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17 Grossest Toys Ever Made

Sorry, Mom and Dad—toys that pee or poop or are otherwise ooey and gooey are sure to be on your kids’ holiday wish list. The Toy Association says that toys that are totally gross are totally trending this season. Here’s a sampling of the gross-out goods.

Baby Alivevia

You’ve come a long way, Baby Alive

The first Baby Alive baby doll was introduced by Hasbro in 1973, and it was sweetly novel back then, featuring a movable mouth from which the baby doll could “eat” and “drink.” But nearly half a century later, it seems that kids are demanding a more realistic experience with their baby dolls. In response, Hasbro came out with Baby Alive dolls that not only drink and eat but also relieve themselves afterward. For a baby doll that goes “wee-wee,” you’ll want to consider Baby Alive Twinkles n’ Tinkles for kids three and up.

Upping the ante on the realistic experience, Hasbro also created a baby doll that goes number two: Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily. Gross, right? But not as gross as the fact that after she poops out the food she ate, you can feed it to her again. Check your attic for these 11 childhood toys that could be worth thousands.

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Hungry Bunnies toyvia

Baby, it’s poo

Babies aren’t the only creatures that poop; so does Zoomer the Hungry Bunny. First, Zoomer nibbles on the paper carrots, cupcakes, or one of the other 80-plus “snacks” it comes with; then the adorable bunny for kids ages five and up “poops” them out in the form of shredded paper. Zoomer also sings, giggles, and lights up—way more fun than your average paper shredder.

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Pop and Play Pimplesvia

What’s zit to you?

Think kids are in too much of a rush to grow up? Consider this: With Zits Ewww Pop and Play Pimples, kids ages six and up can cover their faces in fake pimples that shoot out “goo” when popped. With the Pop a Zit Game, kids ages four and up (all the way to adults, let’s be honest) spin the dial, squeeze a zit, and try not to get hit by the pus (which can be in the form of water or, worse, “spray string”). Check out these 10 explanations for body gunk.

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Pimple Petevia

More play with pimples

The first thing you need to know about Pimple Pete is that it comes to you via Dr. Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee, MD). The goal of the game? To pop as many “pimples” without bursting the “mega zit.” The more difficult it is to pop a particular pimple, the more points your kids ages five and up can win by popping it.

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Poo doughvia

Poo gross

Regular Play-Doh can get gross as you play with it, picking up stray dust particles and drying into crunchy bits. Poo Dough, on the other hand, starts out completely gross. The set, for kids ages three and up, comes with both brown “dough” and a mold for poo shapes, and yellow to create corn, peanuts, and such. “Looks like the real thing … smells much better,” the marketing copy states. Poo knew?

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Fishing for floatersvia

Bathtub pranks

What better way to encourage your toddlers to improve their hand-eye coordination than this Fishing for Floaters game? “These six uniquely shaped poo floaters float happily in your bath to give someone a cheeky surprise when they next use the bathroom,” the marketing copy reads. “Use the fishing rod and net to hook them out and then use them again to prank someone else before they use the bath!” This toy is intended for kids ages three and up.

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Smashing fun

Forget about those cute little Hatchimals; when you smash an eyeball from the Smashers Series 2 Gross, you get a mini figure from one of these totally icky categories: Filthy Food, Odd Bodies, Toilet Humor, or Ooze Dudes. Best of all, kids ages five and up can piece the eyeballs back together and smash them all over again.

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Squishy head to toevia

Let’s get organ-ized

Smart Lab’s Totally Squishy from Head-to-Toe, for kids eight and up, is a set of anatomically correct models of human organs. In fact, they’re so anatomically correct, they’re completely gross, which is apparently the point, according to the marketing copy that boasts that learning is “enhanced” by “focusing on the gross parts of the human body.”

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Fake Blood packsvia

An infusion of grossness

For the kid who has everything, including an inexplicable obsession with intravenous medication, there are these Reusable Blood Pack Drink Containers, which look just like intravenous bags. Fill them with cranberry juice and kids can pretend they’re drinking blood! Yum!

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Gooey Louievia

Picking a winner

Trying to teach your kindergartner not to pick his nose? Gooey Louie simultaneously provides a way to scratch that itch and a cautionary tale. During the game, players ages four and up pull the “gooey boogers out of Louie’s head” … until his head pops open and his brains fly out. It doesn’t get much grosser than that, now, does it?

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zombie snot shotsvia

Candy snot

Perhaps pulling boogers out of Louie’s head isn’t enough … maybe you have kids five and up who would like to create their own edible boogers? That’s where Doctor Dreadful Zombies Snot Shots come in. Whip some up, then serve it up out of the nose and ear dispensers that come in the set. It’s not just toys that are gross; check out these 12 gross but normal things people do every morning.

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Flushin Frenzy Gamevia

Don’t let the poo hit you on its way out

The Flushin’ Frenzy Game starts with a toilet stuffed with poop and just gets better from there. The play for kids five and older involves flushing the toilet to roll the dice and then plunging the toilet to gently and artfully extract the poop. But be careful; if you don’t do it right, the poop comes flying out of the bowl.

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Farting Frannyvia

Because cows fart, too

Human farts are funny, but sometimes animal farts are even funnier. That’s where Farty Franny, the Farting Cow Game comes in. Each player ages four and up takes a turn spinning the dial, lifting Franny the Cow’s tail, and taking cover if she happens to fart on you. If she does, you get stuck with a fly (of the plastic variety). Don’t miss these eight brain games for kids that will boost creativity.

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Dont Step In Itvia

It’s like Twister, except with poop

No one likes to step in poop, but in case you need some brushing up on how not to step in it, the Don’t Step in it! poop game is at the ready. Players ages four and up start by molding the included modeling compound into piles of poop and scattering them on the board (which goes on the floor, kind of like a Twister board). Then players don blindfolds and take as many steps as the spinner says to take … and hope they don’t “step in it.”

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Disgusting and gross kitvia

Disgusting and gross kit

Sometimes, playing a gross game isn’t enough and you want to roll up your sleeves and make gross stuff. That’s where the Disgusting n’ Gross! kit comes in. With it, kids ages eight and up can make eyeballs, gizzards, boiled boogers, zombie farts, bloody slime, and fart putty, just for starters. It’s not only fun, it’s also educational! No, seriously, it is: “You will even see test grades improve as a result,” the marketing copy promises! Now find out the most popular toy the year you were born.

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