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Great Road Trips: Western States

Just head west.

Mt. Rainier is studded with glaciers and crevasses.

Take this drive: Magnificent Mt. Rainier.

Oregon: Mount Hood
The water in Multopor Fen Preserve in Oregon’s Mt. Hood territory provides serene reflections of Mt. Hood.

Take this drive: Mount Hood

California: Mt. Shasta-Cascade Loop Sampler
Shasta Lake, a reservoir of the Sacramento River, is known as the Houseboat Capital of the World.

Take this drive: Mount Shasta-Cascade Loop

California: Pacific Coast Highway
The shimmering blue waters of the Pacific are a sight to be savored along California’s North Coast.

Take this drive: Pacific Coast Highway

California: Yosemite National Park
Yosemite attracts millions of visitors each year. In the words of John Muir, Yosemite “is surely the brightest and the best of all the Lord has built.”

Take this drive: Yosemite and Beyond

California: Redwood Highway Sampler
During the summer, salmon fishermen moor their boats in the calm waters behind the rocky Trinidad headland, sheltering them from the Pacific Ocean.

Take this drive: Redwood Highway

Red Rock Canyon offers formations in every breathtaking hue found under the sun.

Take this drive: Nevada 93

Mt. McKinley, also called Denali, towers more than 18,000 feet above the surrounding lowlands, making it, when measured from bases to summit, even higher than Mt. Everest.

Take this drive: George Parks Highway

Lush forests, misty waterfalls, and dazzling seascapes make the Hana Highway, along the coast of Maui, a truly unforgettable drive.

Take this drive: Hana Highway

Fire-tinged steam rises from the sea as molten lava flows into the Pacific. The lava was ejected from the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Take this drive: Aloha Loop

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