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70 Funny Dog Pictures You Need to See

We asked readers to send in their favorite animal photos. We were so entertained, we couldn't help but share.

Goldendoodle Bath Time
Alixzandria Lloyd/Getty Images

Here at Reader’s Digest, we can never get enough dog pictures—and we can never get enough funny dog pictures in particular! We love big dogs, we love apartment dogs, we love meeting new dogs when we travel (and finding out that they bark differently in different languages!) From dogs making funny faces to pooch partners in crime, there’s not a dog photo out there that we wouldn’t want to see. Below, we’ve included some of the most paw-some dog photos we collected as part of our Pet Pals contest. This is the ulti-mutt collection of funny dog photos.

White puppy resting on a slipper
Courtesy Erin Villella

This slipper pup

Erin Villella, Peachtree City, Georgia

The only thing more adorable than a sleepy puppy is a sleepy puppy that falls asleep in a plush slipper. Take a look at these funny photos that will have you laughing out loud.

two dogs walk in the grass holding onto one stick
Courtesy Jennifer Pustejovsky

These dogs have learned to share

These two cuties know that teamwork makes the dreamwork. Two dogs = much bigger stick! They’re definitely funny dogs, but they might also be two of the world’s smartest dog breeds.

Bulldog trying to get through a cat door
Alaska Photography/Getty Images

This dog that wants to be a cat

Don’t think you’re going to fit through there, buddy. These 50 more adorable animal photos will make you say “aww.”

Best Dog Ever
Robbie Augspurger/Getty Images

This pup that knows how to relax

Now all she needs is a cold glass of lemonade. Take a look at these puppies that look like teddy bears.

two dogs sleeping on the couch; one dog's head is resting on the other dog's butt
Coutesy Gary Flora Sr.

This dog takes his naps where he can get them

Listen, sometimes you’re just tired enough to fall asleep wherever, and get immortalized in a funny dog picture. Of course, he’d be more comfortable if he had one of the best dog beds.

Little dog running through tulip field
Courtesy Tish Day

This small dog on a big mission

Tish Day, Mossyrock, Washington

Running through a field of flowers is serious business. This little guy knows it and has his master’s in how to be a funny dog. The funny dog videos are the break you need right now.

A tattooed woman hugging her cute puppy. Happy moment between pe
Cavan Images/Getty Images

This dog that doesn’t like human contact

This hug is too tight for comfort! You won’t be able to stop laughing at these funny photos of dogs “working from home.”

two dogs cuddled together. one dog is yawning.
Courtesy Alicia Thornton

This dog likes to monologue

Am I boring you? Sorry, I’m not one of those funny dogs. If you’re losing your paw-dience, you can always try tickling your dog.

Dog running in a field
Brighton Dog Photography/Getty Images

This grass-loving good boy

Gotta get that scratch. Getting a new pup? These are the perfect funny dog names.

Dog looking guilty
Christina Reichl Photography/Getty Images

This dog that isn’t guilty at all

I’m not sure who ripped up all of the toilet paper. These lazy dog breeds are expert nappers.

two dogs looking directly at the camera
Courtesy Cheryl Heinz

These dogs who are playing hooky

Monday is canceled. Also Tuesday. And possibly Wednesday… This is what your dog’s sleeping position says about them.

Dog sitting in convertible with sunglasses
Courtesy Sandi Fritchley

This cool convertible girl

Sandi Fritchley, Loudon, Tennessee

What’s more important than wearing your seatbelt? Wearing your protective (and super stylish!) eyewear. These 17 photos of baby animals will make your day.

Close-Up Of Funny Dog
Silvia Vellozo/EyeEm/Getty Images

This happy puppy

He is all smiles. See if you can guess the dog breed based on its puppy picture.

an older dog with a younger dog on his back; sitting in the grass
Courtesy Sue Augustus

The retriever taxi service

This is one of the best dog photos! Can I have a piggyback ride, sis? These cuties are among the best dog breeds for kids.

