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30 Funny Father’s Day Gifts You Can Get Delivered

Not sure what to get him this year? You can't go wrong with one of these hilarious Father’s Day gifts that will definitely make him laugh.

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Funny, punny, and perfect

We could all use a laugh right now, but that’s especially true for Dad. After all, he’s always on dad duty—working hard, fixing stuff around the house, and doling out expert advice—and now he’s worrying about you even more than usual since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. That’s why a funny Father’s Day gift is a perfect choice this year, either as a stand-alone gift or paired with one of these more serious Father’s Day gifts every dad would love to get. Not only will it provide some much-needed laughter for the whole family, but he’ll really appreciate the fact that you took the time to figure out just what would make him smile.

From clever T-shirts and silly socks to genius gag gifts that’ll make him do a double-take, the items on this list will make this Father’s Day memorable in a whole different way than usual. No, they’re not quite personalized Father’s Day gifts, but they can come pretty close if you home in on your dad’s sense of humor or that thing you always tease him about. (Hey, what are kids and spouses for?) While you’re waiting for your present to be delivered, read up on the history of Father’s Day and craft a thoughtful Father’s Day card, maybe with one of these funny dad quotes!

Dad Jokes Tee for Father's dayvia

Dad Jokes Tee

It seems like every topic you broach at the dinner table has a dad joke to match. Give your dad credit for his funny jabs with this perfect tee, and he’ll proudly display his skills at home or on the go…to anyone who will listen.

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Shock Pen for Dadvia

Shock Pen

If he’s still a (slightly naughty) kid at heart, he’ll love this grown-up version of the old-school hand buzzer—you know, the one that would lightly zap unsuspecting people who’d shake his hand. This pen delivers its shocking surprise when you push the top, though he can actually write with it by twisting the top instead. Just make sure not to fall for this gag after giving him this gift!

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Favorite Child Stemless Wine Glass giftvia

Favorite Child Stemless Wine Glass

If your dad is a wine guy, this is the stemware for him. Every time he enjoys his favorite vino, he’ll be reminded of exactly who his favorite child is. Make sure to take a picture of him imbibing and send it to your siblings. If you want to splurge, pair it with some actual wine and other accessories for the ultimate Father’s Day gift basket.

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Kid-Proof Boxer Briefs fathers day giftvia

Kid-Proof Boxer Briefs

Dad’s life can be dangerous. Head butts, swinging heels when using a baby carrier, and kids jumping into his bed in the morning are enough to cause him some grief—and some serious pain. FridaBaby’s FridaBalls boxer briefs are designed to shield dads from everyday missteps. Each pair is reinforced with a protective pouch to “soften the blow.” Wicking fabric, a slip-less waistband, and a comfy fit will make these his underwear of choice for years to come. This would be a fantastic (and incredibly useful) first Father’s Day gift.

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Sunday Funday Tee gift for Dadvia

Sunday Funday T-shirt

Let Dad revel in his weekend-warrior status with this graphic T-shirt that you can order just in time for Father’s Day. The cotton jersey material features a football motif on a beer-bottle silhouette. The shirt also sports the motto, “Life is good,” one of his tried-and-true mantras on Sundays.

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Wine Condom for Dadvia

Wine Condom

Although the name will elicit laughs from even the most conservative of dads, the wine condom’s technology is no joke. Invented by a mother/son duo, this gift is an effective solution for storing open bottles of wine without having them lose their taste. The box includes a set of six individually packed wine preservatives that can save his most expensive bottles from going bad.

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3D Bread Pillow for Dadvia

3D Bread Pillow

Does he love comfort and carbs? Give him the gift of lumbar support and a reminder of his favorite thing in life (aside from you) with this mega-sized baguette pillow. It may not be a welcome addition to Mom’s decor, but this funny Father’s Day gift will still make the whole family laugh. For extra brownie points, make him this bread recipe that over 50,000 people a day are viewing.

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Things To Do While You Poo On The Loo: Activity Bookvia

Bathroom Reading Material

Mom always said she wished Dad read more. Gift him this funny tome filled with activities (think Sudoku and word games), fun facts, and totally inappropriate bathroom humor. We’re not sure this is what she had in mind, but he’ll appreciate these 48 packed pages.

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Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokesvia

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

Dad is known for his bad jokes around the house. Add a few more options to his arsenal with this collection of truly terrible but also completely hilarious dad jokes. Bonus: The vintage-inspired cover lets this paperback sit pretty on his desk at work. If he needs to take a break from his usual crop of jokes, these clever jokes will make him sound smart.

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Dwight Throw Pillowvia

Dwight Throw Pillow

If nobody loves The Office more than him, he’ll chuckle at this funny Father’s Day gift. At first glance, it looks like a pillow your mom won’t frown upon, but after a quick slide of your hand, the sequins move to reveal his favorite character from the show being as weird as ever.

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UNICEF Wise Owl Eyeglasses Holdervia

UNICEF Wise Owl Eyeglasses Holder

If he puts a premium on humor and charitable giving, this is the gift for him. UNICEF Market has curated some awesome products, and your purchase can help crisis-hit locations fund essential programs for children. For example, with the proceeds from this quirky owl-shaped wooden eyeglass holder made in Bali, UNICEF can provide 71 sachets of oral rehydration salts, which can help children combat dehydration and diarrhea. If you love this idea, check out these other gifts that give back.

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Burrito Blanketvia

Burrito Blanket

Wrap Dad in love…and a burrito blanket this Father’s Day. The giant flannel invention is made to look like a monster-sized tortilla and comes in four sizes so you can find the perfect fit. It’s also machine washable, so it’s a great choice for low-maintenance dads. If his sleep has been less than ideal lately, you might also want to pick up one of these weighted blankets.

