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10 Funny Foreign Signs with Hilariously Bad Translations

These funny signs are proof: Bad translations can have hilarious consequences.

Austin Fathman

Burn the hand carefully

We don’t want any accidents.

Kyle Kachman

Toilet button is on your back side

Be careful when you press it.

Dianne Folsom

Sand beach useful for swimming

What’s the water for?

Rhonda Bowers

Dude no grinding ordinance

Someone’s using their skater-to-English dictionary.┬áDon’t miss these 25 funny international laws you didn’t know were real.

Michael Smolinski

10 min. walk / 7 if run a little

“…and 4 if ride a horse halfway.”

Lidia Li

Attention to the monkeys, please do not feed and play them

Nobody likes being played.

Guy Breshears

Disable toilet

But then we can’t use it! Check out these funny church signs that are sinfully hilarious.

Mary Henry

When you are striding on us, we are groaning under your feet

Grass is people too.

Julius Kwarteng

Eat for the butter grouth

Not sure what the butter grouth is, but, hey, there’s butter on it. Here are 40 more photos guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Ken Pye

The yard is a free fallow land that fit for chatting and having a rest! Welcome to enjoy us!

Mom always said, “The best things in life are fallow.” Next, check out these funny town names from each of the 50 states.

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