Dog play
Chris Winsor/Getty Images

This sports fan

The crazy ears help her win the toy back. This is what happens to your dog when you say “I love you.”

a dog wearing a cone with two other dogs sticking their noses in his face
Courtesy Lisa Perry

This cone-head

Pooches give smooches! That’s sure to make anyone feel better after surgery. These adorable corgi pictures will make you want one.

A jumping Pug at the beach
Brighton Dog Photography/Getty Images

This beachgoer

There’s nothing like chasing a basketball through the shallow waters of the ocean and posing for a great dog photo on the way.

A cocker spaniel dog shaking off water
Busybee-CR/Getty Images

This cleaned up dog

Quick! Don’t just take dog pictures! Get the towels! If you’re loving these pictures, you’ll get a kick out of these dog puns.

two small dogs sitting on the couch dressed to go out in cold weather with neck warmers and hats with pom poms on top
Courtesy Cindy Johnson

These matching outfits

Our mom says we look cool! Dog photos don’t lie. Small (and stylish) dogs benefit from wearing one of the best dog harnesses.

Dog carrying bottle of alcohol
Courtesy Don Albright

This troublemaker

Don Albright, Clayton, Washington

Who doesn’t want to play fetch with a bottle of whiskey every once in a while!

Pug lounging poolside with sunglasses
Whitney Tuttle/Getty Images

This sun-tanned pug

Oh, pool boy! Bring me some more sunscreen for my fair skin. It’s not easy being a funny dog. Can’t get enough pugs? These precious pug pictures will definitely make you smile.

one dog looking at the camera while sitting on another dog
Courtesy Roseann Schramm

This only child

Looks like a fluffy pillow, you say? Nope, haven’t seen him anywhere. Do you have a dog photo you could show me? These adorable dogs look exactly like mops.

black and white dog running down a dirt road with a tennis ball in his mouth
T H.G/Getty Images

This Olympic runner

If you throw a ball for this pup, you better be prepared to move out of the way when he comes running back. It’ll be a dog photo finish! If these are making you laugh, you’ll love these dog jokes for kids you’ll want to share with them ASAP.

Yellow lab with a cowboy hat
Courtey Madison Montanari

This real smooth cowboy

Madison Montanari, Dallas, Texas

Funny dog pictures can still mean business. Don’t mess with Texas—or with this friendly Lab’s adorable cowboy hat. These funny dog cartoons will make every owner chuckle.

two dogs trying to hold on to the same ball
Courtesy Lisa Milligan

These funny dog competitors

I had it first! No, it’s mine!

Portrait Of Man And Woman With Dog In Car
Steph Kemp/EyeEm/Getty Images

This lover

Everyone loves a big, smelly, sloppy, wet kiss from their very, very funny dog. Ha ha.

dog standing on two legs with his front paws up in the air
Courtesy Jacqueline Giacalone

This stand-up pooch

Stop, in the name of treats! This pupper must be copying one of the bravest dogs in history.

Dog owner holds his dog tired by heat
Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/Getty Images

This sky-high doggy

I can see the moon from up here! Normally, I’m so low to the ground!

Dog playing fetch in the snow
Courtesy Katlin Kenney

This retrieving retriever

Kaitlin Kenney, Crownsville, Maryland

All that matters is that you catch the ball. Taking a great dog picture along the way is just a bonus. Check out these photos of baby sloths.

Tween Girl Blowing Bubbles with Labradoodle Puppy in Backyard
Mint Images/Getty Images

This outdoor pooch

Bubbles! Dogs can never get enough. And humans can never get enough funny dogs! It’s great when goals align. Don’t miss these dogs that look like bears you’ll want to just hug and squeeze.

back view of two dogs sitting on the couch and looking out the window intently
Courtesy Beverley Byer

These dog-watchers

Wait, is that the spaniel from down the street? These are the most popular dog names for the most popular breeds.

