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20 Funniest Things Kids Have Said About Nature

Kids really say the darndest things.

4 generations playing in the gardenCourtesy Judy Wroda/Country

Hamburger seeds

After planting our vegetable garden all morning, our daughter and I sat down to a lunch of hamburgers. She ate quietly for a while and then started picking the sesame seeds off her bun. “Mom,” she asked seriously, “if we plant these seeds, will they grow hamburgers?” —Judy Wroda

son on swing at parkCourtesy Christa Phillips/Country

Bad vegetable warning

Our two young children were swinging and teeter-tottering on the playground near our farm when a small whirlwind blew up. “We’d better get home,” our son told his sister. “I think there’s a tomato coming.” —Christa Phillips. Check out these hilarious things people actually believed as kids.

grandaughter watering flower potCourtesy Debbie Huey/Country

Mouths for water

My granddaughter was underfoot in the kitchen, so her mother sent her outside to “give the flowers a drink.” Away she went, only to return in a minute. “I thought you were going to give the flowers a drink,” she reminded her. With a shrug she replied, “I couldn’t find their mouths.” —Debbie Huey

son with butterflyCourtesy Renee Przelski/Country

Raccoon to butterfly

My son came home from kindergarten one day with some exciting news to tell me. “We learned something really amazing today,” he gasped. “Before a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, he has to spin himself into a raccoon.” —Renee Przelski

daughter holding frogCourtesy Dara Fishman/Country

No more ice

After a spring thaw, my 3-year-old granddaughter insisted we go for a walk. When we got to the pond, she pointed and said excitedly, “Look grandma—the water’s back!” —Dara Fishman. These are the cutest mistakes that kids have made.

little boys loooking at bayCourtesy Sally Lane/Country

Hiccup waves

Amazed by the waves rolling in and out, our little son called from the beach, “The ocean has hiccups!” —Sally Lane

grandson playing in dirt with gardening glovesCourtesy Becky Farrell/Country

Planting weeds

I asked my 5-year-old son for help weeding. When he asked why we needed to pull weeds, I responded, “Because I don’t like them in the yard.” To which he sensibly replied, “Then why did you plant them?” —Becky Farrell

kids pressed up to window screenCourtesy Gini Waltz/Country

Smiling birds

My husband, an avid photographer, asked us to be quiet while he attempted to get the perfect picture of birds feeding outside our window. After a couple minutes of silence, our 4-year-old daughter whispered in his ear, “Daddy, I don’t think they’re going to smile for you.” —Gini Waltz

father son holding hands in fieldCourtesy Hilary Kollasch/Country

Potting soil overload

My 7-year-old great-granddaughter was visiting me from her home in a big city. As we drove through the countryside, we passed a newly plowed field. “My goodness,” she exclaimed, “that’s a lot of potting soil!” —Hilary Kollasch. All moms and dads can relate to these hilarious lies that parents tell their kids.

oldest son on fishing tripCourtesy Cassandra King/Country

Talkative bass

On our first camping trip, our grandson ran into our cabin. “Grandma, Grandpa,” he shouted. “I just saw a big fish in the lake!” When we asked him what kind it was, he quickly replied, “It looked like a loud-mouthed bass!” —Cassandra King

little girl with cowCourtesy Joey Icenhour/Country

Stay on the ground, cows

While our 4-year-old granddaughter was visiting our farm from town, we took her down to the barnyard to see the cows. In a commanding voice, she ordered, “OK cows, no jumping over the moon!” —Joey Icenhour

little girl in sunflower fieldCourtesy Sarah Waymon/Country

Deeper, not taller

One sunny day, while planting sunflowers with our 6-year-old son, I started debating where to position them. Since they grow so tall, I was afraid they might cover up the antique tools displayed on one side of the barn. When I said we may have to choose a different location, he suggested, “Just plant them deeper, Mom!” —Sarah Waymon

little boy plant Courtesy Kari Thompson/Country

No weeds at the garden

I was shopping for bedding plants at our local garden center with my 4-year-old grandson. After about an hour of looking at flowers, he took my hand and said, “Grandma, can we go somewhere else? This place doesn’t even have dandelions.” —Kari Thomson

little boy with kowCourtesy Casey Hoheisel/Country

Cow eggs

We were all catching our breath during calving season when our son came up with a better way of handling things. “Wouldn’t it be a lot easier,” he wondered, “if cows just laid eggs?” —Casey Hoheisel. Check out these funny test answers from kids who didn’t have a clue.

little boy in overalls on dirt roadCourtesy Shelene Codner/Country

Big sky at Grandpa’s

Our home is in a wooded area, completely surrounded by trees. So when our young son saw his grandpa’s acres of open field, his eyes grew wide. “Grandpa sure has a big sky!” he marveled. —Shelene Codner

Sunset Silhouette evening bike rideCourtesy Liz Watkins/Country

Landing sun

Having spent all his four years on an Air Force base, our grandson was accustomed to planes taking off and returning. Since rural life was new to him, he loved his first visit with his granddad and me. We were all enjoying a gorgeous sunset when I pointed out, “The sun is sinking.” He politely corrected me, “No Grandma, it’s landing.” —Liz Watkins

family in grand canyon selfieCourtesy Sharon Worlund/Country

All natural color

On our first trip to Arizona, we took a sightseeing tour accompanied by our 9-year-old nephew who lives there. After we oohed and aahed through miles of wildflowers and mountains, he informed us quite seriously, “Now this is not spray painted. This is all natural.” —Sharon Worlund

son in wheelbarrowCourtesy Nichole Haapala/Country

Dinner garden

During a summer visit to my house, my 3-year-old nephew went with me to the garden. As we passed by rows of flowers, I asked, “Does your mommy (an avid vegetable grower) have flowers in her garden, too?” He thought for a moment and replied, “No, all she grows is dinner.” —Nichole Haapala

niece watering flowers gardenCourtesy Jessica Sulfridge/Country

Macaroni plants

My granddaughter was helping her mother decide what they should plant in their new garden. “Mommy,” she said very seriously, “I want to plant some macaroni and cheese.” —Jessica Sulfridge

little boy in overalls with apples and haystackCourtesy Emily Sommers/Country

Rotten with cinnamon

Our family was picking apples one day when our son picked up a half-rotten one from the ground. “Look, Mom,” he said, “This one already has cinnamon on it!” —Emily Sommers. Even kids that can’t talk yet can be funny too—here are the most hilarious pictures of babies.

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