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25 Good Morning Memes to Start Your Day Right

The best part of waking up are these hilarious memes.

Time to read the morning paper, and by paper I mean RD, Getty Images

Rise and shine!

Mornings can be tough, but hey, with a nice cup of joe and maybe a few laughs, they aren’t so bad. Whether you’re a morning person or not, everyone could use a smile when they wake up. We created some of the best memes that perfectly capture how you feel at the start of the day—there are even some funny animal memes in the mix. You’ll want to send these good morning memes to everyone you know. And if you love these, check out these birthday memes you’ll want to have on hand for when that special day arrives.

Just A Little Push To Start Off The, Getty Images


Words cannot espresso the importance of that first cup.

Good Morning, I Love, Getty Images

Wake up

It’s pee o’clock!

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Yeah, Today Is Going To Be A Great, Getty Images

Getting ready

Dress for success.

Checking Social Media Every Morning, Getty Images


Anything interesting happen while I was asleep? Maybe some good morning memes?

Just Five More, Getty Images


I beg you.

You're Setting The Alarm For What, Getty Images

Rise and shine

You must be joking.

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Good Morning, Gorgeous!, Getty Images

Say it with me

Today is going to be awesome.

I Woke Up Early And There Wasn’t A, Getty Images

You know the saying

The early bird is now an angry bird.

When You Feel That First Cup Of Coffee Deep In Your, Getty Images


There isn’t anything quite like it.

But What If The Best Part Of Waking Up, Isn’t Folgers In My Cup?, Getty Images


Maybe it’s Starbucks?

When You Have Completed Your Morning Routine And It’s Actually Time To Head To, Getty Images

But but but…

Please don’t make me.

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When You Have To Wake Up Early On A, Getty Images

No thanks

There better be a good reason.

Good Morning, I, Getty Images

Is it?

This gal surely needs a good morning meme.

Okay, I’m, Getty Images


It’s going to be a great day.

Good Morning, Only 16 More Hours Until, Getty Images

Big yawn

But who’s counting?

Coffee? You Mean Emotional Support Beverage?, Getty Images

In need of caffeine

Milk and sugar?

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Morning, Friend!, Getty Images

Sleep well?

You have my seal of approval.

Okay, I’m Ready. Let’s Get This, Getty Images

Off to work

Time to shine.

Get Out Of The Way! It’s Coffee Time!, Getty Images

Stand clear

And don’t talk to me until I’ve had at least two sips., Getty Images


Just need to rest on the floor for a few minutes.

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When You Get That Good Morning, Getty Images

Nothing better

It makes getting up so much easier.

I Said Good, Getty Images

Can’t hear you

Which one are you?

Okay, I’ll Rise. But I Won’t Shine Until I’ve Had My Morning, Getty Images

You can’t make me

I don’t make the rules.

Rise And Shine!, Getty Images

Good morning, Mom!

It’s a beautiful day!

When You Tell Someone You Never Hit The Snooze, Getty Images

No need

Because you have multiple alarms set already. Complement these good morning memes with the best coffee puns if caffeine is your favorite way to start the day.

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