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Frugal Tricks to Squeeze Every Last Drop Out of Tricky Containers

Get the most out of your toothpaste tube, ketchup bottle, mascara, and more.

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Lotion: Warm it up

Place the closed container in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. This warms the last little bit, liquefying it just enough to squeeze out.

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Peanut butter: Build out breakfast

Behold, there is a way to get every last lick: Pour equal parts old-fashioned oats and milk into the jar. Add ¼ cup Greek yogurt, ½ sliced banana, and dashes of cinnamon and sugar to taste. Shake and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, enjoy delicious peanut butter breakfast oats.

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Olive oil: Make salad dressing

If some olive oil still coats the bottle, create a new salad dressing. Add vinegar and herbs such as thyme or basil. Shake well for a mix you can pour straight onto your greens. Check out these amazing uses for olive oil.

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Toothpaste: Use a rolling pin

Squeezed all you can out of the tube? Press a rolling pin across the tube to get one last use out of it.

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Ketchup: Poke with a straw

Insert a straw until it reaches the bottom of the glass bottle, then remove. The straw introduces air pockets, helping the sauce move more easily. Here’s how to use a straw to keep necklaces from getting tangled.

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Mascara: Add contact lens solution

Down to a few dry clumps? Add two to five drops of contact solution to the tube. Screw the lid back on, shake, and use the wand to swirl. The remainder of your mascara will be easy to apply.


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