Cocker spaniel puppy
retales botijero/Getty Images

This chilly guy

Must paw-tect the ears from the wind. Don’t care if I look like a funny dog. For even more hilarious puppy pics, check out these funny dog memes.

Mom and son in car with yawning puppy
Courtesy Andrea Narciso

This terrified passenger

Andrea Narciso, Chico, California

We’ve all experienced some ruff moments on the road, right? You’ll instantly love these adorably funny photos of cats and dogs.

Close-Up Of english bulldog sleeping on sofa
Carol Yepes/Getty Images

This dog that wants nothing to do with humans

I came in here to be alone, not for you to follow me and try to give me hugs and kisses.

small dog sleeping on the couch among pillows in a seemingly-uncomfortable position
Courtesy Jenyfra Nelson

This unusual sleeper

Snooze, sweet snooze… Have you ever wondered what dogs dream about?

Dog with medical mask
F.J. Jimenez/Getty Images

This socially distancing dog

Mask up for safety! Don’t forget it should be over your mouth and nose.

Dog looking out the window
Courtesy Virgil Swanson

This funny dog who’s along for the ride

Virgil Swanson, Greenfield, Iowa

The best way to spend a beautiful day: windows down with the wind in your long floppy ears.

small dog peeking out from between the blankets
Courtesy Terrie Humiston

This occupied doggo

Yes, hello? This blanket says do not disturb. We hope she brushed her teeth before she went to bed!

Long haired dachshund with static electricity
Matthew Wilder Photography/Getty Images

This electric pup

What’s wrong with my hair?! If you want to see the opposite, check out these adorable hairless dog breeds.

small dog sitting in a suitcase
Courtesy Judi Cusumano

This world traveler

So, where are we going? Every dog-owner can appreciate these dog quotes.

Close-Up Of Dog With Bread On Porch
John Locke/EyeEm/Getty Images

This bread lover

If I cover my face with this slice of bread, the humans will never know that I’m the one who stole it off the counter.

Cocker Spaniel on a boat
Courtesy Karen Figel

This beach bum

Karen Figel, Butler, Pennsylvania

A day on the lake is pure bliss for this funny dog. Now check out the 40 hilarious baby photos that will make you LOL.

Traveling Boy and his Dog
RichVintage/Getty Images

This scooter dude

Catching wind! Good thing I have these goggles.

two dogs sleeping back to back on the rug
Courtesy Bruce Danielson

These dueling sleepers

Right, on the count of three, we take seven paces… whoever falls asleep first wins! Do you know how many dog breeds there are in the world?

Dog posing on bedspread
Courtesy Anna Melys

This unimpressed Chihuahua

Anna Melys, Piland, Ohio

Funny dog pictures are all about facial expressions, like with this tiny pup who looks surprised, yet composed.

Dog playing in the garden
Courtesy Julianna Blankenship

This guilty-looking dog

Julianna Blankenship, Troy, Minnesota 

This guilty-looking dog was caught red-handed in the garden, but even funny dogs can get away with it. These are the things your dog wishes you knew.

Dog napping on the couch
Courtesy Elizabeth DiPalma

This tired doggo

Elizabeth DiPalma, Dallas, Texas

It’s not always fun and games—even dogs need their rest.

a dog sits in the driver's seat of a school bus
Courtesy Emily Pharez

This bus driver

Does everyone have their pawmission slips? Check out these dogs that look like a fox.

Dog sitting in the grass outside
Courtesy Will Cedotal

This sunbathing pup

Will Cedotal, Flora, Mississippi

This cute dog loves soaking up the sunshine.

Four cute dogs standing on stones
Courtesy Glenn Eberle

This group of doggie best friends

Glenn Eberle, Chester, New Jersey

You can only join this crew if you like fetch, parks, and treats. Oh, and they only wear their pink collars on Wednesday. These vintage photos of dogs prove that they have always been a human’s best friend.

