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40 Easy Halloween Crafts Your Kid Will Love to Make

Trick-or-treating is only half the fun. Pump your kids up for frightful night with these easy Halloween crafts your little monsters will love.

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Kids Halloween Crafts arranged on a simple background; jack-o-lantern garland, toilet paper roll monsters, yarn and popsicle stick spider web, thumbprint spider card, masking tape mummy
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Crafting made spook-taculary easy

Give a kid some Halloween candy and they’ll be satisfied with trick-or-treating for a few minutes; but give a kid some glue and construction paper, and they’ll be making boo-tiful Halloween crafts for hours to come. From creepy-crawly pipe cleaner spiders to paper bag jack-o-lanterns to flying witch crafts and everything in between, it’s time to revel in some Halloween crafting fun. Don’t worry—these crafts are easy and enjoyable for even your littlest of monsters.

While there’s a lot that goes into the spookiest day of the year including everything from Halloween costume ideas to Halloween décor to Halloween party ideas to Halloween party games (like bingo)—Halloween crafts for kids are just as important. While you craft, consider learning about Halloween trivia and exactly what is Halloween. For now, it’s time to fill your house with fun Halloween songs and easy Halloween activities for kids. Enjoy!

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Halloween diy bat craft for kids
Anne Murlowski for Family Handyman

Spooky paper bat

You don’t have to spend a lot on Halloween to enjoy all the fun, thanks to cheap Halloween decorations and easy Halloween crafts for kids. This little critter will look as natural on your craft table as it would hanging upside down in a cave. To create this spooky paper bat, wrap a recycled toilet paper roll with black construction paper. Cut out a paper set of wings and add googly eyes for the full bat-iful effect.

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Martian Marshmallows kids halloween treat
Taste of Home

Martian marshmallows

A Halloween craft that’s also delicious? That’s like killing two bats with one stone! For this easy edible craft, insert lollipop sticks into marshmallows and dip into melted candy coating. Then, have your little monsters decorate these little monsters as they see fit. Plan your costume with this guide to punny Halloween costumes that you can DIY!

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Build Your Own Pumpkin from a paper plate kids halloween Craft
via thebestideasforkids.com

Build-your-own pumpkin

Boo! Did this paper plate pumpkin craft scare you? Fear not, because it’s ridiculously easy and can be done by even the littlest of trick-or-treaters. Paint a small paper plate orange and cut out some shapes for eyes, nose, and a spooky grin with black construction paper. Have a green pipe cleaner on hand and watch as your little one builds their own pumpkin by gluing all of the elements together. Next, try these simple, no-carve decoration ideas for pumpkins.

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yarn monster Halloween Kids Diy craft
Anne Murlowski for Family Handyman

Yarn monster

While we’re not sure this Halloween craft is winning any awards for scariest, it certainly places in the top three for cutest! Wrap yarn around a small piece of cardboard at least 50 times before removing the cardboard and tying another piece of yarn around the middle of the yarn bundle tightly. Accentuate with googly eyes and some pipe-cleaner arms. Find out the origins of your favorite Halloween monsters.

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Mason Jar Lid Spider kids halloween craft idea
via firefliesandmudpies.com

Mason jar lid spider

A creepy-crawly spider climbs up the water spout…made out of a Mason jar lid and clothespins? You bet! Have your child paint six clothespins black in order to form the spider’s legs. Then, cover a Mason jar lid in Modge Podge and cover with black construction paper. Attach the black clothespins to the lid and create a face using googly eyes and a smile. Once your Mason jar lid spiders are complete, it’s time to take them on the road in order to visit the best pumpkin patch in every state.

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Puffy Ghosts halloween craft for kids
via thrivinghomeblog.com

Puffy ghosts

There’s something about all things puffy, fluffy, and fuzzy that we love—which is why we can’t get enough of this cotton ball ghost craft. After cutting out the shape of the ghost on white cardstock using either a template or freehand design, have your child glue cotton balls to the silhouette. Add a pair of black construction paper eyes and smile to complete the craft. Score the most candy this Halloween in one of the best Halloween costumes for families.

