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25 Happy Anniversary Memes for a Hilarious Milestone

Whether you've been together for one year, five years, or twenty years, make this anniversary silly by sending your lover some hilarious happy anniversary memes.

Holy Cow Weve Been Married A Long Time Happy Anniversary Meme
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Anniversary funnies

Anniversaries are a huge milestone and worth celebrating no matter what number it may be. And what better way to celebrate than with a little laughter? Maybe with some of the best memes, perhaps? With the wedding memes behind you, it’s time to make this anniversary memorable with the funniest happy anniversary memes (or even some all too relatable marriage memes.) If you’re looking to have memes on hand for other occasions too, we have you covered with thank you memes, happy birthday memes, and congratulation memes.

Sometimes I Wonder How I Put Up With You But The I Remember That You Put Up With Me So I Guess That Makes Us Even Meme
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Happy anniversary!

Just two equally high-maintenance people who tied the knot.

Happy Anniversary Meme
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I ruff you

Howl will I ever live without you? Or these love memes.

Happy Anniversary Youre The Only One I Want To Annoy For The Rest Of My Life Meme
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The truest words

Let me show you how much I love you by bugging you. If this resonates with you, you’ll love these funny marriage quotes.

When You Realize You Forgot An Anniversary Gift But Then Remember That Yo Actually Are The Gift0meme
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It’s me. But if you do want to get your spouse an anniversary gift, we have some good ideas up our sleeve.

Im Positive No One Else Could Have Put Up With Our Weirdness And My Awesomeness Happy Anniversary Meme
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Thanks for not chickening out.

Happy Anniversary Get Ready For Another Year With Me Meme
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Together forever

Cue the evil laughter. If you’re loving these anniversary memes, just wait until you see these mom memes.

I Just Want To Let You Know How Much I Have Enjoyed Bugging You All This Time Andhow Excited I Am To Keep Doing So In The Future Meme
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It’s been an honor

The future is ours. Looking for something to write in the anniversary card? Check out these great happy anniversary messages.

Happy Anniversary You Pretty Thing Meme
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True love

Now let me kiss you. In addition to these anniversary memes, try sharing some of these love quotes with your partner that will remind you just how much you love each other.

Happy Anniversary Im So Excited Tobe Silly With You Until Were Old And Gray Meme
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Soul mates

A lifetime of happiness.

Lets Avo Cuddle This Anniversary Meme
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So ap-peeling

Look at this spud.

Onto The Next Chapter Meme
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Love of my life

More loves of our lives will be here by the next anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Another Year Of You Snoring Meme
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Earplugs would be a fantastic gift this year.

You Have A Pizza My Heart Eme
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I love you more than I love pizza.

Ill Love You Until Were Old And Wrinkly Meme
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Puppy love

An anniversary meme and a dog meme all wrapped in one.

Happy Anniversary You Guys Rock Meme
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Rock ’n’ roll

We love you almost as much as you love each other. These relationship quotes will give you all the feels this anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Partner You Have Excellent Taste In Women Meme
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They really do

I mean, if they chose you then then they obviously do.

Holy Cow Weve Been Married A Long Time Happy Anniversary Meme
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So amoosing

Did we butcher this joke?

My Husband May Say Im Crazy But Hes The One Who Married Me Meme
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Joke’s on him

Who’s the crazy one now?

Youve Been Married For How Long Meme
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Almost unbelievable

Yes, it’s been that long.

Happy Anniversary I Wish You Would Empty The Dishwasher And Do The Laundry More I Love You Meme
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Just a little request

Hey, someone has to do it.

One Down Forever To Go Meme
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Can’t wait

This is just the beginning.

Happy Anniversary To The Couple Who Has Tolerated Each Other For Years Meme
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They’re alright

You have to do what you have to do.

Happy Anniversary To A Couple Of Clowns Meme
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Just clowning around

Such a romantic jester.

It Was Mom And Dads Anniversary Today And For Some Reason I Wasnt The Center Of Attention Meme
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How dare they!

Ill Always Be Nuts For You Happy Anniversary Meme
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Believe it or nut…

Cashew see? Now that you know which happy anniversary memes to send your partner, check out these zodiac memes that are just too relatable.

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