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A Funny Look at America, Using LEGO Minifigs

In his book 50 States of Lego, photographer Jeff Friesen takes a comical yet artful look at the building blocks of America, one state at a time. Here are some of our favorites.

Jeff Friesen

New York

“Give me your tired, your poor, your creamy masses of tartar sauce.” —Jeff Friesen

Jeff Friesen


“One can’t help falling in love with a quadruple layer club sandwich.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“Good fences make good neighbors?” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“The British are coming! That much was obvious to Paul Revere.” —JF

Jeff Friesen

South Dakota

“A chance encounter provides inspiration for large scale sculpture in the Black Hills.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“There’s no place like home, but if your home is frequently blown aloft it helps to wear a parachute indoors.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“As it turns out Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara’s passion for one another was easily doused by local firefighters.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“After jumping the shark Arthur Fonzarelli limited his outdoor activities
to helping with the traditional Wisconsin cheese harvest.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“Moonbeam’s mellow is never harshed by her Fruitfly brand compost-powered tri-scoot.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“Only organic free-range chickens run amuck at the FreeBird food truck. Just don’t get pecked when you pluck.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“Bugsy’s mom is thrilled that he’s running his own lemonade stand this
summer. He hasn’t rubbed out any of his associates since June.” —JF

Jeff Friesen


“Rounding up little doggies who have lost their way.” —JF

See all 50 of Jeff’s States of LEGO here.

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