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hands making paper halloween masks; cat and frankenstein masks
Anastasiia Boriagina/Getty Images

Paper Halloween masks

Is that your little monster or the real Frankenstein? It may be difficult to tell when they slip on their paper Halloween mask. Cut out cardstock in the shape of a mask—if your child wants a cat mask, make sure to account for ears when cutting. Then, have your child decorate and color the cardstock to create the perfect Halloween mask for them. Dress up your kids in one of these cheap DIY Halloween costumes practically anyone can put together.

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Jack O Lantern Pops halloween treat
Taste of Home

Jack-o-lantern pops

Calling all ghouls and goblins! They’re sure to love eating this scrumptious Jack-o-lantern popcraft just as much as they’ll love making it. After shaping the marshmallow mixture in pumpkins and adding a wooden stick to the bottom of each, have your kids create stems, vines, and jack-o-lantern faces using Tootsie Rolls, AirHeads, and icing. While working, see if you and your child can figure out these scary good Halloween riddles.

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Paper Plate Flying Witch Halloween Craft
via iheartcraftythings.com

Flying witch craft

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s a Halloween witch! Create the illusion of a witch soaring through the night sky with this playful craft. Once the child assembles a miniature witch on her Popsicle-stick broom and a paper plate painted with a night sky scene, have the parent cut a slit along the bottom of the paper plate using a craft knife for the witch to easily slip into. From there, it’s playtime! Move the witch puppet to and fro as she sails across a full moon. Speaking of, what do you call a witch’s garage? Take a look at these corny Halloween jokes to find out.

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Scrap Paper Candy Corn Halloween Kids Craft
via thrivinghomeblog.com

Scrap paper candy corn

What’s better than a Halloween activity for kids? One that utilizes recycled materials, of course! For this craft, kids can tear up pieces of white, orange, and yellow construction paper from scrap paper you already have. From there, glue the scraps in the shape of candy corn (either using a template or freehanding it). While you’re creating your masterpieces, here are some of the best kids’ Halloween movies to play in the background.

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Halloween Kids Diy lollipop ghost craft
Anne Murlowski for Family Handyman

Lollipop ghost

Coffee-crazed moms will love this craft, as the main tool needed to create this adorably spooky ghost is a coffee filter. Wrap a coffee filter around a lollipop to form the shape of a ghost and tie at the base of the lollipop with black ribbon. From there, create the ghoulish face of your dreams (or better yet, nightmares). If you’re looking for some decor that will come straight to your door, check out these Amazon Halloween decorations that are worth buying early.

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Q Tip Skeleton Halloween Craft For Kids
via thrivinghome.com

Q-tip skeleton

Make no bones about it—this Q-tip skeleton is one Q-T! For this super simple Halloween craft, have your child glue Q-tips to a black piece of construction paper in the shape of a skeleton’s body. Then add the absolutely adorable skeleton head from the printable template to complete the craft.

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Easy Diy Halloween Garland Craft For Kids
via tinkerlab.com

Jack-o-lantern garland

All you need is construction paper, glue, and a long piece of string for this festive Halloween activity for kids. After pre-cutting circles from orange and black paper and small rectangles (to form the stems) from green paper, have your child draw jack-o-lantern faces with white and black crayons. Once the decorating is done, fold the stems in half and glue them to the string.

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Coffee Filter Bats Halloween Kids Craft
via himama.com

Coffee filter bats

This boo-tiful bat craft will allow your child’s creativity to shine. Have them decorate a coffee filter with washable markers in order to create the pattern of the bat’s wings. Then, paint eyes and a smile onto a clothespin. Once both parts are completely dry, slide the clothespin into the middle of the coffee filter to form the shape of a bat.

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Witch Halloween Countdown Craft For Kids
via thesuburbanmom.com

Witch countdown calendar

Halloween (or any holiday, for that matter) is not nearly as fun without an official calendar countdown. This year, create your own using easy templates for this witch countdown calendar craft. Once you print the templates, all you and your child will need to do is cut out and glue! Remove a link for each day it creeps closer to the 31st.

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Cupcake Wrapper Pumpkin Door Hanger Halloween Kids Craft
via herecomethegirlsblog.com

Pumpkin door hangers

With this fast and easy pumpkin door hanger craft, no door handle needs to go undecorated this Halloween season. Have your child decorate orange cupcake wrappers with googly eyes and black craft foam shapes to create their own original jack-o-lantern grin. Glue a strip of green ribbon to the back of the cupcake wrapper to double as both the pumpkin stem and hanger piece.

