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Funny Celebrity Lookalikes…in Pancakes

Artist Katherine Kalnes serves up whimsical portraits of famous faces using pancake batter, frosting, and a steady hand.

Justin Bieber

Kalnes captures the teen heartthrob perfectly—sweeping bangs, baseball cap, and even a little bit of attitude.

Kelly Ripa

The morning show host would probably love the idea of dishing over breakfast over her lookalike breakfast dish.

Rosie O’Donnell

Now the busy actress and TV host can truly say she’s got a lot on her plate right now.

Ryan Gosling

The A-list actor goes from stud muffin to stud pancake—because,
really, who can resist those baby blue (frosting) eyes?


Does that mean the star of Jersey Shore would give birth to a short stack of silver dollar pancakes?

Stephen Colbert

Here’s the red, white, and blue: The host of The Colbert Report is even patriotic as
a pancake.

Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson

Team Jacob or Team Edward, Kalnes gives equal
treatment—and the same brooding stares—to the Twilight

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