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10 Spooky Ghost Movies That Will Give You Chills

You'll be lucky if these ghost movies don't haunt you long after the credits reel.

The Blair Witch ProjectVia

The Blair Witch Project

What can go wrong when three film students from Maryland decide to chase the legend of the Blair Witch in a deserted forest? Watch the tapes they left behind and find out for yourself in one of the most chilling ghost movies out there.

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The UninvitedVia

The Uninvited

Anna was sent to a mental institution after attempting suicide when her ill mother died in a fire. She returns home to learn that her father married her late mother’s nurse and becomes haunted by three strange children in a recurring dream. Unhappy with the new relationship, Anna and her sister plot against their stepmother, who they believe isn’t who she says she is. Get ready to have your mind blown then they truth is revealed at the end.

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The RingVia

The Ring

Sure, this film about a cursed video tape may be a bit dated in this digital age, but that doesn’t make what happens to everyone who watches the tape any less terrifying. You might never want to watch ghost movies again after seeing this one.

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The Conjuring

Based on real events, the movie tells the story of the Perron family, who moved into an old farmhouse they’re soon convinced is haunted. The family calls on paranormal experts Lorraine and Ed Warren to investigate, and all quickly find they’re in more danger than they could have imagined. The success of this film resulted a series of ghost movies, including a sequel and several spin-offs. Don’t miss these other horror films that are inspired by true stories.

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The Sixth Sense SeriesVia

The Sixth Sense

Ghost movies directed by M. Night Shyamalan are Halloween classics, especially the one that gave us the phrase “I see dead people.” That line—and overall performance—led actor Haley Joel Osment to stardom and became one of the most famous film quotes of all time.

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The OthersVia

The Others

Post World War II, a mother and her three children begin experiencing supernatural phenomena throughout their home. The daughter says she has seen people in the house who claim the home belongs to them, and the mother sees the piano playing itself. Who are the others in the house? Watch one of the spookiest ghost movies and see for yourself.

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The Poltergeist

A poltergeist is not your friendly ghost. It purposely plagues humans with destructive paranormal activities. In the 1982 film and 2015 remake of the same name, a family in California becomes victim to a poltergeist that comes out of the television. What do the ghosts want with this family, and why are they haunting their daughter? There’s only one way to know. If you’re brave enough to keep watching scary movies, here are 13 Halloween movies that will scare you senseless.

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This is one of the many ghost movies that shows people communicating with spirits through a ouija board, and scary things always happen to those who do. If you try to talk to the dead, you could very well end up on the other side with them.

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The FogVia


In the 19th century, four residents of Antonia Island burn down a ship and kill those who were en route to the island. Over a century later, those who died on the boat are full of vengeance. A new generation of residents on the island must now face the ghostly wrath of those who never made it to the island on the day of the town’s anniversary. Check out these 13 other movies that will make you afraid to go in the water.

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Grudge, the 2004 Grudge 2, the 2006 Grudge 3, the - SetVia

The Grudge

In many ghost movies, there’s always that one house no one should even think about entering. But of course, a new family moves in and is welcomed by the grudge of ghosts past. Turns out, the building is cursed; no one who goes comes out alive. If this doesn’t scare you, see if you can make it through the second and third movies. Yep, it’s a trilogy of spookiness. For next-level chills and thrills, try sitting through the 35 scariest movies of all time.

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