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rocks decorated as halloween characters and art kids craft; skull, bat, mummy, eye, frankenstein, pumpkin, monster
13-Smile/Getty Images

Halloween rocks

Halloween rocks! So what better way to show this than by creating some actual Halloween rocks? You and your child can have fun picking stones from the backyard to use for this craft. From there, all you’ll need is paint—in the classic orange and black Halloween colors—and creativity to finish it off.

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Ghost Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft for Kids
via easypeasyandfun.com

Ghost windsock

These toilet paper roll ghosts are ready to haunt the neighborhood. Paint a recycled toilet paper roll white and add some ghoulish features in black pen or paint. From there, glue some pieces of white tissue paper to the bottom of the roll to create the impression of flying. For an extra special touch, glue a piece of black yarn to the top so that these little ghosties will be able to hang from anywhere.

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Paper Bag Jack O Lanterns Kids Halloween Craft displayed with markers
Mae Lander/rd.com

Paper bag jack-o-lanterns

This craft is as simple as it is fun. Using permanent markers, have your child draw jack-o-lantern faces on brown paper bags. Watch as the bags transform into grinning ghouls before your very eyes. Share some of these Halloween quotes at your next party to get everyone in the spooky spirit.

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Bobble Head Black Cat Craft
via firefliesandmudpies.com

Bobblehead black cat

This bobblehead black cat craft won’t bring you bad luck. To make this adorable kitty craft, cut out the template shapes using black construction paper. Then it’s time to fold, cut, and glue until your feline friend comes to life. As this craft involves a lot of cutting and folding, make sure to guide your younger children through it.

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Bat Headband Kids Halloween Craft shown on plastic bust
Mae Lander/rd.com

Bat headband

There’s no better way to show off a craft masterpiece than wearing it, of course—and what could be better to get into the Halloween spirit than a bat headband? For this sartorial statement, cut out shapes for the headband in black cardstock and batty details such as eyes and fangs in white cardstock. Then, allow your child to assemble the pieces. Once it’s ready to go, staple the black cardstock into a crown.

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Woman holding a pumpkin painted for halloween; pumpkin is painted with the letters "BOO", a bat, spider, cat, and ghost
ArtMarie/Getty Images

Painted pumpkins

Sometimes, the classic way is the best way—and this can certainly be true when it comes to Halloween activities for kids. Kick it old-school by having your child paint Halloween-inspired designs on pumpkins. Fun, simple, easy, and pumpkin-perfect.

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monsters made from paper and toilet paper rolls for halloween craft decor
Ekaterina Morozova/Getty Images

Toilet paper roll monsters

With this toilet paper roll monster craft, Halloween can be as silly as it is spooky. For this craft, you’ll need recycled toilet paper rolls, paint, and googly eyes. Have your child paint the toilet paper rolls whatever color they desire; once dried, it’s decorating time! From silly smiles to wacky hairdos, it’s time to give these miniature monsters some personality.

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bats made from corks halloween craft idea
Larisa Ilina/Getty Images

Cork bats

These baby bats are as easy to make as they are adorable. Use a recycled wine cork for the body of the bat. Then, have your child bring this bat to life by attaching googly eyes and cardstock wings and ears. This craft certainly gets flying colors.

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Easy Halloween Craft For Kids Masking Tape Mummy
via somewhatsimple.com

Masking tape mummy

You don’t need to get all wrapped up like a mummy in order to create this easy Halloween craft! After tracing and cutting out the outline of a mummy onto black cardstock, have your child place strips of masking tape in random criss-cross patterns. Once that’s complete, add some googly eyes to complete the magnificent mummified masterpiece. To get even more into the spirit, make sure to check out these Halloween memes that will have you howling with laughter.

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Courtesy Little Bins for Little Hands

Halloween stress balls

When the trickeries of the night get too intense, you and your kids will both appreciate these jack-o’-lantern calm down balls on hand. Blow up an orange balloon and use a funnel to fill with either flour, corn starch, or baking soda. Tie the balloon and have your child draw a jack-o-lantern face to complete the Halloween stress ball.

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Courtesy Fireflies + Mud Pies

Pinecone spiders

These creepy crawlers are as cute as they are scary. Help your child wrap four pipe cleaners around the pinecone body to form eight legs. From there, use a hot glue gun to attach eight googly eyes.

