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Going on a Road Trip? Remember to Pack These!

Driving to Grandma's house for the holidays? Here's everything you'll need to keep a carload of travelers happy, safe, and comfortable on a long trip.

Audio Books

Check some new-to-you audio books out of the library. Kids and adults alike can enjoy tales like The
Chronicles of Narnia
, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Hobbit, or Harry Potter—and their easy story lines make them perfect for a driver to pay attention to, as well.

Source: Real Simple

Car food

There are two strategies with car food: You can either bring along crumb-free, non-greasy, non-gooey finger foods—like baby carrots, grapes, and sandwiches—or pack your family’s favorite “treat” foods like chips and baked goods, as a special car reward.

Source: Fodors

Pillows and blankets

Pack favorite bed pillows and blankets to soothe everyone on the journey. Whether it’s a child’s security blanket or a pillow for the passenger seat navigator, a soft cushion can make a cold car cozy.

Source: Disney FamilyFun

Paper products

Pack paper towels, toilet paper (you never know with rest areas and gas stations!), a box of tissues, and some garbage bags. And bring more than you
think you’ll need—there’s always the possibility of car sickness in addition to the normal spills and usual cleanup.

Source: Fodors

Spare keys

Don’t get locked out of the car: Always pack a duplicate set of car
(and house) keys in a separate bag.

Source: Disney FamilyFun

Sports equipment

Bring along a Frisbee, ball, or jump rope so antsy kids (and adults!)  can blow off a little steam at rest stops.

Source: Real Simple

First aid kit

To treat road-trip aches, nicks, and scrapes, pack a plastic bag full of
items like anti-bacterial cream, bandages, pain
relievers, and motion sickness medicine.

Source: Real Simple

Travel games

Some friendly competition will go a long way towards warding off
boredom. Some ideas: cards, travel bingo, and word games.

Source: Disney FamilyFun

Breakdown supplies

Double-check your trunk for a complete roadside emergency
kit, including a flashlight and fresh batteries.

Source: Fodors

Wet wipes

Bring a container of disposable wipes, or simply put some folded
damp paper towels in a resealable plastic bag. You’ll use them for everything from sticky fingers to a quick refreshing mask for road-weary eyes.

Source: Disney FamilyFun

Car chargers

Make sure you bring along a travel charger for your cell
phone and other electronic devices.

Source: Fodors

Change of clothes

If you’re traveling with young children, remember that accidents happen. Bring
along a change of clothing for the inevitable leaks and spills.

Source: Real Simple

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