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Memory Mints for Senior Momentsvia

Memory Mints For Senior Moments

Things always seem to be right on the tip of his tongue…and then gone before he can recall them. This funny Father’s Day gift is perfect for those senior moments when all you can do is laugh. Let him open up this vintage tin and take a moment to remember as he pops a mint in his mouth. To improve his memory and more, tell him to check out these 99 brain games guaranteed to boost brainpower.

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I Adulted! Stickers for Grown-Upsvia

I Adulted! Stickers for Grown-Ups

Dad has an uncanny ability to rattle off a laundry list of everything he’s done that day as soon as you set foot in the house. Help him formalize his bragging with this sticker book. It’s an adult version of a kid’s chore chart that will help memorialize his adulting. This also makes a great last-minute Father’s Day gift if you want to add something fun to a more serious present.

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Beer Belly Fanny Packvia

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

You and your siblings know better than to mention your dad’s beer belly unless it’s in pure jest. When it comes to funny Father’s Day gifts, this takes the cake. The useful fanny pack features a hairy gut that will make everyone break out in belly laughs.

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Mini Violinvia

Mini Violin

Nobody enjoys pointing out your complaining more than Dad. Give him this funny Father’s Day gift and he can take it out during your next “woe is me” moment. The tiny violin will certainly get the message across and give you a little perspective.

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Below the Belt Wipesvia

Below the Belt Wipes

Flushable and biodegradable, these fresh wipes are the perfect gift for the dad who spends too much time in the bathroom. Vitamin E, aloe, and a mild cedar scent take care of business while leaving behind a fresh scent. The wipes are also alcohol-free and pH-balanced, and they’re the perfect addition to any gym bag or bathroom.

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Fake Lotto Ticketsvia

Fake Lotto Tickets

Dad has bought lotto tickets religiously since you can remember, but the old guy hasn’t won a single time. Change his luck—if only for a few moments—with this prank set. Have him scratch off these realistic lotto tickets to reveal millions of dollars in prizes. Just make sure to let him down gently when you come clean on the prank.

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Dad Bod Tumblervia

Dad Bod Tumbler

Don’t let anyone fool you—building a “dad bod” takes serious time and effort. Applaud your dad’s hard work with this funny tumbler that will get him one beer closer to his body goals. Although great for both hot and cold beverages, we suspect he will be more likely to use it as he swigs a cold beer. If your dad is looking to get rid of that dad bod, these healthy makeovers of favorite family recipes are the way to go.

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Six-Pack Apronvia

Six-Pack Apron

Your dad has wanted a six-pack since his glory days, and you’ll make all of his dreams come true with this macho-man apron. One size fits all, so you won’t have to worry about guesstimating the fit. He can also throw it in the wash after a grilling session.

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Instant Underpantsvia

Instant Underpants

You never know when Dad will have a wardrobe emergency, but your gift will have him covered. A pair of undies is conveniently compressed into a pellet that expands into full underwear with water—which goes to show that some of the best things really do come in small packages. If your dad finds himself in a real bind, here are the proven skills he needs for any emergency.

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Toilet Fishing Gamevia

Toilet Fishing Game

If fishing is his passion, this funny Father’s Day gift will let him practice the sport without having to leave his throne. Help him relax with a mat that looks like water, toy fish, a rod, and a bowl. The gift also includes a “Do not disturb” sign that will come in handy during his next—uh—fishing expedition.

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Reusable Gas Neutralizersvia

Reusable Gas Neutralizers

If your dad likes to let ’em rip—this is the gift for him. These activated charcoal pads from Subtle Butt can be placed in underpants so that they filter gas odors. Now, thanks to this handy contraption, the whole room doesn’t have to suffer when his stomach is bothering him.

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Dehydrated Watervia

Dehydrated Water

If your dad is always on your case about how you spend your money, push his buttons with this gift. This gag 16-ounce can boasts that all you need to activate the dehydrated water is—you guessed it—water!

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Dog Paw Socksvia

Dog Paw Socks

Is Dad is the biggest dog lover in the family? He can sport paws just like his best friend with these fun socks. Buy him a pair or two to celebrate his special bond with Fido, and then check out these other great gifts for dog lovers.

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Spot Poppervia

Spot Popper

Dad begged you to not pick your face as a teen. This gift will have him ignoring his own advice as he picks irresistible blackheads on this funny Father’s Day gift. The toy squirts out fake pus when you pop one of the “pimples” on the plastic nose. If your dad is into this, you’ll definitely want to check out these grossest toys ever made.

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Man Bun Visorvia

Man Bun Visor

Man buns are in, but maybe Pops isn’t all that fortunate in the hair department. Fear not—this visor will help him achieve the hipster look without having to call attention to his bald spots. It even allows you to pick your style: loose and messy or tight and clean.

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Toilet Timervia

Toilet Timer

Dad is always hogging the toilet for longer than he should. Help him stay on schedule with this funny Father’s Day gift. The toilet timer works like a sand clock, timing the length he is allowed to stay in the bathroom. For a more serious present, these are the tech gifts he’ll really want on the big day.

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Box of Dad Jokesvia

Box of Dad Jokes

You’ve never been a fan of his dad jokes, but you can’t help but miss them when he’s away. Add some fun ones to his arsenal with this box of jokes. At under $20, you can’t go wrong, especially if he enjoys old-school pranks.

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prank packvia

Prank Gift Wrapping

You may have gotten him yet another pair of socks, but this funny box will help spruce things up. This prank pack claims to hold an impossible jigsaw puzzle, but in reality, it holds your gift for him. If he really does love a challenge, check out the 15 hardest puzzles you can get on Amazon.

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