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13 Grocery Stores Open Thanksgiving Day

If you have a cooking emergency on Thanksgiving Day, these grocery stores will be open to help you out!


Need to grab one more can of pumpkin for your famous pumpkin pie? Head over to Safeway and pick it up—just check your local store hours before you do, as they may vary by location. Don’t forget this secret ingredient for the ultimate pumpkin pie.


If you need to re-stock (or if you just need some breathing room from your crowded kitchen), make a trip over to Vons during normal business hours on Thanksgiving Day. Your guests will thank you when you can keep the spiked cider flowing even when the leftovers are all packed away.

Whole Foods

Run over to Whole Foods and grab any last-minute ingredients—or any of their prepped meal items—to save the day. Check your local store for hours as they vary by location. A bonus this year? Whole Foods ranked number one for COVID-19 safety measures.

kroger exteriorKen Wolter/Shutterstock


Between a plan to eliminate plastic bags by 2025 and rolling out self-scan technology to make shopping even easier, they’re open on Turkey Day 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. See the things you should always buy at Kroger.


Make a quick trip over to Albertsons if there’s anything you forgot. They’re open normal business hours. Take note of these stores that closed on Thanksgiving.


Do last-minute guests have you running low on the cheese and crackers? Head over to Ralphs during their usual business hours to save the day. If a last-minute run to the grocery store isn’t your style, see what you need to know about grocery shopping online.


In need of some breadcrumbs for a simple mac and cheese side dish? Stop at Sprouts for anything you’re missing for the feast between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Don’t miss these mouthwatering Thanksgiving sides you should try also.

wegmans exteriortarheel1776/Shutterstock


Wegmans can definitely come in handy for Thanksgiving emergencies. On the big day, they’re open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to help you out with any of these best Thanksgiving recipes you’re making.

stop and shop exteriorphotobyphm/Shutterstock

Stop & Shop

Head in during Stop & Shop’s usual business hours for anything that didn’t make your shopping list. Worried about germs on such a busy day? See how to avoid germs when grocery shopping.


Northeast friends, you can count on Shaws to be open on the big day if there’s anything that’s in need of re-stocking before dinnertime rolls around! Take note: this is the worst day to shop for Thanksgiving.

Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Winn Dixie Supermarket ExteriorJeff Greenberg/Getty Images


Out of dinner rolls already? Pop into Winn-Dixie before 4 p.m. for any menu fillers.

acme exteriorhelen89/Getty Images


Yikes! Your apple pie didn’t turn out exactly how you planned, and now you’re out of apples. Head over to Acme to replenish your ingredients (take a peek at which apples are best for pie before you go) and get back into the kitchen.

cub foods exterior logoKen Wolter/Shutterstock

Cub Foods

Cub Foods will be open during usual business hours so your feast will be just as grand as you planned. Psst: Check out these money-saving grocery secrets from insiders.

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