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15 Easy Halloween Crafts Your Kid Will Love to Make

Trick-or-treating is only half the fun. Pump your kids up for frightful night with these easy Halloween crafts your little monsters will love.

Halloween crafts for kids

Kids don’t get as excited about fall decor as adults do, but they do get excited to do crafts. Fill your house with these easy Halloween crafts for kids to help you get in the spooky spirit. If you’re not sure how to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic, here’s how the holiday will look different this year.

02-kids-halloween-crafts-stress-ballsCourtesy Little Bins for Little Hands

Halloween stress balls

You don’t have to spend a lot on Halloween to enjoy all the fun, thanks to cheap Halloween decorations and easy Halloween crafts for kids. When the trickeries of the night get too intense, you and your kids will both appreciate these jack-o’-lantern calm down balls on hand. Check out Little Bins for Little Hands for full instructions.

03-kids-halloween-crafts-pinecone-spiderCourtesy Fireflies + Mud Pies

Pinecone spiders

These creepy crawlers are as cute as they are scary. Visit Fireflies and Mud Pies to find out how to make them. These couples’ Halloween costumes will make your holiday even cuter.

04-kids-halloween-crafts-mummy-candleCourtesy Crafting a Green World

Mummy candle jars

Guide trick-or-treaters to your door with these eerie mummy candle holders. Check out how to make them at Crafting a Green World. Score the most candy this Halloween in one of the 15 best Halloween costumes for families.

05-kids-halloween-crafts-candy-garlandCourtesy Art Bar Blog

Candy wrapper garland

Those wrappers littering your kitchen table aren’t trash—they’re clever materials for easy Halloween crafts. Read how to make your own banner at Art Bar Blog. Here are other clever ways to use leftover Halloween candy.

06-kids-halloween-crafts-window-websCourtesy Pink Stripey Socks

Stick-on window webs

Glitter and sequins put a fun twist on these Halloween craft spider webs, which cling to windows mess-free. Head over to Pink Stripey Socks for the full directions. Try these simple, no-carve decoration ideas for pumpkins.

07-kids-halloween-crafts-spiral-ghostsCourtesy Pars Caeli

Spiral ghosts

Requiring nothing more than cardstock, scissors, and a marker, these boo-tactic DIY Halloween decorations couldn’t be easier to make. Find the full instructions at Pars Caeli. If these paper ghosts scare you, these real events that happened on Halloween are sure to creep you out.

08-kids-halloween-crafts-pumpkin-stampCourtesy Frugal Mom Eh

Pumpkin apple stamps

After bobbing for apples, turn your fruits into stamps that make pumpkin shapes easy as (apple) pie. Read more at Frugal Mom Eh to find out everything you need for this easy Halloween craft. Here’s why some people will be painting their pumpkins teal this Halloween.

09-kids-halloween-crafts-popsicle-websCourtesy Buggy and Buddy

Popsicle stick spider webs

Spooky hanging spider webs will add a fright factor to your house without spending much money. Find out how to make them at Buggy and Buddy. You won’t spend too much money on your costume either with one of these Halloween costumes you can get on Amazon for $25 or less.

10-kids-halloween-crafts-frankenstein-handsCourtesy Momdot

Frankenstein handprint

Give your kids a hand for finishing this scary Frankenstein handprint craft. Visit MomDot to find out how to make your own. Clean up required! Try these pumpkin carving stencils to take your jack-o-lantern to the next level.

11-kids-halloween-crafts-thumbprint-spidersCourtesy Tinkerlab

Thumbprint spiders

Little hands will love getting dirty with these creepy crawly spider Halloween crafts. Find out how to make them at TinkerLab. While you’re creating your masterpieces, here are some of the best kids’ Halloween movies to play in the background.

12-kids-halloween-crafts-toilet-paper-stampsCourtesy Pretty Prudent

Pumpkin toilet paper roll stamps

Turn trash into treasure by creating a classy pumpkin stamp from an old toilet paper roll. Check out the full directions at Pretty Prudent. Be sure to dress up your kids in one of these cheap DIY Halloween costumes practically anyone can put together. 

popsicle stick monsters diy halloween craft for kidsvia

Popsicle stick monsters

Leading up to Halloween, give your kids easy Halloween crafts to make in their free time. These stick monsters are scary easy because there’s no right or wrong way to make your monster. No matter how you cut the construction paper and glue on eyes, you’ll have a funny-faced monster. Find the complete list of materials and instructions on the i heart arts n crafts blog by Jackie. Here’s the best pumpkin patch in every state.

tissue paper black cat diy halloween craft for kidsvia

Tissue paper black cat

Test your luck on Halloween by making this tissue paper black cat on a paper plate by Stacey from Glued to My Crafts. Find the instructions here and you’ll see just how easy Halloween crafts for kids can be! Get even more in the spooky spirit with these 13 Halloween party games

halloween slime craft idea for kidsvia

Halloween Slime

The Best Ideas For Kids has the best ideas for easy Halloween crafts. This simple three-ingredient recipe makes three variations of the slimy and spooky craft. There’s even a video tutorial along with written instructions that your kids can follow along with.

feet painting hallowen craft idea for kidsvia

Ghost feet

Finding easy Halloween crafts for kids that even your youngest can enjoy and do on their own can be difficult. Thanks to Nichole from Pinkie for Pink, this ghost feet craft is your solution. It might be a little messy though, so get ready! Next, plan your costume with this guide to punny Halloween costumes that you can DIY!

For more fun facts, costume ideas, traditions, candy inspiration, spooky entertainment, and updates on how October 31 will look different this year, check out our Halloween Guide.

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