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22 High-Scoring Scrabble Words You Should Memorize

These scrabble words range from the terribly obscure (zymurgy, anyone?) to the incredibly everyday (quickly). Read 'em and win.

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What it means: a Russian peasant, especially prior to 1917 Points: 79

Note: All scores include the 50 points given for using all seven tiles at the same time

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What it means: a card game played with a pack of 48 cards (two of each suit for high cards) Points: 78

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What it means: black-and-red or black-and-yellow orioles of the American tropics Points: 78

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What it means: Alternate spelling of hijack Points: 78

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What it means: alternate spelling of mesquite Points: 78

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What it means: a tranquilizing drug used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and alcohol withdrawal Points: 78

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What it means: to make as big or large as possible Points: 78

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What it means: quixotic action or thought Points: 77

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What it means: a coin-operated phonograph, equipped with push buttons for the selection of songs Points: 77

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What it means: a burrowing rodent Points: 77

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What it means: unbelievable gall; supreme self-confidence Points: 77

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What it means: the basic unit of money in Guatemala; large bird of Central and South America Points: 76

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What it means: a small high-velocity shell; a firecracker that makes a whizzing sound followed by an explosion Points: 76

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What it means: a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle Points: 76

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What it means: with a wheeze Points: 76

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What it means: to compensate; to make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching Points: 76

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What it means: alternate spelling of exorcise Points: 76

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What it means: to turn into a zombie Points: 76

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What it means: to grip and press firmly; the act of gripping and pressing firmly Points: 75

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What it means: a shameless, impudent, scheming woman Points: 75

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What it means: with rapid movements; with little or no delay Points: 75

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What it means: the branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation, as in making wine, brewing, or distilling); the branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation processes, as in brewing Points: 75

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