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45 Funny Stock Photos You Won’t Be Able to Unsee

They'll definitely make you scratch your head!

Fat man in retro swimsuit jumps to the outdoor bathtub. Funny swimmer in vintage style and bathing cap starts to swim in the tub. Home vacations. Domestic holiday.

Man diving in bathtub

Not everyone can make it to the beaches in the South of France.

Headshot of funny emotional young bearded Caucasian fisherman in hat and raincoat holding large salmon in both hands, staring at camera with shocked look, can't believe that he caught such a big fish
WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

Fisherman with catch

Hey man, don’t look so upset. I’m the one who got the raw end of the deal here.

Funny fat bearded man with a suitcase in a hat and glasses on va
Studio Romantic/Shutterstock

Man with briefcase and inner tube

Now that it’s getting chilly, I’m really going to miss those summer Fridays. Here are some more funny photos that will change your sense of perspective.

Summer lifestyle funny image of two pretty girls friends having fun on air mattress in the ocean. Doing yoga and having fun. Legs up in the air. Positive emotions, bright colors
Olesya Kuprina/Shutterstock

Two people in flamingo float

Really, what could go wrong while floating cluelessly at sea?

Funny couple pretending fight with utensils tools while cooking at home together, husband and wife having fun feeling playful holding kitchenware struggling in the kitchen preparing healthy food

Couple fighting with utensils

We may not have sent the thank-you cards yet, but the honeymoon is over!

Beauty Model Girl takes Juicy Oranges. Beautiful Joyful teen girl with freckles, funny red hairstyle and yellow makeup. Professional make up. Holding Orange Slices and laughing, emotions
Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Little girl with oranges for eyes

Vitamin C is good for your vision, after all. If you’re enjoying these funny stock photos, these baby photos will make you laugh out loud.

Stefano Buttafoco/shutterstock

Storm trooper checks his phone

What time is it in a galaxy far, far away?

Happy woman cleaning home, singing at mop like at microphone and having fun, copy space. Housework, chores concept

Woman singing into mop

Living room karaoke: I will survive clutter and dust.

Cyclist falls off the bike into bushes. Accident on the road. Biker fall from the bike into the grass. Bicycle accident when falling through road barriers. Accident man in sports.

Cyclist overboard

Took that curve just a little bit too fast.

Senior crazy man jumping and listening music outdoor - Happy mature male celebrating and dancing outside - Joyful elderly lifestyle concept - Focus on him

Older man rocking out

Papa was a rolling stone.

Pug wearing a watermelon helmet (The Pugs Hero).

Pug in a watermelon helmet

Uh, Gladiator Pug is ready for battle?

Man with backpack flies behind a moving train. Tourist holding a moving train from a railway station. Funny traveler catches the train in motion.Journey to the last minute.

Man makes train

My commute is getting crazier by the day. Looking to kill some time while you get to work? These funny work cartoons will help get you through the week.

Funny businessman swimming underwater
Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

The businessman and the fish

Does this mean my investments are underwater?

chihuahua dog watching tv or a movie sitting on a red sofa or couch with remote control changing the channels with popcorn
Javier Brosch/Shutterstock

Chihuahua on the couch

We all have our own definition of self-care.

couple of dogs in love sleeping together under the blanket in bed , warm and cozy and cuddly
Javier Brosch/Shutterstock

Dogs under blankets

They’ll never find us under here. After these funny stock photos, you’ll have to see these other funny dog photos.

Woman showing funny v sign holding blue tea cup relaxing in bed room, Young woman with two hands drinking coffee in blue cup after awaking. wake up with fun in morning on weekend, love coffee concept.

Woman under covers with cup

Can I get a refill over here?

Crazy workman covered with instruments driving lawn mower over green grass
Lobur Alexey Ivanovich/Shutterstock

Man with lawn tools

How motivated we all are on that first warm day of spring.

jack russell dog at the hairdressers with long curly hair wig , in beauty salon
Javier Brosch/Shutterstock

Dog under the blow dryer

That summer humidity is brutal on the hair, no?

African elephant elephant balancing on a ball. Funny animals isolated on white background.

Elephant balancing on a ball

Hey, if a pachyderm can do this, you can work on your downward dog. Then check out these hilarious bird photos.

Sleeping funny cat

Cat hiding face

Dang, I forgot a hostess gift!

