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14 Genius Ways Hanging Shoe Organizers Can Straighten Up Your Whole House

You can repurpose this inexpensive storage unit to organize almost every room and closet in your house!

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

In the bathroom: Organize toiletries

Hang a shoe organizer over your door and fill it with combs, brushes, and hairspray. These are more little tricks to declutter your bathroom.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The hall closet: Have a handy first-aid kit

Use the organizer as a hanging first-aid kit to ensure everyone in your household knows where to find the bandages and antiseptic spray.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The car: Keep kids’ stuff organized

Place over the front seat and stow toys, game, pens, and snacks for your next road trip.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

Your kids’ room: Store toys

In the kids room or playroom, hang a shoe organizer over the door to store dolls and stuffed animals. Or, use each pocket to store a different color lego.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The entry closet: Keep seasonal items neat

Never forget your must-have items for the day again. Store gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats in the winter. In the summer, stash flip-flops, sunscreen, and bug spray instead! Here’s how to add storage to a small entryway.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The nursery: Organize a changing station

Fill with clothes, diapers, shoes, and infant-care supplies for an accessible storage unit.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The utility closet: Corral gear

You’ll always be able to find vacuum attachments, extension chords, cameras, and chargers by storing them in a shoe organizer that hangs over the door of the utility closest.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The basement/garage: Store painting items

Keep these spaces de-cluttered by storing spray-paint cans, paint brushes, rollers, and pints of paint neatly together.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The kitchen: Make a spice rack

Hang over your pantry door to store your spices. You can even alphabetize them! Or, use this space to store lunch items like Ziploc bags and napkins.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The bedroom: Keep socks and underwear neat

Use the shoe organizer as for socks and underwear, and you’ll never have to deal with a cluttered underwear drawer again.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The laundry room: Organize cleaning products

This is especially helpful for smaller houses or apartments, when you can’t afford to spare precious space under the sink. Hang over your laundry-room door to sort all of your cleaning products and detergents.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The office: Corral supplies

You’ll never go searching through drawers for a pen again. Each hanging-shoe organizer pocket is perfect for keeping pens, markers, pencils, post-its, and notepads.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The craft room or closet: Keep supplies organized

The pockets are perfect for leftover scraps of scrapbook paper, colored pencils, scissors, tape, glue-sticks, and anything else you might need for your next DIY project. If you sew, you can designate each pocket for various sewing supplies or colors of thread. Or, turn it into a gift wrapping station by filling it with ribbons and wrapping paper. Check out these clever uses for leftover wrapping paper.

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Emma Kapotes/, Ali Blumenthal/ (photo)

The backyard: Help with gardening

You can keep gardening tools organized, or your could create your own vertical garden by placing a potted plant in each shoe pocket!

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