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15 Hilarious Church Signs That Are Sinfully Funny

Houses of worship? Funnier than you thought.

Submitted by Sarah Brannon

It’s working

The folks at McDonaldville St. Paul church wish you’d cool it with the prayers for snow. These are our 12 favorite warning signs of all time.

Submitted by Nathan and Heather Woods

Thank God!

Whoever makes the signs for Benton Heights Presbyterian Church has been a little bit bored lately.

Submitted by Stephen Barnett

You win this round, Nature

We’re guessing this sign at the First United Methodist Church will be up until spring. Grammar nerds will love these signs that don’t understand how to “use” quotation marks.

Submitted by Jim Brothers

High logic

You can’t argue with this real talk from Palm Heights Baptist Church.

Submitted by Sherm Nichols

I’m sick of your glossy ways

Everyone’s welcome at Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church. Don’t miss the 11 best restaurant sign fails.

Submitted by Dean Hall

The #2 congregation in town

The Faith Community Church could probably find a better location for its advertisements.

Submitted by Sherri R. Vance

Crihst be whit you

The Meadow Land Baptist Church learned there’s no spell check for signs.

Submitted by Roger Patterson

We’re a little concerned about your addiction to church

Some missing letters are better than others, as the First Congregational Methodist Church learned with this blooper. These 11 sassy signs pack a ton of ‘tude.

Submitted by Dawn Schoep

When the shepherd’s away…

Just wait until the pastor at Cape Coral Community Church gets back.

RD magazine

Divine punishment?

The parking lot at Clifton Baptist Church is fairly exclusive.

RD magazine

It’s the 11th Commandment

This one’s even more important than commandments one through ten. These 18 hilarious road signs are worth slowing down for.

Submitted by Don Denlinger

Friday and Saturday, you’re on your own

The counselors at The Healing Center work strict hours.

Submitted by Laura Perneski

2nd amendment, or new commandment?

The folks at The Christian Church know that extraciricular activities are what makes life great.

Submitted by Erin Darling

You can’t complain in the grave

Leave it to the Lancaster Assembly of God to tell it like it is. See 15 more funny signs from around the world.

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