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23 Funny Thank You Memes for Every Occasion

Because thank you notes are so last decade.

Dog that says Thanks Fur, Getty Images

Say it with a meme

Who doesn’t love being thanked? If someone close to you deserves a thank you, especially if they’re someone who speaks fluent meme, send one of these fun, quirky thank you memes their way. For more meaningful ways to say thank you, take a page out of the book of these people who are saying thank you to essential workers.

Child dressed as Elvis. Meme text: Thank you, thank you very, Getty Images

Thanks from The King

We know you all just said that in Elvis’s voice. You’re welcome. These funny baby photos will make you laugh out loud.

Person with arms spread wide: Meme text: How much do you deserve a thank you? Thiiiiiiiiis much!, Getty Images

The vast expanse

When someone does something really great for you, you need to go big with your thank you meme. Got wanderlust? These travel cartoons find the funny in everything.

Cat screaming. Meme text: thank you furry, Getty Images

Thank meow!

Admit it, this adorable kitten says thank you better than you ever could. Pair them with these funny cat memes for the cat lover in your life.

Woman pointing at viewer.Meme text: Hey you! Thank you!, Getty Images

Singled out

Who, me? Yes, you! Send this thank you meme to someone who might not be expecting it to make their day. Plus, here are 50 random acts of kindness that don’t cost a cent.

Whale. Meme text: thAAaAaaaaAaank yOOoooOOouuuuUuu!, Getty Images

A whale of a thank you meme

Who could forget Dory and Marlin “speaking whale” in Finding Nemo? Channel your favorite fish with this thank you meme. These Disney jokes will give you a good laugh.

Group of coworkers clapping. Meme text: No really, thank you!, Getty Images

Thunderous applause

Until we can gather in large, noisy crowds again, this thank you meme will have to do. Speaking of, get a laugh from the 20 funniest memes of 2020.

Polar bear family. Meme text: Thank you beary much!, Getty Images

We dare you not to say “awwww”

These adorable little polar bears will make someone’s day. So will these precious photos of baby animals!

Man writing thank you note. Meme text: Thank you for your thank you note!, Getty Images

When does the thanking end?

You might not usually thank someone for a thank you note, but some thank you notes are so well written and so sweet that you just gotta! Find out the times you must write a thank you note.

Woman holding hands in a heart shape. Meme text: Thank you for being you!, Getty Images

Thankful for you

Sometimes it’s not something someone did that merits a thank you meme—it’s who they are. This meme is for that special someone! If you’re feeling a little down, these depression memes might make you feel better.

Woman gasping. Meme text: Thank you! That was so nice of you!, Getty Images


Sometimes people really surprise you with their true generosity, like these extraordinary stories of generosity that will stay with you.

Turtle licking strawberry. Meme text: Thank you berry much!, Getty Images

Puns make everything better

And so do turtles! How cute is this?! You’ll want to share it immediately. Get a look at 31 funny puns for kids you can share too.

Men shaking hands. Meme text: Thank you, I owe you one!, Getty Images

Pay it forward

Show someone that you won’t just say thank you—you’ll pay back their generosity. Need some laughs? These funny tweets will do just the trick.

Woman crying happily. Meme text: *Sniff* Thank *Sniff* you!!, Getty Images

Overcome with emotion

For when a big thank-you requires being effusively emotional. Check out these hilarious back to work memes for more laughs.

Bunch of bananas. Meme text: Thanks a bunch!, Getty Images

Peeling thankful

Go bananas with this thank you meme. If you love food memes, check out these silly pizza puns for supreme laughs.

Man throwing a ton of money. Meme text: Thanks a million!, Getty Images

You can’t actually give them a million dollars, but…

…this thank you meme is the next best thing. Bookmark these summer memes for tons of future laughs.

Snake. Meme text: Thankssssssss!, Getty Images

Just slithering by to say thank you

We’re getting Harry Potter movie vibes from this thank you meme. But everyone is sure to appreciate this silly snake! These hilarious cartoons prove that animals are funnier than humans.

Woman saying "thank you" in sign, Getty Images

Say it in sign

Show them how thankful you are by saying “thank you” in American Sign Language with this meme.

Kitten in garden. Meme text: Thank you!, Getty Images


This happy kitty will make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside! Or give them peace of mind with these calming photos we all need right now.

Woman pointing at viewer. Text: No, thank YOU!, Getty Images

Lots of thanking to go around

Sometimes someone thanks you, and you just gotta thank ’em back.

Dog rolling. Meme text: Thank you I, Getty Images

Thank you from this doggo!

Sometimes, you know you deserve to be thanked. Get a laugh with these funny dog memes.

Child dressed as wizard. Meme text: That was magical Thank, Getty Images

Pure magic

Your generosity transcends the laws of the natural world!

Woman crying happily. Meme text: OMG thank you so, Getty Images

Tears of gratitude

We’re not sure what someone did to make this lady’s day, but yes, we’re THAT thankful. For more meme humor, check out these working from home memes that are hilariously accurate.

Girl offering a flower to the camera. Meme text: Thank you and have a great day!, Getty Images

Signing off…

Short and sweet. Next, wish someone a happy birthday with these funny happy birthday memes.

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