Turtle jumps and catches the frisbee
Oleg Belov/Shutterstock

Turtle catching Frisbee

So much for slow and steady wins the race!


Bulldog with ukelele

We’ve all got hidden talents.

Funny portrait of hero

Everyday man in cape

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Little boy painting his father's face while he sleeping. April fool's day prank
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Boy paints man

Daddy will never guess who did this. Family dynamics are also on display in these hilariously awkward family photos.

funny avocado

Two avocados

You’re right, that’s really the pits, man.

A fat man is tired on a simulator in the gym
Studio Romantic/Shutterstock

Man in gym

Sleeping on the job.

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

Lady with pink hair

The future’s so bright, I’ve got to wear shades. Here are some more hilarious photos that will make you laugh out loud.

Cheerful excited aged funny active sexy athlete cool pensioner grandpa in eyewear with bass clipping ghetto blaster recorder. Old school, swag, sticking tongue, fooling, gym, workout, technology
Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Man with radio

The music I grew up listening to is now being played on the classic rock station.

Carefree excited diverse workers having fun riding oh chairs celebrating friday together, happy employees enjoy funny competition laughing together feel great at work break, friendly office team game

Employees having fun

What goes down at the office when the boss is out of town.

Portrait young shocked business woman sitting in front of laptop computer looking at screen isolated grey wall background. Funny face expression emotion feelings problem perception reaction
ESB Professional/Shutterstock

Woman shocked by her computer

Some funny stock photos may not be safe for work.

Cute dog sleeping and afraid of something
Bilevich Olga/Shutterstock

Dog in bed

Oh no, is that my parent I hear? Time to get back in the doggie bed.

Afternoon tea shared between friends: Skeletons in hats sitting at a table outdoors
Merrimon Crawford/Shutterstock

Skeletons at dinner

Gee, those appetizers are taking a while.

Funny little girl doing experiments in the laboratory. Explosion in the laboratory. Science and education.
Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Girl doing a science experiment

I haven’t discovered a new element yet, but I have set off some smoke detectors.

nice cat, funny cat Let these stock photos of background textures
sonjoy SK/Shutterstock

Drowsy cat

What I look like on less than 15 hours of sleep. And here are some cat memes that will make you laugh out loud.

A paparazzi funny girl with a camera looks out from cover and looks at what is happening with her mouth open. Yellow paper, torn hole. Tabloid press. In search of the plot for photo stocks.

Woman with camera

I’m feeling a little overexposed in these funny stock photos.

Green Mountain Exposure/Shutterstock

Moose chewing on a branch

Even in the wild, it’s a good idea to floss twice a day.

Beautiful green chameleon - Stock Image

Chameleon in action

Just because I blend in doesn’t mean I’m not watching my back.

angry cat is preparing for winter, wrapped up in a pile of woolen clothes
Koldunov Alexey/Shutterstock

Cat in sweaters

Whose idea was winter storage?

Funny wild monkey in the nature of Asia. Animal on the wires above the water. Types of Sri Lanka. Tourist routes of tropical fauna. Stock photo
sub job/Shutterstock

Monkey on a wire

How do I get myself into these situations? Royals can be entertaining too, of course.

 animal red-haired funny squirrel in the autumn Park Peeps out of the tree trunk on the background of bright yellow foliage with a nut in his teeth
Bachkova Natalia/Shutterstock

Squirrel checking out the situation

Did someone say acorns?

Two black and white cows,frisian holstein, standing in a pasture under a blue sky and a faraway straight horizon.
Clara Bastian/Shutterstock

Two cows

And just where do you think you’re going?

Funny wild monkey in the nature of Asia. Types of Sri Lanka. Tourist routes of tropical fauna. Stock photo
sub job/Shutterstock

Monkey looking about

Now, where did I put my passport again? Meanwhile, can you spot the snake in this photo?

Amusing Santa Claus meets funny reindeer. Concept for 2018 year of Yellow Earth Dog

Dog and baby

You don’t look like Rudolph.

stressed young dad with two small children in his arms

Dad with kids

What is the age of legal emancipation again?

Funny dog of the pug breed. Photographed with fisheye lens

Sad pug

Is this really the end of all these funny stock photos? Fear not, here are 50 funny animal photos you definitely need in your life.

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