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Funny Panini Recipes You Won’t Find in Any Cookbook

What happens when you make a panini sandwich with cotton candy, cheese crisps, cupcakes, and more? The Toastie Project goes there.

Rainbow Taffy Panini

Start with sticky candy…

Layer between the bread.

Press, then … presto.

Check out the crazy patterns inside the sandwich!

Slice and serve: the finished rainbow panini.

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Ice Cream Cone Panini

Grab one of these from the freezer case…

Unwrap it, and get that baby between two slices of good old white bread.

Press down according to manufacturer’s directions.

Ooh, the chocolate-y interior…

Ready to eat, the ice cream cone panini.

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Cotton Candy Panini

Pick up a wad of classic cotton candy…

And, yes, place between the bread.

Put your panini machine to work.

Even top chefs will swoon over the pretty pink interior…

Finished product: a skinny cotton candy slice.

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Cheesy Snack Food Panini

Hit up the vending machine for your favorite cheesy, crunchy snack food…

And get it on white bread.

You can even double stack—go big or go home!

The inside looks like modern art, right?

And there’s your salty, cheesy panini!

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Cupcake Panini

First, grab a pretty, delicious cupcake.

Sandwich it between bread…

And press down.

Can you believe there’s a cupcake hiding in there?

And this takes the cake: a cupcake panini sandwich.

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