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The (Funny) Last Words of 13 Notable People—Revealed

"Did you hear the one about the guy who died mid-sen—"

bob hopeANL/REX/Shutterstock

Bob Hope, 2003

We wonder what his ghost thinks of his grave.

marie AntoinetteUniversal History Archive/Universal Images Group/Shutterstock

Marie Antoinette, 1793

If she was polite to the person who was about to kill her, you can be polite to the person who bumped into you on the bus. Check out more brilliant quotes from history’s most impressive women.

oscar wildeHistoria/Shutterstock

Oscar Wilde, 1900

The world just couldn’t handle that amount of wit.


Archimedes, 212BC

Not the circles! Take the squares, but anything but the circles!

Check out these hilarious jokes that notable comedy writers have called their favorites.

peter the greatUniversal History Archive/Universal Images Group/Shutterstock

Peter the Great, 1725

Peter the Great: Tzar of the Russian Empire, instigator of long-lasting social and political reforms, and composer of history’s greatest cliffhanger

Ian flemingHistoria/Shutterstock

Ian Fleming, 1964

It’s always a good idea to make small talk with your drivers.

nostradamusUniversal History Archive/REX/Shutterstock

Nostradamus, 1566

It’s fitting that his last words were a prediction—and an accurate one, at that. Don’t miss these unforgettable last words that’ll make you think.

voltaireUniversal History Archive/Universal Images Group/Shutterstock

Voltaire, 1788

“At least wait until I die before showing me those.”

pope alexander ViHistoria/Shutterstock

Pope Alexander VI, 1503

We’re guessing the Pope was one of those kids who always asked his parents for “five more minutes.”

dominique bouhoursHistoria/Shutterstock

Dominique Bouhours, 1702

If he were canonized, he’d be the patron saint of English majors. Check out these jokes that every grammar nerd will appreciate.

W.C. fieldsShutterstock

W.C. Fields, 1946

He would have made one heck of a lawyer.

henrik ibsenUniversal History Archive/UIG/Shutterstock

Henrik Ibsen, 1906

He really wasn’t kidding. On a lighter note, make sure you read these quotes that’ll make you feel better about getting older.