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12 Hilariously Bad Job Postings That Actually Ran

These actual classified ads are proof that some companies just aren't worth working for.

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Must be gifted beyond your years

“Waitress wanted. Must be 18 years old with 20 years’ experience.” —   This place may also want to hire someone to check their math. Check out some more hilariously bad spelling mistakes that somehow made it past editors.

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Must not mind having people under you

“Now hiring: cemetery superintendent. The ideal candidate must be able to supervise in a fast-paced environment.” —submitted by A.S.  Uh-oh…maybe this recruiter has been watching a little too much The Walking Dead.

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Must go with the flow

 “Wanted, SCUBA diving instructor: no experience necessary.” —Twitter   Those who can’t do truly do teach, as far as one of these particular help wanted ads is concerned.

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Msut love grammar

“EDITORS WATNED.” —Submitted by Vivian LeHoullier, Alexander, Arkansas  Looks like editors are needed for these help wanted ads, too! Here are some hilarious newspaper typos you won’t believe were printed.

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Must not ask questions

“Recruitment co-ordinator: You will assist in the day to day ruining of the team.” —Twitter   Ruining the team, huh? This sounds like one of the worst bosses you could ever work for in the making.

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Must be driven (to rage)

“Cab drivers wanted. Must have good driving & criminal record.” —   We know what they meant, of course, but this specific wording might still attract some lawless individuals. Check out these hilarious stories of the dumbest criminals of all time.

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Must show hunger for results

“Job offer: To cook people with or without experience.”  —Submitted by J. M.   This is one of those help wanted ads that might attract some…unsavory characters.

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Must not be too shellfish

“Piano player wanted. Must have knowledge of opening clams.”  —   Well, that’s a very…specific pair of talents. Check out these other bizarre jobs you had no idea you could apply for.

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Must be willing to sabotage

“Wanted: A counseling psychologist to coordinate mental health prevention initiatives.” —Submitted by Alice Williams, Berrien Center, Michigan   Sure you don’t mean mental illness prevention? Or mental health promotion?  Well, if you’re sure…

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Must change own diapers

“Our Lady of Fatima preschool is in need of a PT 2-yr.old teacher.” —Submitted by Patricia Simpson, Winston, Montana   Talk about starting them young! Here are some hilarious mistakes young kids have made.

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Must be willing to turn a blind eye

“Wanted, ‘Insurance commercial executive: Strong comunnication skilss.”  —Twitter    For every terrible job posting, there’s a terrible job applicant. Check out these hilarious dumb mistakes from real job candidates.

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Must commute to Grayskull

“Now hiring cashier. Cannot look like Skeletor from He-Man.” —   Hmmm, might you be speaking from experience? If you those these help wanted ads were funny, check out these crazy excuses people actually used to get out of work.

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