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Funny Photos: 9 Massive Kitchen Fails

These funny kitchen disasters take some serious creative thinking. How they taste? That's another story.

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Courtesy Robin Crabtree/Pinterest Fail

Rainbow cake in a jar

It looks more like one of those science experiment volcanoes exploded in a jar.

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Courtesy Emilie Harjes

Boiled pasta

Spaghetti alla Coffee Sauce?

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Courtesy Lindsey McDonald/Pinterest Fail

Oreo balls

It’s a double-stuffed failure.

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Courtesy DeEtte Peterson/Pinterest Fail

Snowman cookies

This batch is melting our hearts!

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Courtesy Alexa Speyer


Call it a flop, but we think this makeshift tortellini strainer is a brilliant serve.

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Courtesy Kelly Rates/Pinterest Fail

Yogurt-covered berries

Rich in vitamins A, C, D, and Ew.

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Courtesy Heather Turenne/Pinterest Fail

Baked cheese bites

And humans can pretty much eat melted cheese in any state.

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Courtesy Justine Moore/Pinterest Fail

Cookie cups

They’re not all they’re cracked up to be.

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Courtesy Jennifer Larkin/Pinterest Fail

Big cookies

Not this big, though.

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