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10 Hands-Free Driving Devices You Need in Your Car Now

Many states have implemented the hands-free law that prohibits drivers from handling their cell phones while driving. And even if your state hasn't put the law on the books yet, it's a good idea to make it a habit for safety's sake. If your car isn't equipped with Bluetooth, keep you, your passengers, fellow drivers, and pedestrians safer with these devices.

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Sun visor Bluetooth speaker clip

Driving safely just got easier with this discreet gadget. The small speaker neatly clips to your sun visor, so it stays out of your way while allowing you to take a call while driving. Connect the speaker to your phone and it will use the built-in motion sensor to automatically turn on. “Let me tell you I LOVE IT,” says an Amazon reviewer. “It is such a better alternative than having an ear bud in your ear. I love being able to drive around and only having to press a button to answer a call. The speaker has a microphone speaker so callers can hear you. You can also hook up your music to it for older model cars that don’t have the Bluetooth capability or aux for hooking up your own music while in the car.” Confusing driving rules are easy to follow when you have your very own navigation. In addition to these gadgets, make sure you’re always keeping these 17 things in your car.

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Universal magnetic phone/GPS mount for the car

Keep from fumbling for your phone when you hear a “ding,” or looking down in your lap for directions, by ensuring your phone is propped right in front of you with this magnetic phone mount. Place it on your dash to keep your eyes on the road, and glance at it when needed. Notable features include the integrated cable clip that keeps the charging cable to the mount secure, as well as the open cradle-free design that allows easy access to all controls and ports. “Don’t even consider buying ANY other type of mount,” says an Amazon reviewer. “This is hands down THE BEST! And trust me, I have tried just about EVERYTHING. I have had over a dozen car and desk mounts/docks for my various phones. Nothing compares to this. Hands down THE BEST design. Small footprint. Mount anywhere. Portrait AND landscape orientation without adjustment. One-handed operation. Holds very secure. Quality product.” While you’re searching the web for car products, check out these best car wash kits.

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Car speakerphone with Bluetooth automatic cell phone connection

When you need to take that important call but your car isn’t equipped with built-in Bluetooth, this product is what you need to continue driving safely. To set it up, place the kit on your sun visor, making sure you set up your phone to automatically connect to the speakerphone when you get in your car. “I bought this as a present for my sister who works from home and often has to participate in conference calls,” says an Amazon reviewer. “This compact device allows her to talk on the phone while driving and keep her hands on the wheel. It’s ridiculously simple to set up and use right away. The sound quality is so good no one she has spoken to through her speakerphone can tell. One of the best gifts I’ve ever given.”

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Bluetooth headset

If you want your voice to sound up close and personal while you’re driving safely, instead of the speaker option, try an earpiece. Comfortable, lightweight, and with maximum signal quality, you simply slide the device over your ear and connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth. “The light earbud fits perfectly for my ear. The sound is clear with both music/videos and phone calls,” says an Amazon reviewer. “The caller can be heard very clearly, as well as, the caller can hear me with no background noise (other people or car and road sounds). I purchased a different set a couple weeks ago and had many complaints that the caller could not hear me or I sounded like I was in a tunnel; not the case with these. I am impressed with the quality!!”

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Universal wireless FM transmitter with hands-free function

This device promotes safe driving thanks to its advanced FM transmission technology. You’re able to transmit music or voice calls wirelessly from your device to the car stereo system using FM radio. A notable feature is the extra USB charging port. “I wanted something easy to use with my Galaxy S phone. I do not have a Bluetooth-ready car. This worked perfect for me to listen to my own music or Pandora through the car speakers. Bonus use for hands-free talking with receiving phone calls,” says an Amazon reviewer. Be sure you don’t leave these 12 things in a hot car.

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Solar-power Bluetooth hands-free car kit

Clip or stack this device anywhere you like in your car for a more environmentally-friendly, more energy-efficient way of using an FM stereo transmitter. It has a screen that shows the incoming call number and name and can store 200 telephone numbers. “I don’t have Bluetooth in my car. I got this hands-free speaker and I am glad I did. It has long standby time, thanks to solar charging. I haven’t plugged it in for over a month now. It connects to my phone for over 2 hours a day. It’s A2DP capable, and audio from Google Maps and Google Music can be played on the device. It has a compact size and dual mounting options. I stick it on [my] windshield using [a] suction cup. It is easy to reach,” says an Amazon reviewer. Adding small upgrades to your car can be fun, but just make sure you don’t have other problems first! Here are 10 car problems you can easily fix yourself.

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Steering wheel Bluetooth hands-free car kit

Stay hands-free while driving safely and having easy access to buttons when you need them with this steering wheel kit. It’s fixed on the wheel using a special hook structure that makes it convenient to put on and adjust when needed. On this device, which features full echo suppression, you can answer/end/reject a call, use last call redialing, or switch a call. The Bluetooth kit also lets you play cell phone music and control it without touching your phone. “Sound quality on both ends is good and it was easy enough to pair with a Samsung Note phone,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I like the placement on the steering wheel as it puts the device right in front of you and not on the sun visor or vent. There is a blinking light to let you know it is on, easy enough to get used to but something to know. Also, the device announces ‘connected’ when it syncs with your phone.”

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Bluetooth car adapter with dual USB car charger and ground loop noise isolator

One of the coolest features of this gadget is that it lets you connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time so that you can switch the music between two phones seamlessly. It can charge your phone and has a built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls easily while driving. “This product is fantastic for those with vehicles that don’t have Bluetooth built in. Now that the cell phones are ditching the headphone jack, we need something like this,” says an Amazon reviewer. “It connects as soon as the unit is powered on. I would suggest plugging it into a power socket on your car that turns off when the ignition is off. If you have it plugged into a socket that is always on, the unit will constantly be on.” Check out even more awesome car accessories that will change the way you drive.

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360-degree cup cell phone car mount

Drive safely with help from this hands-free device. The cup holder phone mount features an adjustable gooseneck design that can be swiveled up to 360 degrees to offer you the best viewing angle. It fits securely in the cup holder of your car, truck, or SUV. It’s extremely handy, especially when using the GPS function on your phone. “No complaints about this product. Best phone mount for me (and I’ve tried several). My phone has never fallen out, the unit itself has never fallen out. And I have one of the heaviest phones on the market (Galaxy note 8) so finding a car mount that can hold that phone in place was difficult,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Bluetooth hands-free car kit for cars with aux input jack

Designed for answering and receiving calls with any Bluetooth smartphone, this hands-free car device features a sleek and minimal design. It allows you to seamlessly stream music from your phone, providing audio through the auxiliary input jack. This device has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer phone calls as well. “The design is elegant and simple to use. It looks great in your car. The mounting strip is very strong. I remounted the same strip more than five times. The buttons are easily accessible and seem to be able to hold the test of time. The length of the cord and the car charger were designed meticulously,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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