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30 Funny Thank-You Memes That Show Your Gratitude

Thank-you notes are so last decade. Try one of these funny thank-you memes instead to show your appreciation.

Cute dog waving paw in the air. Meme text: Thanks Fur Everything!
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Say it with a thank-you meme

Who doesn’t love being thanked? If someone close to you deserves a thank-you, especially someone who speaks fluent meme, send one of these fun, quirky thank-you memes their way. Then, bookmark these best memes, happy birthday memes, happy anniversary memeswedding memes and zodiac memes for future laughs.

Child dressed as Elvis. Meme text: Thank you, thank you very much.
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Thanks from the King

We know you just said that in Elvis’s voice. You’re welcome. These funny baby photos will make you laugh out loud too.

Man with arms spread wide. Meme text: How Much Do You Deserve A Thank-You? Thiiiiiiiiiiiis much!
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The vast expanse

When someone does something really great for you, you need to go big with your thank-you meme. And for everyday smiles, you can’t go wrong with these “have a great day” memes guaranteed to make anyone chuckle.

Cat screaming. Meme text: thank you furry much
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Thank meow!

Admit it: This adorable kitten says thank you better than you ever could. If you also share these funny cat memes with the cat lover in your life, you’ll be getting a thank-you right back!

Woman pointing at viewer.Meme text: Hey you! Thank you!
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Singled out

Who, me? Yes, you! Send this thank-you meme to someone who might not be expecting it and it will totally make their day. Plus, here are some random acts of kindness that don’t cost a cent.

Whale jumping out of water while waving fin. Meme text: thAAaAaaaaAaank yOOoooOOouuuuUuu!
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A whale of a thank-you meme

Who could forget Dory and Marlin “speaking whale” in Finding Nemo? Channel your favorite fish with this thank-you meme. Then, learn how to write a thank-you note so you can properly express your gratitude.

Group of coworkers clapping. Meme text: No really, thank you!
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Thunderous applause

Until we can gather in large, noisy crowds again, this thank-you meme will have to do. While you’re at it, get a laugh from these funny friend memes.

Mother bear and two baby bears standing in the wilderness. Meme text: Thank You Beary Much
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We dare you not to say “awwww”

These adorable bears will make someone’s day. So will these precious photos of baby animals!

Man writing a note. Meme text: Thank You For Your Thank-You Note!
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When does the thanking end?

You might not usually thank someone for a thank-you message, but some thank-you notes are so well written and so sweet that you just gotta! Find out the times you must write a thank-you note.

Woman holding hands in a heart shape. Meme text: Thank you for being you!
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Thankful for you

Sometimes it’s not something someone did that merits a thank-you meme—it’s who they are. This meme is for that special someone. These love memes are sure to make them smile too.

Woman gasping. Meme text: Thank you! That was so nice of you!
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Sometimes people really surprise you with their giving ways, like these extraordinary stories of generosity that will stay with you.

Turtle licking strawberry. Meme text: Thank you berry much!
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Puns make everything better

And so do turtles! How cute is this?! You’ll want to share it immediately. Take a look at these adorable fruit puns you can share as well.

Men shaking hands. Meme text: Thank you, I owe you one!
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Pay it forward

Show someone that you won’t just say “thank you”—you’ll pay back their generosity. Need some laughs? These funny tweets will do the trick.

Woman crying laughing. Meme text: *Sniff* Thank *sniff* You
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Overcome with emotion

For when a big “thank you” requires getting a little (or a lot) emotional. You could also gift a thoughtful thank-you gift to show your appreciation.

Bunch of bananas. Meme text: Thanks a bunch!
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Peeling thankful

Go bananas with this thank-you meme. And if you love the food theme, check out these vegetable puns that are un-beet-able.

Man throwing a ton of money. Meme text: Thanks a million!
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You can’t actually give them a million dollars, but …

… this thank-you meme is the next best thing. If someone also deserves a congratulatory pat on the back, try these congratulation memes.

Snake sticking its tongue out. Meme text: Thankssssssss!
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Just slithering by to say thank you

We’re getting Harry Potter movie vibes from this thank-you meme. But everyone is sure to appreciate this silly snake! Here are more funny animal memes you can’t help but laugh at.

Woman saying "thank you" in sign language gif. Meme text: Thank you!
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Say it in sign

Show them how thankful you are by saying thank you in American Sign Language with this meme.

Dog winking. Meme text: You’re Awesome! Thank You!
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Dog lovers will definitely appreciate this winking pup, in addition to these other paws-itively hilarious dog memes.

Woman pointing at viewer. Meme text: No, thank YOU!
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Lots of thanking to go around

Sometimes someone thanks you and you just gotta thank ’em back. Or, you could send them a nice gratitude quote.

Dog with tongue out close up. Meme text: Thank You–I Try
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Thank you from this doggo!

Sometimes, you know you deserve to be thanked—and to be sent adorable thank-you memes. These wholesome memes will also hit the spot.

Child dressed as wizard. Meme text: That was magical Thank you
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Pure magic

Your generosity transcends the laws of the natural world! Parents might particularly appreciate the cute kid in this meme, and they’ll definitely relate to these hilarious mom memes.

Woman looking grateful with mascara tears running down her face. Meme test: Omg, thank you so much
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Tears of gratitude

Some things are worth ruining your mascara over.

Girl offering a flower to the camera. Meme text: Thank you and have a great day!
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Signing off …

Short and sweet. This could also double as an inspirational meme.

 two hands cheersing drinks. Meme text: Thank You And Cheers
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A toast to your kindness

Time to raise your glass for gratitude. You also won’t want to miss these wine puns that are pretty grape.

Man with arms spread on top of a mountain. Meme text: Shouting "Thank You!" From The Mountain Tops
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Say it loud, say it proud

Send this one to someone who’s helped you out big time—it could make them happier, even for just a moment!

Man pointing at viewer. Meme text: Hey You, Thanks For Being Awesome
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You’re the best

And you deserve a big “thank you” for everything you do.

Lizard winking while holding a small present. Meme text: Hey, This Package Has Your Name On It
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Special delivery

An extra special gift for an extra special person.

Sheep image with cute face doodled onto it. Meme text: Thank Ewe
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A punny thank you

A thank-you pun (and sheep pun) so baaaaad, it’s good.

Rock with glowing background. Meme text: Thank You – You Rock
rd.com, getty images

A rocking thank-you

Isn’t that gneiss? Sometimes a rock pun is just what you need to say thanks.

Ostrich with mouth wide open. Meme text: Thaaaaaaaaanks
rd.com, getty images

Loud and clear

This thank-you can be heard for miles! Now that you’ve found the perfect thank-you memes, scroll through these good morning memes to help you start your day right.

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