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20 Halloween Memes That Will Have You Howling with Laughter

Trick-or-treat yourself to these hilarious Halloween memes.

Halloween Memes Ft
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Oh my gourd! Spooky season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean everything has to give you the creeps. Halloween is all about having fun: trick-or-treating, making your home festive with cheap Halloween decorations, and maybe (definitely) most importantly, eating as much Halloween candy as humanly possible. If you’re a Halloween fanatic like myself, these Halloween memes will bring some more fun to your holiday planning. They’re a little too relatable, will make you shriek with laughter, and will fit just your (blood) type of (candy) corny humor. You’ll be gobblin’ them up, right along your Reese’s.

When You Wake Up On October 1
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It’s time

Happy spooky season! Get in the spooky spirit with these Halloween quotes.

When It’s Still Summer, But You’re Ready For Spooky Season
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Ready for fall

It can never come soon enough. Check out these scary good Halloween riddles that will prepare you and your kiddos for the big day.

When Someone Says They Aren’t Excited For Halloween
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Excuse me?

It’s only the greatest day of the year. Don’t miss these Halloween puns that will make you chuckle until you’re coffin.

When The Spirit Halloween Sign Goes Up
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The best

It’s like Christmas in October. If you’re finding these Halloween memes humerous, then try these skeleton puns that will make you laugh all the way to your bones.

I Love Candy Corn And I Don’t Care Who Knows It
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You either love it or you hate it. These funny Halloween movies prove that Halloween doesn’t always have to be spooky.

Me Working From Home On Halloween
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Truly terrifying

Work can be scary every day. De-stress and play some of these Halloween party games at this year’s event.

When You Had A Long Day Of Being Spooky And Just Want To Relax
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You have to be well-rested enough to do it again tomorrow. Stir up some evening fun with the best Halloween movies for kids (that even adults will love.)

When They Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Just Bought A Bunch Of Halloween Decorations
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It can’t? But have you seen these skeletons? If scary is more your speed, read up on these ghost stories that will keep you up at night.

Ok, So Mom Likes Snickers And Hershey Bars. Got That?
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Halloween isn’t just for kids

And don’t forget the peanut butter cups!

Me Waiting For The Trick Or Treaters
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Maybe if I dress like a ghost, they won’t see me. You may even be scarier than these vampire legends that you can really sink your teeth into.

When Someone Says You’re Too Old To Trick Or Treat
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Says who?

Are you ever too old for candy? Here’s when trick-or-treating is set to start, by the way.

When Someone Asks If I Know What I’m Going To Be For Halloween As If I Haven’t Had My Costume Planned Since Last November
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Plan ahead

Why? Do you not know what you’re going to be?

Buying The First Bag Of Halloween Candy That Will Not Make It To Halloween
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Too tempting

The ghosts ate it. Learn about jack-o-lantern history and why we carve pumpkins in the first place. 

Buying A Nice Bottle Of Wine To Pair With Your Children’s Halloween Candy
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The perfect match

This one should go great with a Kit-Kat. Don’t miss these Halloween Instagram captions that are pretty spooktactular.

How To Eat Halloween Candy, You Ask? Sequentially Until You Have Stomachache
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Rules are rules

But the real question is where to start… If you’re always scrambling for a costume, make sure to save these last-minute Halloween costume ideas so you’ll be a little more prepared.

When Your Child Asks To Change Their Halloween Costume For The Fourth Time
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No more

The most indecisive of them all.

There Are Only Two Times Of Year Halloween And Waiting For Halloween
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Let the countdown begin

Time to get spooky.

When You Snatched The Last Piece Of Chocolate And All That’s Left Are Pretzels
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Fast and furious

You snooze, you lose.

Halloween Is The Only Day Of The Year Where No One Would Question This
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Cow coming through!

And also, the best day of the year.

When They Ask Who Ate The Last Of The Halloween Candy
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Not me

You won’t find any wrappers here. Now that you’ve giggled at all these Halloween memes, see if you can nail this Halloween trivia.

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