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Courtesy Crafting a Green World

Mummy candle jars

Guide trick-or-treaters to your door with these eerie mummy candle holders. Wrap glue-soaked gauze strips around upcycled glass jars to form the mummified look. Draw on some eyes and mouths with a black marker to complete the craft.

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Courtesy Art Bar Blog

Candy wrapper garland

Those wrappers littering your kitchen table aren’t trash—they’re clever materials for easy Halloween crafts. To make this sweet treat, cut out individual letters and glue to black paper. From there, decorate with old candy wrappers. This craft is enough to cure anyone’s sweet tooth!

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Courtesy Pink Stripey Socks

Stick-on window webs

Glitter and sequins put a fun twist on these Halloween craft spider webs, which cling to windows mess-free. After cutting out similar-sized strands of yarn, help your child soak the pieces in glue. Criss-cross these pieces of yarn to create the spiderweb effect before decorating with glitter glue and sequins.

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Courtesy Pars Caeli

Spiral ghosts

Requiring nothing more than cardstock, scissors, and a marker, these boo-tactic DIY Halloween decorations couldn’t be easier to make. Cut out the swirling design using a pair of scissors before drawing on a ghoulish face with a marker. If these paper ghosts scare you, these real events that happened on Halloween are sure to creep you out.

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Courtesy Frugal Mom Eh

Pumpkin apple stamps

After bobbing for apples, turn your fruits into stamps that make pumpkin shapes easy as (apple) pie. Cut an apple in half before handing it off to your child to press into a paper plate of orange paint. Then stamp the apple onto white paper to create the perfect pumpkin shape. Paint on a stem using green paint for an extra special touch.

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Courtesy Buggy and Buddy

Popsicle stick spider webs

Spooky hanging spider webs will add a fright factor to your house without spending much money. First, glue three Popsicle sticks together in a star shape and paint either orange, black, or white. Once dried, tie a long piece of yarn to one Popsicle stick and wrap around each stick to create a spiderweb.

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Courtesy Momdot

Frankenstein handprint

Give your kids a hand for finishing this scary Frankenstein handprint craft. Help your child paint the bottom of their hand with green paint and their fingers with black paint. Have them press their hands to a sheet of white paper. Let dry before decorating with eyes, a mouth, and some neck bolts. Clean-up definitely required

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Courtesy Tinkerlab

Thumbprint spiders

Little hands will love getting dirty with these creepy crawly spider Halloween crafts. Have your child press their thumb into a black ink pad and stamp onto a piece of white paper to create the body of the spider. Draw on legs and faces using a permanent marker.

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Courtesy Pretty Prudent

Pumpkin toilet paper roll stamps

Turn trash into treasure by creating a classy pumpkin stamp from an old toilet paper roll. Pinch one side of the toilet paper roll to form a heart (or pumpkin!) shape. Tape to keep the shape in place. Dip into orange paint and stamp onto a piece of paper for the finished result.

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popsicle stick monsters diy halloween craft for kids
via iheartartsncrafts.com

Popsicle stick monsters

These stick monsters are scary easy because there’s no right or wrong way to make your monster. No matter how you cut the construction paper and glue on eyes, you’ll have a funny-faced monster.

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tissue paper black cat diy halloween craft for kids
via gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Tissue paper black cat

Test your luck on Halloween by making this tissue paper black cat on a paper plate. Guide your child to glue pieces of black tissue paper to a paper plate. Create eyes, nose, and a mouth using white, blue, and pink cardstock. To finish it off, glue pipe cleaners as whiskers. What a cat-tastic craft!

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halloween slime craft idea for kids
via thebestideasforkids.com

Halloween Slime

This simple three-ingredient recipe makes three variations of the slimy and spooky craft; all you need is Elmer’s glue, baking soda, and contact lens solution. Make sure to add orange or green food coloring for the pumpkin and Frankenstein variations.

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feet painting hallowen craft idea for kids
via pinkieforpink.com

Ghost feet

Finding easy Halloween crafts for kids that even your youngest can enjoy and do on their own can be difficult. Thanks to this ghost feet craft, we’ve found a solution. Help paint the bottom of your child’s foot (white for ghosts, or their choice for witches) so they can stamp it on a piece of construction paper. Once dry, use a marker to add smiley faces and other details. It might be a little messy though, so get ready!

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