Pomeranian posing with orange ball
Courtesy Elizabeth Brammer

This bright-eyed dog

Elizabeth Brammer, Hutchinson, Kansas

“Is it time to play yet?”

a small dog sits on a small chair at a small table with a laptop and other school supplies for a day of remote learning
Courtesy Bill Quesenberry

This diligent student

Distance learning sure is tiring. These products can do wonders to help your dog’s anxiety.

Dog in red sweater
Courtesy Connie Howlett

This winter-ready pup

Connie Howlett, Park Hills, Missouri  

Although this funny dog might not be a huge fan of the turtleneck, at least he is warm, cozy, and looking festive. If your dog is acting a little strange, this could be why.

Dog cuddling stuffed rabbit
Courtesy Patricia Metrick

This sleepy puppy

Patricia Metrick, Scottsdale, Arizona  

This cuddle session looks like pure bliss.

one large wet dog and two small wet dogs wrapped in towels in the bathroom
Courtesy Nina Clayton

These dripping doggos

These puppies have serious bath-time perms! You can’t help but smile at these photos of wet dogs.

Dog dressed in hat
Courtesy Helen Longo

This cute dog who is off to the races

Helen Longo, Panama City, Florida 

A dog wearing a hat will always be hilarious.

Dog resting head on little girl
Courtesy Marianne Kopala

This tired doggo

Marianne Kopala, Toms River, New Jersey 

What could be comfier than a two-year-old’s head? What could be better than funny dog pictures with kids?

Selfie of woman with her dog on a boat
Courtesy Erin Norby

This photogenic pup

Erin Norby, Stillawter, Minnesota 

A regular selfie can be turned into a funny dog picture immediately! You probably never knew these fun facts about your dog.

three dogs forming a pile on one dog bed
Courtesy Bambi Sorg

This pug pile

Have you ever seen a cuter pooch pyramid in your life? These puggos would probably like this donut dog bed (it’s highly rated on Amazon!)

Dog standing on hind legs looking at bubbles
Courtesy Marilyn Henderickson

This bubbly dog

Marilyn Hendrickson, Bothell, Washington

It really is the little things that make us happy! (Like bubbles and funny dog pictures like this.)

Two black and white dogs dressed in Mardi Gras attire
Courtesy Anthony Utzie

These party animals

Anthony Utzie The Villages, Florida 

These dogs are ready for Mardi Gras! These adorable puppy pictures will make you melt.

Tiny dog sitting on a black chair
Courtesy Shelley Strnad

This hairy dog

Shelley Strnad, Oswego, Illinois

Did someone say blow out?

a medium sized dog sleeping in a large planter outside on a brick patio
Courtesy Suzan Allen

This furry flower

Don’t mind me! Definitely not a funny dog picture, just a dog rose. Do you know which breeds of dogs look like wolves?

Black and white dog smiling
Courtesy Denise Collica

This smiling doggo

Denise Collica, Farmingville, New York 

This cutie is probably daydreaming about treats and more funny dog photos.

dog sitting in the open refrigerator
Courtesy Pat Ingham

This hungry pup

Pat Ingham, Richland, Washington 

Someone is hungry! See the 50 cutest dog breeds as puppies.

two puppies sitting together; one has the other's face in his mouth
Courtesy Matt Greene

This pup who’s resigned to his fate

He’s always doing this. I just wish he’d brush his teeth!

Dog in a blue swing
Courtesy David Donaldson

This swinging dog

David Donaldson, Livonia, Michigan

Keep on swinging.

close up on a small dog wrapped in a blanket with his face sticking out
Courtesy Deanna Lashley

This spooky storyteller

But when they got inside the house, the food bowl was empty! This is what dogs really think about.

Two dogs stuck in a barrel
Courtesy Tami Lapthorne'Hastings

These curious dogs

Tami Lapthorne’Hastings, Auburn, Washington 

Double the trouble also means double the fun. And double the funny dog pictures!

Sleepy looing dog sitting in the living room
Courtesy Emily Mann

This sniffing pup

Emily Mann, Sandusky, Ohio

Next, check out these before and after pics of adopted dogs.

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