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If You Need a Smile, These 13 Adorable Squirrel Photos Will Make Your Day

Squirrels can sometimes be a pain, but they're also pretty darn cute, too.

Squirrels! These hungry, bushy-tailed critters love raiding backyard feeders and can be a pain in the neck for backyard gardeners and birders. But it’s hard not to smile when they get themselves into silly situations (which seems to happen at least six or seven times in an average day for a squirrel!). Sit back and have a laugh at this round-up of hilarious squirrel hijinks.

Bonus! If you want to save your bird feeders from squirrels, check out Birds and Blooms’ article on how to outwit your backyard squirrel population: Feeding Birds and Keeping Squirrels Away

via Christy-Wheeler (B&B reader)

Full house

via Betsy-Chamberlain (B&B reader)

Stuffed with corn

via Mary-Lou-Rosemont (B&B reader)

Big stretch

via Deanne-Tomkins (B&B reader)

Risky snack

via Debbie-Smulik (B&B reader)

Hi there!

via Joe-Fabian (B&B reader)

Pumpkin house

via Julie-Bergstrom (B&B reader)

Squirrel house

via Kathleen-Ottos (B&B reader)

Transporting seeds

via (B&B reader)

Snowy day

via Laura McArthur (B&B reader)

Full plate

via Lynne-Berghoff (B&B reader)

I can’t see!

via (B&B reader)



via (B&B reader)

Upside down

Originally Published in Birds & Blooms