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Great Road Trips: Central States

You’ll want to take these road trips in the central states.

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North Dakota
The Lewis and Clark riverboat plies the Missouri between Bismarck and Mandan.

Take this drive: North Dakota Sampler

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South Dakota
Mt. Rushmore National Memorial immortalizes four U.S. presidents.

Take this drive: Badlands Black Hills

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Minnesota: North Shore Drive
Gooseberry Falls, in the state park of the same name, has five magnificent cascades of tumbling water tinged root-beer brown by leached minerals from the soil and foliage.

Take this drive: North Shore Drive

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Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa
Lake Pepin, a narrow 12-mile-long section of the Mississippi River, is bounded by forests and craggy bluffs.

Take this drive: Great River Road

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Anchored on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, the town of Ludington is just a four-hour ferry ride from Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

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The High Plains Homestead near Crawford offers rustic accommodations combined with authentic cattle-drive grub.

Take this drive: Nebraska Heartland

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In the Shawnee National Forest the works of humankind are left behind, and nature steals the scene with an array of lonely lakes and streams, shady gorges and rocky bluffs, and a host of flowering shrubs and leafy hardwoods.

Take this drive: Shawnee Hills Scenic Byway

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It may once have been ‘Queen of the Cowtowns,’ but Dodge City is fun to visit today.

Take this drive: Kansas East and West

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Within Big Bend the desert exists side by side with two dramatically different environments — those of the Chisos Mountains and the Rio Grande.

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Jefferson Island’s Rip Van Winkle Gardens mimics the tranquil Zen gardens of Japan. The area is noted for its botanical treasures.

Take this drive: Bayou Byways

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