Meme text: Maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s, Getty Images

Easy, breezy, beautiful

It’s all about the conditioner. Continue horsing around with these 30 funny horse puns.

Chipmunk eating nuts. Meme text: Getting in shape… yes, round is a, Getty Images

A balanced diet… half in each hand

They didn’t say what shape. Make your friends laugh with these short jokes anyone can remember.

Lion sleeping. Meme text: Just lion, Getty Images

“What are you doing?”

My exact position every Saturday. Don’t miss these depression memes that just might make you feel a little better.

Terrified cat. Meme text: What do you mean we’re getting a dog?, Getty Images

New friends!

It will be so much fun!

Racoon. Meme text: Listen, we need to talk about your, Getty Images

Salmon, again?

Why is there never any leftover dessert? Read these wild stories of animals who ran for political office.

Alpaca peeking its head up. Meme text: Every kid in class when you pull out a pack of, Getty Images

Most popular kid in school

What did you ever do for me?

Seal basking in sun. Meme text: When you step on the porch after not leaving the house for, Getty Images

The sun burns

I forgot what it feels like to go outside. Don’t miss these classic dad jokes that will certainly make you roll your eyes.

Walrus covering eyes. Meme text: When you have three Zoom calls, Getty Images

Not again!

Please Karen, just send an email.

Beavers on a log. Meme text: The boys at the bar watching the, Getty Images

Another drink, please

When was the last time they blinked? Try one of these sports jokes to get everyone laughing while watching the next game.

Frog leaping. Meme text: Me stepping into the, Getty Images


We’re all familiar with that little leap.

Hippo rising out of water to scream. Meme text: When you step on a, Getty Images

A familiar pain

My worst nightmare consists of Legos all over the floor and having to get to the ringing telephone across the room on time.

Cat sitting on laptop keys. Meme text: Mind if I sit here?, Getty Images

Allow me to interrupt your Zoom call

I see Jeff sent you an email. See more working-from-home memes that are hilariously relatable right now.

One cat putting its arm around another cat. Meme text: You’re not fat. You’re, Getty Images

Don’t listen to them!

They’re just insecure.

Squirrel chomping on nut. Meme text: When the waiter asks how you like the, Getty Images

Bad timing

*Tries to swallow as fast as possible without choking. Check out these classic one-liners that will never fail at making someone laugh.

Two horses smiling for camera. Meme text: You and your BFF taking a, Getty Images

Do it for the ‘gram!

You’re on my good side.

Donkey peeking out of stall. Meme text: Peeking as your coworker over the, Getty Images

I’m bored

What are you doing for lunch today? Make sure to send your coworker some of these hysterical office jokes.

Monkey on a phone. Meme text: Me when I tell myself I’ll go to sleep, Getty Images

Just five more minutes on Twitter

I wonder what my cousin’s best friend’s neighbor’s boyfriend is up to these days. Now that you’ve gotten your fix of funny animal memes, check out these Pokémon puns that will a-mew-s any trainer.

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