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7 Halloween Dessert Ideas From Six Sisters’ Stuff

The bloggers at Six Sisters' Stuff know how to get in the Halloween spirit with these quick and easy dessert recipes.

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Candy Corn Cookie Bites

“Our kids absolutely loved these!” rave the Six Sisters about this creative Halloween dessert, and it’s easy to see why: Mix their easy sugar cookie recipe, tint the dough in candy-corn colors, and pat it out into a loaf pan (no rolling pin skills required!). Freeze, then with a sharp knife, cut the dough into slices and then into triangles. Clever! Get the recipe here »

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Easy Candy Corn Fudge

It doesn’t get any simpler than a two-ingredient vanilla fudge with a seasonal twist: colored layers and candy corn toppers. Kristen, one of the six sisters, shared these treats with the kids next door and “suddenly became the favorite neighbor!” Bonus: You can make this Halloween dessert in advance. Get the recipe here »

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Halloween Spooky Smile Cookies

Get the kids to help assemble this infintely adaptable Halloween dessert idea, which centers around cookies, frosting, and marshmallows. Camille, one of the six sisters, likes peanut butter cookies as a base. “You can use chocolate frosting, or, my personal favorite, Nutella,” she says. As for the marshmallow teeth: “They don’t even have to be perfectly straight!” she says. Apple dice would swap nicely for the candies, too. Get the recipe here »

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Spooky Eyes Halloween Treat Mini Donuts

Another Halloween dessert idea that you can pop together with the kids’ help, using sugar donuts, chocolate chips, gummy lifesavers, and red frosting. Get the recipe here »

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Fall Chocolate Pumpkin Cakes

Instead of carving pumpkins with little ones, let them decorate these Halloween desserts. The idea is to use a mini-bundt pans, but if you have everyday cupcake tins those work just as well. These aren’t just for show: “The cake is moist and delicious,” the Six Sisters say. Get the recipe here »

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Halloween Graveyard Pudding

“My mom always made fun Halloween crafts and treats with us, including these cute graveyard pudding cups. No wonder I loved Halloween so much!” writes Elyse, one of the six sisters. Go quick DIY on this Halloween dessert idea and pick up packaged pudding, whipped topping, cookies, and frosting to get started. Get the recipe here »

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Courtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Chocolate Orange Brownies

“I dare say that [these brownies] rank right up there with any chocolate and peanut butter combo,” writes Camille. The fall colors are so pretty; and a hit of orange extract in the frosting layer adds a warming note. Get the recipe here »

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